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Long live the 47th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine


• February 22, a new dawn in the history of the Revolution, the People and the Fatherland
• To protect the Intifada of the Youth and turn it into a Global Popular Intifada that counts on the unified and unifying program of the resistance, based on the decisions of the Central Council
• To put an end to division and to form a Government of National Unity in order to comply with the requirements of the New Program of Struggle and to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip
• Greetings to our people on the territories occupied in 1948 in its struggle against the fascist regime of racial segregation
• Together with the refugees of Lebanon and Syria, in their struggles for their social and humanitarian rights, the return to refugee camps and to confront the projects and scripts tending to bypass the right of return to the Fatherland

On this February 22 2016, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) marks 47 years since its founding and very proudly begins its 48th year of life, in a struggling march, arm in arm, with the off springs of our Palestinian people and its political forces. It unflinchingly follows the path of liberation of Palestinian territories, within the borders of June 4 1967. It continues its struggle to expell the occupying force, to dislodge colonization and to establish an independent Palestinian State with full sovereignty, with its capital, East Jerusalem. And also to assure the enforcement of Resolution 194, which acknowledges for Palestinians their unchanging historical and legitimate right to return to their homes and properties, from which they were expelled since 1948.

On this march, and in the framework of the coalition of the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, the DFLP offered thousands of martyrs, of leaders, caders, fighters and combattants, for the defense of the unity of the people and of its legitimate and inalienable rights; for the defense of the unity of the PLO and its institutions, and for the purpose of its development, on democratic bases through encompassing general elections, according to the system of percentage representation.

In the midst of this march and in the framework of resistance, of the Intifada and of the multi-faceted mass struggle, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine drew its own line of combat vis-a-vis occupation and colonization, vis-a-vis all the projects of a diminishing threshold to the detriment of the national rights of the Palestinian people, armed with a strategic political vision and precise tactical capabilities, as well as a capacity to identify novelties and changes, responding by launching initiatives, renewing consciousness without ever abandoning its attachment to national unity, based on the principle of a fully participational national society whose motto is “Partners in blood... Partners in responsibility... Partners in decision-making.”

On this very path, the DFLP welcomed the Intifada of Youth as something unpostponable, as well as the masses of our people did, while the political process unilaterally fostered by the USA accessed a blind alley, and its announced failure, its disaster rather, as its bases, conditions and decreasing mecanisms were perceived to be inoperative and uncapable of assuring a minimum national rights for our struggling people.

On its glorious 47th Anniversary, the DFLP reiterates the need to furnish national protection to the Intifada of the Youth and to join it, with a view to transform it into a Global Popular Intifada, guided by the Unified and Unifying program of Resistance, the general lines of which have been described by Central Council resolutions (March 2015and those of the PLO Executive Committee. Among its major aspects are the cessation of coordination in the sphere of security, the boycott of Israeli economy and the implementation of a national economy, and to extend full Palestinian sovereignty over all the territories of June 4 1967, the internationalization of Palestinian national rights and the Palestinian cause by addressing the United Nations General Assembly, requesting international protection for our people in the light of the atrocities of occupation and the fascism displayed by settlers. At the same time, to request international support for the establishment of the Palestinian National State of full sovereignty over its soil, with East Jerusalem as its capital, by virtue of the binding resolutions of international law. To go to the International Criminal Court with a view to process Israeli war criminals for the crimes commited against our people and against Humanity. At the same time, to demand of the International Court of The Hague that it put in motion its consultative resolution related to the Palestinian cause and the Wall of Racial Segregation, and of the International Human Rights Council that it demask the systematic violations by the occupying force with respect to human rights principles, to deprive occupation of its legality and to isolate the Israeli entity.

In the light of all the above, and in order to strengthen the struggling impetus of our people and of all its national forces in the combat against occupation and colonization, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on its 47th Anniversary promotes that an end be put to division and a return to the bossom of Internal Unity, consequent to the results and agreements of the national dialogue undertaken in Cairo. This demands the agreement on a Leadership Provisional Framework and that those agreements be put in motion, among them the formation of a Government of National Unity, reflection of popular unity and of its forces, capacitated to assume the responsibilities that stem from political, social and economic situations of the Program of Resistance and National Unity, to once and for all turn the page of the useless and sterile negotiations, to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip and to rebuild all that was devasted by the Israeli aggression.

On this 47 Anniversary of its founding, the DFLP reaffirms its firm support to our population in the territories of 1948 and its heroic resistance vis-a-vis the fascist regime administered by the Israeli rightwing and extreme rightwing government, and highly values its role in safeguarding national identity and cohesion in unionist coalitions, whether they be parliamentary or popular, as well as its fusion with the Intifada of the Palestinian Youth and its constant confrontation of the totality of Israel's racist legislations and norms, its defense of East Jerusalem and Muslim as well as Christian sanctuaries against judaization and israelization, and the attempts to dilute the Palestinian national personality.

The DFLP reaffirms its position alongside the struggles of our people in Lebanon, in the defense of its social and humanitarian rights, for dignified work, lodging, and in its just battle against a reduction of UNRWA services, as well as to complement the reconstruction of the refugee camp of Nahr Al-Bared, and a rejection of all the projects and scripts tending to bypass the right to return to their homes and original properties.

The DFLP reaffirms its support for our people in the sister country of Syria, in their suffering of expulsion and emigration, and its efforts to return to the camps of refuge, firstly to the Camp of Yarmouk, and to preserve it as a site of peace and quiet, free of weapons and of armed groups, and the reconstruction of said camp in order to render back its stability and prosperity.

Finally, the DFLP greets with great appreciation and esteem the Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the goals of occupation, and in particular journalist Al-Qiq, now undergoing a hunger strike, and reaffirms that our people will always be alongside its firmness and resistance vis-a-vis the jailers, until the sun of freedom dawns and the bars and walls of the jails crumble.

The DFLP greets the families of martyrs of our people, their memory, those who pointed with their noble blood the path of freedom and national dignity for our grandiose people.

Long live the 47th Anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Long live the PLO, sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people
Long live the sovereign and independent State of Palestine
Eternal Glory for martyrs. Fast recovery for the wounded. Glory for the Fatherland

Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
February 22, 2016


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