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Let us turn the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba into the day of Palestinian anger, in the fatherland as well as in exile, against occupation and colonization, and let us increase the Youth’s Intifada

• We call on putting an end to the Oslo agreements and to all that originated from it, and on vindicating the Palestinian national program, on the implementation of decisions taken by the Central Council, on the reinforcement of the firmness of refugees and their attachment to the right to return, as well as on providing the practical mechanisms to unite our struggles with our people on [the territories occupied since] 1948.

• We call on reforming the PLO, reinforcing the principle “Partners in blood … Partners in decision-making”.

• The Organization for the Liberation of Palestine is a coalition, a national front and an integral national association; it is not a fief belonging to one faction or the other.

The 68th anniversary of national Al-Nakba arrives at a time when the Palestinian cause is undergoing tempestuous conditions, in the light of the escalation of confrontation with the occupying force and colonization, the increasing extremism of Israeli positions, as well as an accentuation of the deviation towards the rightwing and the extreme rightwing, even including threats of annexing the West Bank to the state of the occupying force, thus representing a flagrant challenge to International Law and to the will of our people in the struggle for freedom, independence and a return.

In the course of these past 68 years, the will of our people has been unflinching with respect to its legitimate and inalienable national rights to Return, to Self-Determination and to the Establishment of the independent and fully sovereign Palestinian State within the framework of borders prior to June 4 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, apart from their attachment to the PLO coalition and its unifying national program as the sole and legitimate representative of our people and leader of its legitimate struggles.

The 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba is an opportunity to reaffirm our national position and policies, as a road towards freedom and independence.

In this context, we reaffirm:

1) The need to put an end to the Oslo agreements and all that derived from them, which have led to a blind alley with no possible exit, as could be expected since they were launched, because their mechanisms were transformed into a protection of the policies of the occupying force: oppression and repression, murders and land confiscation and the expansion of colonization, choking Jerusalem and all of the West Bank with hundreds of thousands of settlers, in an attempt to blockade the progress of the Palestinian National Step-by-Step Program and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State.

2) The vindication of the unifying national program, approved through encompassing national dialogues and by the legitimate Palestinian institutions, considered to be a necessary basis for the adoption of a national strategy of struggle and union, and as an alternative to the policies of sterile bilateral negotiations that in the course of 23 years did not take into account as a reference point the Resolutions of International Law, nor did they put a stop to colonization, and thus encountered a total failure.

3) The application of the resolutions of the Central Council in its session of March of last year, to put a stop to cooperation in the field of security with the occupying force, to boycott Israel’s economy and to begin to set the bases of the Palestinian national economy, furnishing elements to consolidate the firmness of our people in their resistance to occupation.

4) To break the blockade imposed on the Intifada of the Youth, through the formation of a unified national leadership to head the uprising, and to support it and turn it into a generalized popular uprising that would go forward in the direction of a national disobedience aimed against the occupation.

5) To address the International Community, by diplomatic channels, on the basis of the resolutions of International Law, with the following demands among others: to turn the State of Palestine into a full member of the United Nations, to convene an International Conference within the framework of the resolutions of international law, to provide protection for our people and their land, to assist in the extension of our national sovereignty over all the occupied territories since the aggression of June 1967, including East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State, and the withdrawal of occupation and the dismantling of its colonies.

6) To defend the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties of which they were dispossessed since 1948, in the fulfilment of pertinent United Nation resolutions, and in particular Resolution 194.

7) To implement democratic reforms inside the PLO, through the reconstruction of the Palestinian National Council by way of transparent and fair elections based on a full proportional representation; to activate the role of the Executive Committee as the day-to-day leadership of our people and a political authority superior to the Palestinian Authority; to activate the popular associations, the professional workers’ unions, the consecration to democracy and the national association under the motto “Partners in blood … Partners in decision-making”; to put an end to the policy of exclusiveness, marginalization of institutions and violation of its decisions. To reform the PLO National Monetary Fund and the Investment Fund of the Palestinian Authority.

8) To consciously work in the direction of putting an end to the devastating division that is about to mark its tenth year, to hold a meeting of the Superior Committee in order to activate and develop the PLO, to set the necessary bases and mechanisms to implement the decisions and the national consensus program, including the formation of a government of national unity that would reunify the organs and institutions, and to work in the direction of eradicating the unfair blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, and to solve its economic, social and sanitary needs and to reinforce its firmness vis-à-vis the Israeli threats.

9) To set in motion the practical mechanisms to unify the struggles of our people on the territories that have been occupied since 1948 and 1967, and in exile, under the password of the unity of the people and their rights.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine also asks the masses of our people to turn this 68th anniversary into a day of Palestinian anger against occupation, and to increase the Intifada of the Youth.

Glory for our people, our resistance and the Intifada of the Youth!
Freedom for the prisoners of liberty!

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
May 14, 2016


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