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The 42nd Anniversary of Land Day

On March 30th, our Palestinian people in the occupied territories in 1948, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, as well as in all places of refuge, Diaspora and all the sons of our Arab nation and all the free people of the world, will revive the Land Day in its 42nd Anniversary.

That public stand and rage against the Zionist occupation's policy of confiscation, uprooting, and Judaization within the framework of Judaizing the Galilee and displacing its residents on March 30, 1976, resulted a number of martyrs, wounded and hundreds of detainees by the Zionist occupation.

The year 1976 marked an important turning point at the national level in general and on the Palestinians lives, at the occupied territories in 1948, in particular. As it is the year of establishment of the national committees for the defense of the land, the national coordination committees and the Union of Arab Local Councils, so, it really was the National Day of the Palestinian masses, as it united the Palestinians inside the occupied territories in 1948, in an event that its most prominent headlines: the formulation of the national identity and the adherence to the land and defending it.

On this occasion we emphasize the need to mobilize and framing the struggle of the Palestinian masses in the occupied territories in 1948 for:

1. Resisting the policy of judaization, eviction, confiscation of land and demolition of houses in order to return the confiscated lands to their legitimate owners and restore their properties.

2. Confronting the policy of racial discrimination for full national equality in all economic, social and cultural aspects of life.

3. Confronting the Zionist repression and terrorism in order to guarantee the civil rights and democratic freedoms and lift the ban on the Palestinian Arab national organizations.

4. Struggling against the policy of annexation and national absorption in order to spread the Palestinian national identity and the right to express it and to engage in the unified national movement of the Palestinian people.

5. Mobilizing energies to support the struggle of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories in 1967, to face the policy of Judaization, settlement, killings and arresting.

Today, in light of the continuation and legalization of settlements towards further annexation, along with a full American alliance with the Zionist aggressive policy which has no respect for the international laws and legitimacy, through using the law of force and the imposition of the fait accompli and an alleged American plan for peace (the 'deal of the century') aimed at the liquidation of the cause and the Palestinian national rights; all of this requires the confrontation of this project and these aggressive policies, with a national liberation project and a unified strategy depends on the option of confronting the occupation in politics and in the field. In the forefront of this is respecting the institutions and their decisions, i.e. the implementation of the Central Council's decisions in its 2015-2018 sessions by: disengaging from Oslo, withdrawing the recognition of Israel, the cessation of security coordination, disengaging from the Israeli economy, and calling the committee of activating and developing the PLO for a meeting to rebuild the national unity on participatory coalition basis, to prepare for the session of the Palestinian National Council with the participation of all Palestinians.

Glory to Martyrs

Freedom for Prisoners

Greetings to our steadfast people on the Palestinian land

Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine

Long live Palestine

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Province of Syria
Central Information Office
March 29, 2018


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