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On the Glorious 48th Anniversary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
February 22nd: A new sunrise in the history of the People and of the Revolution

• To defeat every attempt to place bets on deceptive solutions, and to recover the national program, the program of return, of self-determination and independence

• To put an end to division and to pursue efforts to hold a new Palestinian National Council that would recover the agreed National Program and consecrate national participation: Partners in blood… partners in decision making

On February 22nd, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine began, with great pride, a new year on its struggling march for the defense of the Revolution, the Fatherland and the People; a new leftwing party that upholds the banner of resistance on the one hand and the national program on the other, on the path of return, self-determination and an independent and sovereign state with its capital, Jerusalem

In the midst of this struggle, the DFLP has made great sacrifices; thousands of combatants, men and women, have joined, one constellation after the other, to the unending caravan of martyrs and dozens of wounded and invalids. They uphold the commitment in spite of the suffering and the pain, and the thousands of prisoners who are familiar with the dungeons of the enemy, tracing, behind bars, glorious combatant epics, in which the martyr Omar Al-Qassem continues to represent the luminous symbol.

48 years of armed struggle, inside Palestine and around it, the glorious Intifada to reach independence, expel the occupation and achieve the withdrawal of settlers.

48 years of struggle to implement a movement of refugees for the defense of the right to return and in the light of colonizing projects, to protect our people in the camps, together with their rights to a dignified life and to a dignified habitat, their right to continue forward through the paths of struggle and the recovery of national rights.

48 years of strengthening of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) and the consolidation of its position as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, endowed with a national program and the forms of coalition under the slogan: Partners in Blood… Partners in Decision Making.

48 years of struggle to build the current of the democratic left in the ranks of our people, and among its political forces, to guarantee the struggle and to preserve national unity, the unity of the people and its national and patriotic rights.

48 years alongside out people inside the Zionist entity, vis-à-vis the set of laws of racial discrimination, vis-à-vis a regime of racial cleansing, vis-à-vis the policies of marginalization, exclusion, Israelization and dissipation of the national, patriotic identity of our people there.

48 years of struggle in the framework of the process of Arab liberation, together with progressive, democratic, leftwing and liberal forces with a view to erect the civic, free, democratic state of social justice and of dignified life.

48 years of internationalist struggle, together with leftwing, progressive and democratic forces, in the world, vis-à-vis the policies of arrogance, plunder and aggression at the hands of the imperialist-US-Zionist alliance, and in favor of a new world in which justice, security, stability and well-being would prevail, a new world free of famine, unemployment, ignorance and exploitation.

48 years of struggle for a new dawn, in the history of the Revolution, of the People and of the Fatherland.


Our people and their national, democratic and progressive forces celebrate the 48th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Front, at a time in which the Israeli offensive against our people, its land and its patriotic rights increases, supported by the new US administration. This support materializes through policies and positions that fully coincide with the extreme rightwing policies in the Netanyahu cabinet or those of his ministers, and proves that betting on the continuation of the negotiating process according to the old rules, in force for a quarter of a century, amounts to no more than insisting to bet on something deceptive, to the detriment of the national interests of our people.

Experience has fully demonstrated that the infertile policy of waiting, experiencing indecision and being limited to insinuate postures and threats without really going into action, is a totally failed policy that only entails greater disasters to our cause, besides putting a stop on the possibilities of mobilization within the ranks of our people and its political forces and weakens –to the point of dissipation— the positions of support from sister and friendly nations that denunciate Tel Aviv’s and Washington’s positions and support our national rights.

When celebrating its 48th anniversary, the DFLP proposes to abandon that policy of waiting, backpedaling and indecision, and to adopt an active, practical and combatant policy of mobilization of political and popular forces, in the fatherland and in exile, and to recover the program of the Palestinian national coalition, the program of return, self-determination and an independent state, the program of resistance and the popular global Intifada, the program of struggle on the ground against occupation, colonization and blockade, the program of internationalization of the cause and of Palestinian national rights.

In this context, the DFLP makes a call to:

1- Leave behind the Oslo dossier and liberate ourselves from its humiliating fastenings, to withdraw the recognition of Israel, after the experience of a quarter of a century proved only that said agreement did not entail anything but disasters for our people, and served as a political cover for colonization and the destruction of the Palestinian national project.

2- Put an end to cooperation and coordination in the field of security with occupying forces.

3- Boycott the Israeli economy, and in favor of building a Palestinian national economy.

4- Return to resistance and the popular Intifada, and develop and protect it with a view to turn it into global national insubordination, on every inch of our lands that were occupied in the aggression of June 1967.

5- Internationalize Palestinian national and patriotic rights at the UN Security Council and General Assembly, calling for the implementation of the resolutions of international law, in the framework of an international conference, whose results would lead to the practical implementation of the rights of our people; to free ourselves from occupation and colonization, to establish the independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty and its capital, Jerusalem, on the borders of 4 June 1967, to guarantee the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties from which they were expelled, and to achieve full membership for the Palestinian State in the UN.

6- To renew the denunciations at the International Criminal Court against Israeli officials for having committed crimes of war against humanity vis-à-vis our people and the soil of its fatherland, to strip the occupying force of legality and to isolate the State of Israel because of its condition of outlawed state that violates the resolutions of international law and human rights.

When calling for a recovery of the national program in its struggling formulas, on the ground as well as in international fora, the DFLP reiterates, at the same time, that recovery of internal unity, the cessation of division and the elimination of every obstacle that prevents the demise of the Oslo project and its obligations, are fundamental and unavoidable conditions, and this implies:

1- To convene the Preparatory Committee to undertake the necessary tasks with a view to a Palestinian National Council with the participation of everyone, and that it should be constituted by democratic, free, transparent and honest elections, on the basis of the system of percentage representation, and closed percentage lists, through a global policy of revision that would allow to go back to the unified and unifying national program, the program of uniting the struggle and resistance on the ground and in international fora. This would be a National Council that would implement the necessary reforms in PLO institutions, including the election of a new Executive Committee that would, in turn, elect its president and its secretary and at the same time undertake the task of naming a Council of Administration of the Palestinian National Fund, that would oversee the correct implementation of mandatory resolutions.

2- To restructure the instances of the Palestinian National Authority in favor of alternative, socio-economic and security policies that would contribute the conditions of resistance and firmness in the struggle against occupation and colonization.

3- To reactivate the functions of the PLO instances, particularly the Department of Refugee Affairs, so that its struggle against the projects of settlement, transfer, exclusion and marginalization can be empowered, as well as to strengthen its struggle for the return to their homes and properties and to enjoy a dignified life.

While the Front bids goodbye to a year of its life of struggle, it welcomes a new year, affirming its decision to continue the trajectory in spite of difficulties and obstacles, with all that it must do concerning efforts, demands and sacrifices. In this opportunity, the DFLP addresses the memory of the selfless martyrs, of all the martyrs of our people, of Arab peoples and of liberation movements throughout the world, and their families, with a sincere greeting, and renews its commitment of loyalty with respect to their blood.

We address a cordial greeting to resisting combatants in Israeli cells and detention quarters, to their families, affirming that dawn will undoubtedly be arriving, one day the chain will break, prison will be destroyed and the usurping occupier will leave.

With a greeting, we address every comrade in the ranks of the Front who raised the flag, defended the national program and waged the battle in whatever position, on the path of return, of self-determination and an independent, totally sovereign state with Jerusalem as capital.

Long live the 48th anniversary of the glorious foundation of the Front!
Long live the PLO!
Long live Palestine!
Glory to martyrs, recovery for the wounded and eternity for the fatherland!

Political Bureau
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

February 22, 2017


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