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New Political Strategy Constitutes the Way to Save Jerusalem and the Occupied Arab Territories
August, 2010

Under the slogan "Peace is a Strategic Option," the governments and Arab peoples must not be made to wait.

We have two options: rise up again in order to pull out of defeat and retraction or permit the continued colonial advance in the West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights, as well as the Judaizing of Jerusalem to convert it into the eternal capital of the Israeli state, as the condition imposed on the Palestinians and Arab peoples by the government of Netanyahu-Lieberman.

Arab leaders are called together to put forward a new policy to convert slogans and hopes into a concrete strategy to save Jerusalem and the occupied territories, as well as to eliminate the traces of the aggression of 1967, taking into account the right of the Palestinian people to recover their occupied territories, recognized under international law.

This strategy must be based on the following elements:

1 - Establish a theory directed toward the construction and investment in Jerusalem with the goal of confronting Judaizacion and colonialism, protect the Arab seal of the city and sacred places and fortify the resistance of the residents of the sacred city.

2 - Create an Arab position to reformulate international relations based on the positions and measures taken by blocks and countries confronting the government of Netanyahu-Lieberman, to put an end to all types of colonialism in the occupied territories since the aggression of June 1967, in accord with Arab rights mandated by United Nations resolutions.

3 - Design a defense and economic strategy for Arab countries bordering on occupied Palestinian territory ( Egypt , Syria , Lebanon and Jordan ) to form a new correlation of forces between Arab defense capabilities and the military and economic forces of Israel .

4 - Support the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the detachments of national resistance and consolidate the strength of the Palestinian people confronting poverty and unemployment, as well as to stop Palestinians from working in the construction of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank .

5 - Put an end to all types of Arab financing and the negative interference in the internal affairs of Palestinians that further divide us.

6 - Achieve a practical agreement between Arabs with respect to the Palestinian situation, similar to the accord signed in Lebanon (May 2008), to finalize the internal division and adopt the Egyptian Document, as a basis for the reconstruction of national unity among all Palestinian organizations that took part in the dialog carried out in Cairo on February 26 and March 19 2009. Renew the internal dialog to rebuild unity within the PLO and hold legislative and presidential elections in the Homeland and the Diaspora, as well as hold elections for a united national council of the PLO, based on the total proportional representation unanimously agreed to during the dialogue in February and March 2009 in Cairo .

7 - Transfer to the Security Council and call for an extraordinary plenary session of the General Assembly, under the slogan "Unity for Peace," with the purpose of approving a new resolution that sanctions Israel if they do not respect the decision. All of this by the authority of Article VII of the United Nations Charter and, as in the case of the racist government of apartheid South Africa, which finally collapsed and had to accept the international Resolution, through the realization of new elections for a "united democratic South Africa" involving all of its people, without racial, ethnic or religious discrimination.

8 - Reject direct and indirect negotiations that do not completely stop colonialism in Jerusalem and the West Bank .


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