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November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
November 29, 2018

The UN established this International Day in 1977, 40 years after issuing its Resolution 181, proposing the partition on Palestine (and never fulfilled by the State of the Zionist organization), and 10 years after Israeli forces began the occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem (that have been lasting to this very day, violating, as it is used to doing, the decisions of international law).

Resolution 181, issued on November 29, 1947, proposes turning over to the Zionist entity 54% of the territory of Palestine for the creation of a “Jewish State”, earmarking 45% for the creation of an “Arab State”, and, the remaining 1%, corresponding to Jerusalem as a corpus separatum, subjecting it to a special international status.

Nevertheless, by means of the most brutal military force, the Zionist army appropriated 78% of the territory of Palestine between December 1947 and July 1949, or an additional 24% of the land proposed by the Resolution, and expelled two thirds of the native population of Palestine, pushing it into an exile in which those who were expelled and all their descendants, as well as the descendants of those who died in exile, continue to live until this very day.

On December 11, 1948 (one day after issuing their “International Human Rights Charter” and seven months after the implantation of the “Jewish State” through pillaging, expulsions and massacres), the UN issued Resolution 194, that the Zionist State did not comply to either.

Resolution 194 establishes the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their properties, from which they were expelled by force, and to be compensated for all the good that were lost or damaged, and was reiterated by the UN over one hundred times.

On June 5 1967, Zionist forces invaded, militarily occupied the portion of Palestine that they had not occupied in 1948 (Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem) and expelled some 400.000 Palestinians, many of them refugees since 1948, thus forcing them into exile for a second time around.

The UN then issued its Resolution 242 that forces Israel to withdraw from all the territories that it occupied in 1967 and reaffirms that the acquisition of territory by means of war is inadmissible.

Israel, however, violated each and every one of the resolutions, agreements, treaties, conventions, declarations and charters of international law, humanitarian international law and human rights international law.


- 101 years after the Balfour Declaration (that promised to help the Zionist organization to establish a “Jewish national home” in Palestine),

- 71 years after UN Resolution 181 (proposing to give away to a foreign organization over half the territory that belongs to the Palestinian people),

- 51 years after the occupation and colonization of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem,

Palestinians, whether in the fatherland, in exile or in the diaspora, will continue to struggle and resist with every mean at our disposal until snatching away from the paws of the invading enemy our inalienable national rights, such as we have promised to do in order to honor the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs and the suffering and heroism of over one million prisoners, wounded and mutilated and more than eight million refugees.

And we will never stop thanking the solidarity of billions of honorable citizens the world over who tirelessly support our cause, demonstrating to that handful of powerful individuals who insist on imposing their tyranny, that the only thing that will put an end to the Palestinian cause and will bring peace will be the implementation of our national rights to self-determination, the establishment of the independent and sovereign Palestinian State with its capital in Jerusalem, and the return of all refugees to their towns and their homes.


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