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Statement issued by the Democratic Front and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Democratic and the Popular Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine held a meeting at the level of their leaderships, in the course of which they discussed the Palestinian situation and they expressed their deep concern about the catastrophic conditions lived on the Gaza Strip, and the risk of aggravation of the crisis at all levels. They furthermore analyzed the situation of the national Palestinian cause.

The meeting concluded with the results and conclusions that have, as a goal, to develop the role of both Fronts in the struggle on every field and to mobilize the widest efforts at a popular level in the light of occupation, aggression, the blockade, and to put an end to the devastating division, in the defense of the legitimate national rights of our people. The meeting affirmed as follows:

First: the situation in Gaza:

Both organizations expressed pain and sadness for the terrible tragedy that took the lives of two children, Omar and Khaled Al-Habil in the Al-Shati refugee camp. They were the victims of the darkness prevailing in the Gaza Strip, and of the crisis of the blackouts. The responsibility for this development falls on the Government, the Electric Company and the Energy Authority. This tragedy showed that the deep crises that have accumulated in Gaza have reached their climax. The cause of this is that the suffocating blockade is being intensified, while reconstruction continues to be hindered, while, at the same time, the risks of salinization of the water, as well as risks for health, education and social services continue to increase. The existing infra-structure is on the verge of a collapse, the astronomical rise of the rate of poverty and of unemployment have been inducing youngsters to a mortal emigration, due to shipwrecks at sea or to being detained and pushed to death in their attempt to clandestinely cross the border between Israel and Egypt in order to go look for a loaf of bread. Added to this, there was the recent regrettable incident that led to the tragedy of the death of the child Zaki Al-Hobi, killed by bullets shot by our brothers on the Egyptian border. All this induces us to renew our call for the safeguard of the continuation of the fraternal Palestinian-Egyptian relation in the treatment of these cases.

The responsibility of all this lies in the occupation, the internal division and the Palestinian Government of Convergence that is not carrying out its duties, together with the obstacles that make its work more difficult. This gives evidence of the failure of the bilateral solution between Al-Fatah and Hamas to recover national unity because it lacks political will and tends to let sectarian interests prevail on both sides, to the detriment of the supreme national interests.

Due to this miserable reality, our people on the Gaza Strip, which has offered enormous sacrifices for the national project and displayed a legendary resistance, finds itself today at the crossroads that is pushing them to an explosion before the eyes of everyone if this disastrous situation continues longer.

On the basis of all this, both Fronts make a call to:

1. Treating the power cut crisis and its impact on citizens, mainly caused by the bilateral wrangling going on, and knowing that the electric bills are payed by the citizens, added to the monthly discounts experienced by officials in order to contribute to the power expenses. Both Fronts call on the Government, the Energy Authority and the Electric Company to solve this crisis.

2. To create a Supreme National Committee of the Ministries, of the national forces and of the institutions of civil society in order to supervise the project of reconstruction, far from the consequences of division and the bilateral wrangling.

3. To convene a Palestinian-Egyptian dialogue to set the necessary bases to guarantee the interests of both parts and to reopen the Rafah border crossing point in a permanent way, as well as to develop its function.

4. In the light of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, both Fronts demand the beginning of the construction of a united front of national resistance with a common command and a unified political reference that would have in its hands the decision pertaining to war and to peace.

5. In order to confront the obstacles that are disturbing the work of the Palestinian Government, to reorganize the point of border crossing, including the Rafah border crossing point, and to solve the problems of the officials, a new government of national convergence should be formed so that it can carry on its functions and restore the normal life for our people in Gaza.

6. To activate the work of the unified Palestinian delegation to the indirect negotiations with the Israeli party in order to complete the discussion of the pending matters.

In second place, in the political terrain:

1. Both organizations welcome with satisfaction the signing of the incorporation to the system of the International Criminal Court, that was delayed for two years as a consecration to the national will and to the positions of a national consensus. They further affirm that the value of this step will be dependent on its activation to put to trial the State that is the occupying force and the leaders of the enemy for the crimes against humanity that they have committed against our people. They call for a response to Israeli piracy, manifest in Israeli actions to prevent the transfer of funds to settle accounts for the Palestinian Authority (having to do with tariffs and other incomes), a response in the form of the suspension of security coordination, the freezing of work on the basis of the Paris agreement and an economic boycott to be imposed on Israeli products in general.

2. To convene for the formation of a specialized and efficient national committee that would direct and activate the file that has to do with incorporation to international organizations, free from all sectarianism and unilateralism.

3. They warn about a reiteration of the presentation of the project to the Security Council that is beneath the Palestinian rights and principles. They further demand that it be retaken by the PLO Executive Committee in order to draft a new project with the aim of putting an end to occupation, and that this be constructed on the basis of the recognition by the UN of the State of Palestine within the borders of June 4 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital and with the solution of the refugee problem in accordance with Resolution 194. They furthermore reject any return to the useless negotiations based on the old formula.

4. They make a call to put an end to the marginalization of the legitimate Palestinian institutions and to the harmful policy of exclusion and unilateralism. And they also make a call for a reconsideration of the lawful Palestinian legality through the activation and regulation of the work of the Executive Council, the Central Council and the Framework of the Provisional Leadership (the instance to activate and develop the PLO).

5. In the light of the state of popular uprising, vis-a-vis the political options and the failure of the attempts of Al-Fatah and Hamas to arrive at a bilateral solution to division, both organizations make a call for a serious and responsible national dialogue through the Supreme National Leadership of the PLO in order to eliminate the obstacles on the road to putting an end to the devastating division and to execute the agreement of global national dialogue (4-5-2011) and to agree on an alternative national strategy, a strategy that would combine both political action and resistance.

6. They convene for an extension of the phenomenon created by the committees of the defense of the land and resistance against colonialism in the West Bank, Jerusalem and on the border area in the Strip.

In third place, in the framework of the revision of the experience of the past:

Both Fronts affirm their call to reunite the most comprehensive effort possible and to adopt democratic and peaceful popular national pressure as a way of getting out of this crisis. Furthermore, they call on the groups affected by aggression and siege to unite and to organize popular movements in defense of their interests and affairs.

Gaza will not be subjected, and it will overcome, assuming its full role in the Palestinian national project for victory!

Glory to martyrs! Freedom for prisoners! Health for the wounded! Victory for our people!

The Popular Front and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

January 5, 2015


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