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DFLP leader: "The next few days will reveal what Hamas are hiding"
February 22, 2007

In an interview with the UAE-based Al-Khaleej ["The Gulf"] newspaper, the Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Nayef Hawatmeh declared that Hamas is "stuck in the peaceful solution… the coming days will reveal what the Hamas' leaders are up to".

The Secretary General added that the Palestinian arena has witnessed "complicated conflict between the military wings of Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, the Presidency and Hamas… In the meantime, the Palestinian people suffer the outcome of the infighting and [the] blockade, which puts them at the edge of a famine and threatens to destroy that which is left of their economic infrastructure."

Hawatmeh added, "the closing weeks of last year witnessed the fruits of the infighting over the monopoly of power between Hamas and Fatah, in the shape of setting fire to universities, and a death toll of 91 citizens". He went on to applaud the role of the Democratic and Popular Fronts, in addition to the Islamic Jihad movement in helping to end the dispute.

In order for the coalition government to succeed, Hawatmeh stipulated that political partnership must be established between all factions, "to pave the way to get rid of the tyrannies of the Oslo accords." Furthermore, "a comprehensive, just solution must be sought through peace negotiations, in accordance with the resolutions of the international community, which can guarantee the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and preserve the rights of the refugees".

The leftist leader also said that the forthcoming days will reveal what the Hamas' leaders "are trying to conceal". He mentioned an accord with the European negotiating team, allegedly prepared by Ahmad Yousef, political advisor to Prime Minister Haniyeh, "a document which is being concealed… and now submitted [by Prime Minister Haniyeh] to President Abbas and other Arab and Islamic forces."

He stated that the document was originally received from a senior diplomat within the Middle East department in the Swiss foreign ministry, and was prepared with the assistance of senior members of the British intelligence services in the occupied territories, along with architects of the Oslo accords and other senior Palestinian figures.

With regards to a possible war in the region, Hawatmeh maintained " Israel and the US are facing crises, and so the Israelis can't afford a long term war of attrition, after the last war against Lebanon proved that the time has gone for swift wars".

Source:Maan News Agency

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