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On Centennial of the nefarious Balfour Declaration
Great Britain is guilty and must assume its responsibility for crimes committed against the Palestinian people
November, 2017

On the centennial of the promise of Balfour, the millions of Palestinians inside and outside the fatherland strongly condemn the provocative statements formulated by the Prime Minister of the government of Great Britain, who refuses to apologize for the crime committed by her state against the Palestinian people when it launched the Balfour Declaration.

The Palestinian people feel much indignation, and manifest their total rejection of the offensive decision of the British government to celebrate the centennial of that nefarious promise. Such a decision reveals the strengthening of the British colonial spirit and the hostility displayed vis-à-vis the Palestinian people, as well as the refusal of its legitimate national rights.

The apologize demanded by Palestinians from the British government would be a step to correct an unjust act and to recognize the crime committed by Great Britain when it turned Palestine into a land for the creation of a racist colonial state.

The Palestinian people endured injustice, exile, death, destruction, plunder and the Judaization of their land by the lords of the occupationist, expansionist and racist Zionist project, blindly supported by the British Empire and world imperialism.

Catastrophes and massacres continue still, staged by the hands of the Israeli occupation government against the Palestinian people that is the original owner of the land.

The Palestinian people resisted attempts to destroy its national liberation project aimed at establishing their independent state will full sovereignty and the return of refugees to their homes, and it struggled and continues to struggle bravely in order to defeat the Zionist colonialist project supported by imperialism.

The principles of International Law and of universal human rights force Great Britain –on the centennial of the Balfour Declaration— to review its position with respect to the national rights of the Palestinian people, to assume its historical responsibility for being guilty of the great Palestinian tragedy, and to rectify its policies, through:

1- Recognizing its political, legal and moral responsibilities for its support to the racist Zionist colonial project that led to the uprooting of our people;

2- Recognizing the right of our people to self-determination over the land of its fatherland, Palestine, and the right to a totally independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties from which they were expelled by force in 1948;

3- Commit to respect the resolutions of the international legality related to the Palestinian cause and to the occupied Arab territories, and an exercise of all forms of pressure on the Israeli entity for it to comply with those decisions;

4- Condemning Israeli colonialism in the Palestinian and Arab territories and their crimes against humanity, and boycott the products of colonial settlements, considered illegal by international law.

5- Delegitimising the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories, and isolating the Zionist entity at an international level, until it complies with the international law resolutions which guarantee for our Palestinian people its legitimate and inalienable rights.

6- Recognizing of the State of Palestine; a total political and legal recognition, with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Palestinian people, who resisted the Balfour Declaration and resisted the British Mandate, will continue to struggle against occupation and against the Zionist project until achieving its noble goals, formulated by its national institutions and recognized by international law.


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