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Hawatme's open dialogue on Palestine and the Middle East with the Latin American Media which took place the past month of May
August 31, 2015

Q1- How do you value the present situation on the Gaza Strip and –according to your assessment and viewpoint— which are the most urgent humanitarian priorities?

The situation on the Gaza Strip is extremely dramatic on the humanitarian as well as on the social aspect, due to the ceaseless Israeli aggression which uses in its bombings every type or armament and aims its aggressions against every populated neighborhood. The last war staged by Israel in the course of the so-called “Protective Wall” resulted in over 2131 martyrs, among them over 500 children, and 11 thousand wounded (half of them would remain permanently incapacitated). Entire neighborhoods were swept away by gunfire, and places that function as havens, such as schools and UN quarters, were attacked in spite of the fact that they were displaying the blue flag of the UN.

UN reports directly reflect one of the forms of racism practiced by Israeli occupation and the extremist racist forces represented by the different Israeli governments –and particularly the present one, headed by Netanyahu—, which is that 95% of the water resources used by Palestinians in Gaza have been characterized, since decades ago, by their unhealthiness. At the same time, electric power limitations, the unfair blockade imposed on this sector, the intentional and repeated attacks against the infrastructure of power services by the Israeli occupation, have enormously limited the capacities of water treatment as well as the drainage and sewage systems, and to a great extent also affected the supply of drinking water to the homes. This situation worsened the processes of eliminating black and untreated waters towards the sea for lack of processing capacities.

This happens in circumstances of a total blockade imposed on Gaza, the area of greatest population density in the world, where the necessary and vital electric power does not exist, and therefore the networks of sanitation and the possibilities of treating water in order to furnish drinking water to the housing sector do not exist.

The intention is to “systematically dry out Palestine.” This practice, being carried out in the context of a racist policy, includes the West Bank. During the 2009-2011 period, 173 sites of the infrastructure of the water and public healthcare sectors were destroyed. To this, we might add the prohibition for vehicles with water tanks to pass over to Zone C in the West Bank, according to the divisions traced by the occupying forces –that is, an area amounting to 62% of the total surface of the West Bank. The settlers subject those resources to actions of plunder, destruction and pillage, seizing the natural sources of that liquid for recreation purposes, thus acting in a systematic and programmed way, supported by the Israeli army with the aim of achieving the total destruction of Palestinian infrastructure.

The sabotages and damages inflicted on the soil, on humans and on plantations are just other instances of the premeditated and planned actions, in the course of which the army destroys the hydrographic basins, the dams in which rainwater is collected, the wells and the watering systems. Not even the networks built since the times of the Roman Empire are spared by these actions of vandalism. All of them are aimed at striking blows against development, incomes and health, as well as to deprive the cattle of access to water.

This situation demands the exercise of political pressures against “Israel”, because the Israeli objective consists in uprooting the native population by employing every mean that is proper to –and characteristic of— a racist state, including wars, detentions and the annulment of every means of life, in order to –subsequently— raze the Palestinian towns and thus to erase the traces of their crime through the tactics of the fait accompli, related to “the colonies” and to “Judaization,”

Nevertheless, such measures (such as the aggressions, wars and crimes against humanity) are carried out with a greater intensity in the case of the Gaza Strip. Israel has systematically been attacking through decades. It has been practicing a colonialist, racist policy against all the motivations of life, against the Palestinian being in his/her own land through the process of Judaization, displacement, eviction, assassination, blockade and daily repression. On the other hand, Washington –while presuming itself to be the spokesperson of human rights— ignores the rights of the Palestinian being and at the same time provides Israel with an unlimited support in the military, political, economic and diplomatic spheres, and all of this provokes a greater arrogance and intransigence in Israel.

The situation in Gaza returned to the starting point. The siege continued, reconstruction was at a standstill since the 2008-2009 war (the Melted Led aggression) and until the 2014 war (Protective Margin), in accordance with Israeli denominations. The least sign of reconstruction is not in sight. Israeli violations of the ceasefire continue day to day, when Israeli soldiers shoot peasants and fishermen, and go as far as detaining some of them, while they leave open all the options… among which the possibility of scheming a new aggression at any time is not ruled out…

Q2- The ceasefire agreement that has put a stop to the most recent Israeli aggression against Gaza, presupposed mainly the start of conversations with a view to achieve the lifting of the illegal siege imposed on the Strip, as well as international support in the reconstruction process. Which is the present stage of fulfilment of these Palestinian demands? What are the successes attained in this context?

As I recently pointed out, the situation in Gaza went back to the starting point. The solution lies in putting an end to the internal Palestinian division, that is, in other words, the recovery of “National Unity.” We, in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), have exerted great efforts to put an end to the internal Palestinian division, and to provide impetus to the act of moving towards a true national unity, particularly when the certainty of our position was well proved by the failure of every solution based on governing in accordance with bilaterally agreed quotas between Hamas and Al-Fatah, in which the agreements that have been signed crumble down while the ink is still fresh on the texts, because they are based on the distribution of power and on the sectarian interests of each detachment, which are very alien to the common interests of the people. Very early we argued in favor of a new strategy based on the resolutions of international law, supported by a true national unity at all levels, with a percentage of representation as a principle and based on the concept “partners when spilling our blood, partners when making decisions.” It is an elementary formula, that imposes itself in the case of national liberation movements, and is instrumental for the achievement of basic goals: freedom and national liberation, irrespective of any ideological posture, and as bases and constants that sanction and guarantee the national rights, and through the diverse resistances of premeditated steps, going from popular resistance to every form of struggle. Such a struggle should focus on the interests of the people to achieve freedom and liberation, and not on attaining a certain power, sectarian interests of a detachment or party. We should address every organ and high instance of the United Nations, among them the Pact of Rome, the International Criminal Court. We have pressurized in this direction and we have achieved it.

What reinforces this trend is the fact of providing it with full continuity and preparing the scenery for a global democratic national unity, unanimously approved in the institutions of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO). As the whole world can observe, the extremist Israeli government kept the gates of Gaza strictly closed, while leaving fully open the doors of its options by not complying with the commitments incurred on by the last Cairo Agreement. Israel left the doors wide open to aggressions and massacres against humanity, when its needs so advise, through military actions with precise goals.

Q3- During this past year, the State of Palestine received a comprehensive international recognition at all levels. What impact could this fact have on peace negotiations?

The experience of the past 21 years of negotiations without the referent of international resolutions, without the complete cessation of colonialist land devouring, the individuality of the hosting by the US administration do no more than reaffirm and prove the unviability of this type of negotiation, solely destined to favor the objectives of Israel of gaining time and imposing “faits accomplis,” that is, in other words, seizing Palestinian lands and transforming their morphology through Judaization, colonization and disrespecting the most elementary and minimum Palestinian national right.

Israel is neither prepared for, nor in a condition to attend negotiations under the umbrella of the resolutions of international law and to take the path of “a balanced peace.” Therefore, it will not yield anything voluntarily if it is not obliged to do so by force. For anyone wishing to verify this, it would suffice with reviewing the history of the Palestinian cause and the course of the vain and useless negotiations all along 21 years. Therefore, we only have one option left, as would indicate the primer of the struggle and the state of confrontation on the Palestinian scenery, which is: the national Palestinian strategy that we have argued for, and we struggle in order to put it into practice and to complement it: the internationalization of the Palestinian cause and of the Palestinian national rights. We see peoples of the world pressurizing their governments for the Palestinians to enjoy their inalienable national rights by granting recognition to the State of Palestine, but we also see how the Israeli occupation, represented by the extremist government, defies the entire world and responds to the international position with its accustomed impudence, with new violations of International Law, challenging the will of the international community. In practice, we see how the siege around East Jerusalem (occupied since 1967) is tightened, and how the process of Judaization of its territory is intensified, how it disregards UN resolutions and disrespects the highest international organ. With this, they are leaving their position very clear, in form and content, regarding the “Final Solution,” as in previous occasions when the Israeli Premier Netanyahu declared, from the international fora and even from the UN, that East Jerusalem (the Arab portion) will remain under Israeli sovereignty as its eternal capital. Will the world remain as a motionless spectator, seeing the Israeli racist practices!

We have no illusions with respect to “the unviable negotiations” under the absolute auspices of the US, while the International Quartet suffers a clinical death since 2003 and up to the present day in 2015, in a world of social elites and civic institutions, especially in Europe and the West, whose peoples reflect a high respect for International Law and the United Nations Charter. They see that the continuation of the half-century occupation of a State recognized by the UN cannot be permitted. That is, a UN member state occupies the territory of another state. We wonder: Will the vain negotiations continue indefinitely? A deadline is required for the implementation of international resolutions, under the auspices of the five great powers, permanent members of the Security Council.

We cannot forget that the occupying State, “Israel,” enjoys privileges, particularly given by the European Union, in which it enjoys the advantages of membership and is considered a “partner” of the European block, which is, at the same time, the main commercial partner of the Arab world, and this latter interest was reflected in the vote in the legislative assemblies of France and Spain in favor of “recognizing the State of Palestine before the end of last year and, on the other hand, the recognition of the Italian parliament on March 1st 2015.”

It was very clear for us that the presentation to the Security Council was conditioned by the North American veto in case it would achieve more than nine votes. Brother Mahmoud Abbas erred in his calculations in the case of Nigeria. This is precisely what happened, and we knew it was going to happen when requesting full UN membership. We cannot overlook the fact that the “Swedish Tsunami” unleashed a series of diplomatic acknowledgements for the State of Palestine by the nineteen European nations. To this, we can add a clear and well-conformed program to consolidate European Union sanctions against “Israel” in order to force it to submit to International Law and to UN resolutions linked to the Palestinian cause, such as the referent to the total withdrawal from occupied Palestine. On this path, we will not lose hope and we will find support on our firmness and that of our people, totally discarding any diplomatic achievement that President Obama, Nobel Peace award, might leave as historical legacy in his foreign policy, particularly after the Republican Party took control of the US Congress. We depend on the preparation of our collective capabilities at a national level, the capacities and the firmness of our people, with absolute confidence in the attitude of all the free and noble men who sincerely aspire to peace in this world, based on a “balanced” dose of justice and supported by International Law and the United Nations Charter.

Q4- Palestine recently joined the International Criminal Court. That step was welcomed with great satisfaction. What does the step mean for you people? And what are the sensitive repercussions that you might obtain from it?

Being incorporated to the International Criminal Court is a strategic step of a major scope and importance. Through the very recent years we have pursued the Palestinian incorporation to this instance, within the context of our strategy of internationalizing the cause for Palestinian rights and to confront the bloody campaigns and war crimes of a racist character being pursued by the State of Israel through a continued aggression, and its unprecedented campaigns of colonization since the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. The State of Israel continues its actions of extermination, destruction and uprooting initiated in 1948, by erasing from the face of the earth hundreds of Palestinian villages in the most extensive and longest operation of racial purification of modern times.

Between January 20 and 23, the lodgings of 77 Palestinians were demolished. According to the reports of the UN itself, eight of the destroyed houses had been built thanks to international donations. At the same time, the occupying authorities demolished 25 houses in occupied East Jerusalem, and it had already done the same in 2014 with 12 other houses. On the other hand, Israel rejected and totally ignored the calls of the UN, the EU and international human rights organizations to put a stop to this type of actions, committed under the pretext of those lodgings having been built without authorization. Elsewhere, meanwhile, the bands of settlers pillage the properties and lands of the Palestinians, with the protection of the occupying army.

Such vexations committed against Palestinian rights can only be considered as violations and degradations of human values, as well as an open infringement of the bases of International Humanitarian Rights that prevent the occupying force from destroying public as well as private properties, in accordance with Article 53 of the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949, a fact that the organization Human Rights Watch considers an open and arbitrary violation of Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, stipulating precisely that no being can be deprived of his/her goods arbitrarily.

It is high time for the State of Israel to know that its crimes will not remain unpunished, and that it cannot continue to act as a state placed beyond the reach of the law, and that it must stop its attitude of belittling and despising International Law. Israel must know now that the denunciations and condemnations addressed against it are not mere “condemnations” devoid of sense or effect, and it must act in an alienated way, repeating its attitude of committing war crimes, massive punishments or racial discrimination.

Around this decisive and certain step, or rather this qualitative leap, it suffices to watch the US reactions and the pressures exercised by this country. Washington tenaciously undertook Israel’s battle against Palestine’s incorporation to the International Criminal Court, even when the Palestinian request had already been decided earlier this year (on January 7), after the approval, by the UN Secretary-General, so it was to enter into force on April 1, with the possibility that the Court might begin investigating, after the acceptance, by the Palestinian party, on June 13 2004, of its jurisdiction over the Palestinian lands usurped in 1967, by virtue of UN Resolution N° 19, when the General Assembly agreed, on November 29, 2012, Palestine’s membership as an “Observer State.”

Ever since, we realized that the storms of threats coming from the USA and Israel would not calm down. It was to be expected, that every type of threats, blackmail, challenges, would be resorted to, and not only against Palestine, but also against many countries throughout the whole world. The threats were levelled even against the very judges of the Court if they were to welcome the Palestinian demand. The causes are numerous, but in the first place: it deprives Israel of its international immunity and of the possibilities to remain unpunished when committing violations of International Law or to not be questioned in international instances, or of being saved from sanctions or punishment for its crimes. In the second place, the State of Israel is aware of the fact that it has committed numerous war crimes and violations of international pacts, and that any fair trial would condemn it and would put its political and military leaders on the bench of those sought after by international justice. In the third place, while the Palestinian cause moves toward international law and its resolutions, the possibility of a North American monopoly over the Palestinian cause (characterized by its partiality in favor of Israel and the consequent exit from the useless and vain negotiations), inevitably decreases, and consequently, we should exit from the useless and vain negotiations and re-route ourselves in the direction of a solution based on the resolutions of international law and on the erosion of the international standing that favored those negotiations. As we see, the US found itself in total isolation in the UN General Assembly (only 9 states, vis-à-vis an overwhelming majority of 138 states and the abstention of 41) during the vote taken in November 2012. Only nine states stood beside Washington in the position against the acceptance of Palestine as an observer State. For that reason, the internationalization of the Palestinian cause and its submission to international law puts an end to the North American monopoly over it, which only serves the purpose of occupation and protects Israel when confronted to international law.

We can realize this when the General Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, announced on January 16 of this year the beginning of preliminary studies and researches around the war crimes that “Israeli troops might have committed in Palestine,” and the convulsive North American reaction through the spokesperson of the Secretary of State was to describe this step as a “tragi-comedy,” while the Israeli Prime Minister considered it a “fatal and absurd” statement.

Europe has taken distance from the US with respect to its position, specifically in what relates to this cause, without a strong announcement of a counter-position. We note differences that gradually increase. The European parliaments –considered faithful measures and reflections of popular opinion, as well as sincere coordinators with the social factors in each country, daily reject Israeli occupation, which has extended against a people subjected to the most diverse forms of racism, totally repudiated in today’s world, because it belongs to an extinct era. It is time to put into practice the Palestinian right to self-determination and to an independent and sovereign state, on the same level with the rest of the world. Israel should realize the fact that a continuation of this situation entails dangers for its own survival, and its special relationship with the European Union, given its absolute dependency with respect to its organs and institutions, lacking which it would be condemned to isolation in the international arena.

At a Palestinian level, we should back this popular European and international movement. Firstly, by virtue of the subjective factor, when it is taken to the level of a global national battle, unnegotiable and without yielding, and to pursue which every Palestinian capacity is mobilized in a joint and collective effort of an accumulative, official, popular and national character. In this sense, we must pursue a struggle that is complemented with all the other forms of resistance, with a view to return the Palestinian cause to the realm of international law and its institutions, taking into account the experience of unanimous support of the Palestinian people’s incorporation to the International Criminal Court, and starting out from the Palestinian boycott of the occupying force’s products. Boycott is, in itself, a form of resistance. It was precisely the economic boycott –besides the academic boycott— that forced dozens of European and North American institutions to withdraw its investments from Israel.

Taking all this into account, I would like to point out, in general terms, the most important expectations and future tasks that await us in this new year with the view to strengthen our vision and our aspiration towards “the internationalization of the cause for Palestinian national rights with a return to international legality and international law,” that is, to remove the rug from under the North American monopoly over the Palestinian cause, because objective reality demonstrates the lack of seriousness of North American administrations to go from a position of impartiality in favor of Israel to the satisfaction of a minimum of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. Not even the minimum signal exists of Washington being ready to pressurize Israel to renounce its policies of aggression and accepting a balanced arrangement. Quite the contrary, it provides Israel a greater military and economic support that furnishes it a “surplus of force” to undertake more colonization and more military adventures, and to remain beyond international law. Is this not what turns every North American mention to “the solution of two states” into a simple lip service for superficial consumption and a true senselessness?...

It is precisely the absolute backing provided by the US to Israel that strengthens and entrenches the Israeli ideology of racism and genocide as a fait accompli since its foundation and up to the present day …
We have witnessed that the battle against Palestine in the Security Council is par excellence a battle of the US, and not only a battle waged by Israel. We saw it very clearly when we requested the incorporation of Palestine to the UN organs, and in particular to the International Criminal Court … The United State takes upon itself Israel’s battle with all its strength and weight ...
Furthermore, we can say that “Israel’s” political and diplomatic concern is far greater than what it claims to be its “concerns for security.” There is a greater concern for the deterioration of its international position. We had proof of this when the General Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, rendered her statement about initiating the preliminary research because of “the possibility of Israel having committed war crimes” that do not prescribe, after Palestine adhered to the Pact of Rome. Netanyahu suffered a shock and ran as fast as he could to claim for the help of Obama, who answered back in record time to declare that “the Palestinian National Authority is not a sovereign State, and therefore is not qualified to be a member of the International Criminal Court”… and, afterwards, the answer given by this instance.

It is enormously important to point to the deterioration of the prestige of Israel in the international realm. According to the paper Yediot Ahronot (13/1/2015, Secret Document – Expectations that the position of “Israel” might suffer a greater deterioration at an international level, if there is a persistence in the position of political immobility towards Palestinians and their rights), the document makes reference to the possible hardening of the European boycott to products coming from the colonies implanted in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights, apart from the possible reduction of exports of Israeli weapons, a decrease of foreign investments and the widening of the academic boycott. This document is the result of the forecasts of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the light of these facts, the Professor of International Law at Tel Aviv University, Aeyal Gross, published an article in the newspaper Haaretz (18/1/2015) in which he recommends that Israel “understand a given and verified truth, and that is that the rules of the game have changed”, when he states that: “Israeli leaders must understand the capacities of the International Criminal Court (Pact of Rome), or they should accept its mandates, or the fact that the Security Council can address the Court (…). Palestine adhered to the Pact of Rome and has the right to request the verification and investigation of whatever happens on its territory (…) If the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs feels surprised, this is due to the fact that he has not yet assimilated Israel’s juridical situation with respect to a series of matters, beginning with the policies of the Israeli army in Gaza that goes as far as an expansionist colonization in Jerusalem and the West Bank. In summary, Israel is on the side that is totally opposed to what is accepted worldwide”…

At a Palestinian level, we must agree on a well-implemented strategy, in which civilian popular resistance, together with the resistance on the ground, would complement each other and proceed in unison. It should be a preponderant force that imposes itself and is taken into account by the international community and world public opinion. A force that would address the animated and influential forces in the international scenery and would work in order to achieve a greater international boycott until the State of Israel is isolated for being an outlawed state that clashes with its very practices and behaviors and leaves the world in awe vis-à-vis its racist practices and ideological motivations …

Q5- The project of identifying Israel as a Jewish state imposes, in practice, a racial discrimination that is activated by expelling 21% of the Israeli population, which is composed of Palestinians. What lies behind this attitude and in what way could it have an impact on the peace process?

The Palestinians of 1948 challenge Israel by way of their unity and the Common List.

Since the foundation of the Zionist entity in 1948, racist plans and tendencies –aimed at the extinction of the Palestinian national identity among those who remained on the soil of their fatherland— were intensified. They began by issuing laws of various nature, undertaking enormous efforts to divide the native population into Druse, Bedouins, Christians, Muslims, etc … without abandoning the practices –carried out in the shadow of laws that were passed, of evictions and expulsions from the lands of their ancestors, the imposition of restrictions on their demographic growth and on the possibilities of learning, by exerting an influence on their culture and by trying to dissolve their identity and ripping it apart … With the arrival of the racist extremist rightwing to power, this situation increased, by way of imposing new restrictions against the Palestinians of 1948, giving more space and a free reign to the fever of extremism and terrorism against them. More terrorism, more repression and more detentions. Israeli racism manifested itself in the most overt forms when any manifestation of rejection vis-à-vis Israel’s aggressions against their brothers in Gaza took place, going to the extent of dispersing the protest demonstrations by using war bullets, or providing impunity to terrorist organizations such as “There Is a Price,” “Pay the Price,” etc. etc …

In spite of all of this, the Arab political forces, parties and social forces in the territories of 1948 succeeded in carrying forth the battle of the coming elections in parliament (the Knesset), and, for the very first time, with only one list, after Israel established that 2.25% was a sufficient percentage to run for office, a maneuver aimed at kicking Arabs out of parliament. These have had to unite themselves only one electoral block, for the first time since the foundation of the State of Israel. This is a reply and a challenge to the racist trend. The Palestinian party strengthens its reaction and its response: they are the original owners of the land through unity. This is the first time that the political as well as intellectual Palestinian forces translate to reality an important and decisive unionist act. That is how the first electoral list was proclaimed, to encompass the intellectual, national and Islamic tendencies. I must point out here that they represent 21% of the total population and 15% of voters, and this allows them to assure from 14 to 18 seats in the Knesset, out of a total of 120, and thus to constitute the third largest force, according to calculations and forecasts.

Today’s world watches the arrogant State of Israel, moved by a state of racist hysteria, armed to the teeth with the most sophisticated means of war. Nevertheless, Israel faces –as never before— a structural flaw that is impossible to solve, a product of its excesses of arrogance and racist ideology, the killings and the genocide … an excess of arrogance and attempts to consecrate itself as the “Jewish State” and, as such, to receive acknowledgement … and in spite of the “excess of power,” it does not succeed in achieving a quick and unequivocal victory as it did in the war of 1967, The military might of the Israeli army, the support of colonization and of colonial wars, does not serve any purpose at all today for Israel. We witnessed this in the Israeli failure in the recent wars, with the liberation of Lebanon 2000, the War of the Protective Wall in 2002, the war of 2006 against Lebanon, and its three wars against the Gaza Strip. As a result, none of those wars achieved their strategic objectives, most of all after the major shift in the rules of the game on the military terrain.

Never before, as nowadays, does Israel face so much rejection, the level of which is constantly rising, at a popular and international level. The various peoples, and in particular the Western peoples, have woken up and realized that Israel commits continued war crimes, genuine samples of atrocity, fascism and racism. This assessment is reflected in the different surveys carried out, to the extent of naming it “the most dangerous state for international peace and stability.”

There is an increase of awareness, a greater grasping of reality and of the truth, which is gradually turning into pressures exerted on the Western parliaments in order to impose the boycott. That is to say, in practice it becomes a political process that is translated into campaigns of political, economic and academic boycott aimed against the occupation and its colonies.

Q6- Israel insists on keeping positions that are backed by force, unilateral and illegitimate decisions, which, in the last analysis, only lead to the imposition of the policy of “faits accomplis.” Which is the position of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) with respect to the essential bases that should lead to the possibility of reaching a peace agreement for Palestine?

This description of Israel is real and, furthermore, every day that passes Israel displays a greater arrogance and intransigence, and it distances itself from the values of today’s world, that it contradicts. Israel refused to take part in the “Madrid Peace Conference” in 1991. Nevertheless, the then Prime Minister Shamir was forced to appear there, and on this opportunity he profited to clarify his strategy: “We will negotiate with the Palestinians during twenty years,” something that in practice means: “we shall continue our strategy of aggression, uprooting and land devouring; therefore, we will not leave a space open for an arrangement” … no arrangement and nothing that would resemble a balanced solution in the light of the resolutions of International Law.

He thus admitted the principle of negotiating “only for negotiating, period.” Exclusively to gain time … In those days, the United States altered the facts and succeeded in making the mass media see, as “the position of Israel”, this government’s serious intention of achieving peace, instead of the formal acceptance of a dialogue. Washington made use of all of its weight and pressurized the United Nations General Assembly to make null and void the resolution that considers “Zionism as a form of racism.” That step, which was taken with a tremendous ease, turned into a reward that Israel had never dreamed.

This took place after the United States laid the founding block of the unipolar world, after the demise of the Soviet Union. The official Arab press went on to proclaim that, after the defeat of its enemies and adversaries, and having been able to extricate itself from the Cold War, Washington would certainly exert pressure on Israel so that it would agree a minimum margin to the Arab and Palestinian rights on the basis of International Law. Too much was bet on this frustration, apart from the theories which argued that the US no longer needed Israel, since they were able to have their feet, live and directly, in the region. Never did they make an effort to understand the pragmatic mentality of the United States, and still less, to conceive the fact that only one and exclusive pole cannot lead the world. They never considered the possibility that such an unbalance in the correlation of forces at a world level can only translate into a greater and even unlimited support extended to the State of Israel in the Middle East, and consequently to greater excesses, a greater reactivation of the anomaly of its existence “as a state placed beyond legality and international law,” this being the crux of the conflict.

In the world today, and for a full decade now, the motto that Israel so loved to repeat fell into a vacuum. “The invincible army,” the army that is capable of pursuing wars and aggressions and to roam at will in the fields of battles. Nevertheless, since the year 2000, when it had to noisily leave Lebanon, and the war of the year 2006 against Lebanon, all those times became something of the past, all those times of reaching quick, decisive and undisputed victories, in the style of the war of 1967. This new fact reflects a qualitative change at the hands of the peoples and their resistance. Israel recognized its failure and had to compose a commission, to which it gave the task of investigating the causes of the military fiasco after its aggression in the summer of that year.

Nowadays, Israel faces a new dilemma. The political, diplomatic, economic and scientific support of the West is no longer absolute, but rather conditioned to its renouncing the Palestinian territories that it occupied in 1967. The centers where Israel’s foreign policy is thought up perceive this change and caution about its danger. It is a reflection of the international popular unfriendliness that is constantly on the rise, in the course of which the peoples of the West have opened their eyes and see the crimes, the arrogant attitude, the intransigence and the fascist hooliganism, as well as the attempts to consecrate Israel as “the state of the Jewish people” and to achieve a recognition as such. The horrible atrocities and crimes against humanity led the various peoples to exert pressures on their parliaments, to provide impetus to a shift in consciousness and opinion, which became, in turn, a political practice that bears the title of a Boycott, in every sense: a political, economic and academic boycott imposed on occupation and on its settlements.

Any specialist dedicated to closely following the situation in the Middle East would realize that, in present-day Israel, political and military leaders, and those responsible for the fields of security and the economy are not to be trusted from the viewpoint of “their citizens.” Corruption is a predominant plague that now involves a former head of State, a former Prime Minister, a Chief of the Army General Staff, party leaders… and suspicions of corruption cast a shadow on numerous political leaders. Citizens of the West are feeling that a portion of the dividends of the taxes paid by taxpayers flows towards Israel, and its only visible use, very evidently, is to pay for the expenses of the incessant wars and the unending crimes. This feeling has extended to the civic community of the US, where comprehensive impoverished sectors have fallen victims to destitution, unemployment, the deterioration of the levels of education and of medical care and the unsolvable calamity of housing shortages.

Beyond the deterioration of the public image of the political, party, military etc, leaderships, there are also very deep –almost abyssal— differences that are becoming increasingly clear between the Eastern Jews (the Sephardi) and the Western Jews (The Ashkenazi); between the rich and the poor –because every passing day brings more and more people into extreme poverty—; between the secular and the religious; between the settlers of the West Bank and Jerusalem and the other settlers on the territories that were occupied in 1967; and, therefore, between the religious Israeli and the liberal Israeli on the territories of 1948.

Anyone who dares to challenge International Law readily violates, without any hesitation, every norm or law. Let us recall the way in which Netanyahu signed his presence in the World March against Terrorism, as an “anti-terrorist combatant.” French politicians, as well as the international press, considered this charade to be “a repugnant act,” but what Netanyahu most fears is the boycott established against Israel, and against the commodities produced by its settlements on the West Bank, as well as the boycott against its military products. Israeli leaders have remained lately attentive to the comments of the international press. They read the history of Israel as if they were re-reading the history of South Africa, aware of the fact that, sooner or later, they would have to face the same outcome.

Finally, Israel fears the possibility that International Research Commissions might open the files that would facilitate the way to a new reading of numerous facts and developments, from the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte in 1948 by the terrorist band Stern, to the 2009 Goldstone report concerning the war crimes that Israel committed in the course of the aggression that was baptized with the name “Melted Lead,” in 2009 against the Gaza Strip.

The fears of Israel are not baseless. The Israeli know better than anyone else the scale of the vexations they inflicted and the bloody way in which they implemented them. Therefore, they have reason to fear the creation of investigation commissions under the supervision of the instances specialized in international legal topics, and particularly in war actions directed against concentrations of civilians. Israel rejected the reports of the human rights observer in Palestine, Richard Falk, and has aimed all of its anger and hatred against him, even after the conclusion of his mandate. Israel did not dare accuse the Australian expert of being anti-Semitic, because of his prestige and integrity –and his Jewish origin. That is why Israel’s anger knew no limits. He was expelled from its airports, he was forbidden from undertaking the follow-up visits foreseen in his missions. Have they not done the same thing to the prestigious Jewish lawyer Felicia Langer?…

They recently opposed the Canadian juror William Schabas, and exerted every type of pressures, blackmail and threats against him since he was named Chairman of the Commission that investigates the massacres committed during the military operation known as Protective Wall. His resignation will not change the essence and the contents of the report that had already been submitted, and no one will believe Netanyahu’s arguments, which refer to Schabas allegedly being “biased against Israel.” The Canadian juror displayed the serious threats that he received when –after his resignation— Netanyahu tried to have the report annulled. Goldstone had previously recommended: Israel must commit itself to collaborate with the Commission and its Chairperson from a legal point of view,” since they represent the international legal viewpoint. On the other hand, Schabas pointed out: “The accumulation of evidences about the most recent war against the Gaza Strip came to its end,” and “the opposition against him will not have an influence on the results of the investigation.”

The State of Israel enjoys exceptionalities ever since its foundation and its incorporation to the international organization, because its membership is conditioned to the fulfilment of Resolution 181 (The right of the Palestinian people to an independent state) and Resolution 194 (The right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes inside the territories occupied in 1948). It is the only state in the world whose membership in the UN is conditioned to the acceptance of given resolutions. Therefore, its presence is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations. The critical violations of international law that supports human rights demand the achievement of justice and accountability, compliance with the 4th Geneva Convention … All this is just a sample, because the narrative of facts and documents can go on endlessly, without mentioning the deterioration of its strength and of its international position … to understand its hysteria ... when it will find itself further down the road to isolation. Until when will the USA continue to play the role of the defender of the Devil?

Q7- On January 5 of this year, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) issued a Joint Statement of an enormous importance, through which they offer their view and their analysis concerning the urgent tasks with respect to the difficult situation endured by the population of the Gaza Strip. At the same time, both fronts determine their positions vis-à-vis the issue of the unity of Palestinian detachments and a strategic agenda of action at an international level … What does this position being taken by the Palestinian left mean? And how do you pretend to push forward those proposals?

In principle, and this goes without saying –as you well know— the democratic Palestinian left, and the Democratic Front in particular, have presented their national political initiatives in the light of every key moment of the Palestinian revolution. Thanks to the stubborn and patient struggles, those initiatives become a Palestinian national position. The Joint Statement issued by the Democratic and the Popular Fronts expounds on the details of the National General Program adopted by the Democratic Front and aimed at mobilizing the maximum amount of forces in order to confront occupation, aggression, and the siege that has been imposed; and, at the same time, on the other hand, to put an end to the division that so much damage has caused to the Palestinian cause. Our program continues attentive of all the details in the case of the Gaza Strip, when analyzing the details of the problems and the crisis in Gaza, without forgetting the General National Project and the necessary mobilization of forces around it, starting out by the details of a socio-economic and legal nature. We give our confidence on the pressure that might be exerted by the people on the two poles of division, and we call for the constitution of a High National Commission for Reconstruction –integrated by the ministries, the national forces and the institutions of civil society— that would take responsibility for implementing the reconstruction project and for removing it from the bilateral stop-go dispute between the two poles of the division.

The Fronts –the Democratic and the Popular Fronts— argue with equal insistence on the need to take the initial steps towards the creation of the “United Front of National Resistance” with a joint General Staff and a unified political reference, empowered to make decisions about war and peace, as well as to reactivate the unified Palestinian delegation to the indirect negotiations with Israel in order to achieve the analysis of the pending matters.

Q8- From the Joint Statement I quote: “In the light of the failure of Al-Fatah and Hamas in reaching a bilateral solution to division, the Democratic and Popular Fronts call for the holding of a serious and responsible national dialogue through the National High Command of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO)”. In your view, which are the steps that should be taken immediately in order to attain the “desired and necessary unity among the different Palestinian forces”?

That phrase appears in the political part of the statement, and in every one of its six points, and particularly the fourth and the fifth. Those points are drafted in the following way:

The Fronts welcome the signature of the statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a step taken after two years of delay, and it amounts to the implementation of the national will, or the unanimous national position. The Fronts affirm that the value of this step is dependent on its activation, in order to request that the occupation and the enemy leaders be taken to trial, and to have them condemned for their crimes against humanity, committed by them against our people. The Fronts made a call to counter Israeli piracy in the form of freezing the funds of the tax system, by annulling all cooperation in the field of security, the reactivation of the Paris Economic Agreement and the implementation of the total boycott on all Israeli products.

The Fronts call for the constitution of a Specialized National Committee, able to pursue the project of adhering to international organizations, and to empower it far from sectarian and unilateral decisions.

They caution about the serious consequences of posing the project again in the Security Council, which is beneath the Palestinian national rights and constants; and they request that it be returned to the PLO Executive Committee with a view to formulate a new project with a view to put an end to occupation, based on the recognition by the UN of the State of Palestine and its borders prior to June 4, 1967, and East Jerusalem as its capital; and to secure a final solution to the problem of refugees in accordance with Resolution 194. They reject, in a definite way, a return to the useless negotiations based on the old formula.

To put a stop to the marginalization of the legitimate Palestinian institutions and to the obnoxious policy of acting in a unilateral way, rehabilitating the Palestinian legality of Palestinian law through the periodical activation of the Executive Committee, the Central Council and the Provisional Command (the instance in charge of reactivating and developing the PLO).

In the light of the popular awakening, of the political options and of the failure of Al-Fatah and Hamas to arrive at a bilateral arrangement on the matter of the existing division, the Fronts argue in favor of a serious and responsible national dialogue through the High Command of the PLO in order to eliminate the stumbling blocks and to liquidate the destructive division, to put in practice the clauses of the Global National Agreement of 4/5/2011, and to agree an alternative national strategy that would combine the political work with resistance.

To disseminate the phenomenon of the Committees for the Defense of the Land and to confront the colonization in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the isolating siege on Gaza.

In the framework of the reevaluation of the past experience, the Fronts reiterate their call for the most comprehensive mobilization of forces and for transforming the democratic, peaceful and national popular pressure into a path to exit such crises. They further call on the sectors affected by the aggression and the blockade to organize themselves and to mobilize in defense of their interests and their causes.

Q9- In the recent stage we are witnessing an enormous interest on the part of various forces and states in tracing a new map of the Middle East and even in tracing new borders. In your opinion, what repercussions does this have on the Palestinian cause, on the regional confrontation and the stubborn foreign interference in the region?

The present-day developments in the Middle East give “priority to the war of the International-Regional Coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Daesh) and brothers”. This situation pushed our cause to a spot “in the shadows,” on “the back stage,” with all that it entails concerning Israeli banditry, colonial expansionism and Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and on the West Bank of the Jordan River (West Bank), overlooking the right of Palestinians to self-determination, the establishment of the State of Palestine and the return of refugees to their homes, and, of course, to prevent the reestablishment in the Middle East of a sort of peace based on International Law.

Such a question can be asked in a different way that might lead us to the present-day international situation, as a comprehensive globalized feature not only of the Middle East, but also all the other hotspots in the world, particularly if we were to exclude the very particular situation being experienced in the Middle East and which is –in either a positive or a negative way— used to serve those developments, given the polarized world confrontation.

In historical conclusions, whether they are ancient or modern, we can observe this phenomenon very clearly, and, in a peculiar way, in the Middle East, in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, which is the key bridge between the continents and the forced path between seas and oceans. To compound the geographic fatalism, this area is saturated with the major energy resources (gas and oil), to the extent that the last cup of fossil crude oil of the whole world will come out of this region, apart from the fact that this is the area of energy connections and pipeline itineraries with their respective ports to the East and West.

In the ancient causes –geo-political location— as well as in the modern ones –energy sources— we understand this space of wars, instabilities, bloody or soft interventions in modern history, when the USA occupied Iraq in order to inaugurate the leadership of its former unipolar empire at a world level, in 2003. In the course of history, the geographical location of the Middle East has been the cause and the motif that has been contemplated in imperial projects ever since Alexander of Macedonia and up to the Roman Empire, etc …

We are experiencing shifts, transition processes from a unipolar world –the unipolar world of the USA— to another democratic multipolar world headed by Russia, China, India and the BRICS group. Nevertheless, this change will be neither comfortable nor exempt of shocks, most of all after the successive failures of the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia, in the Caucasus area. Moreover, we can reach the conclusion that, after the 2nd World War, all of the military campaigns waged by the USA have failed in every military, political and strategic parameter (the Vietnam war, Indochina, the Korean peninsula, the blockade against Cuba, etc ...) Those have been wars that affected its positions and prestige as a great power, and its role in the international arena, and they only left in balance a greater degree of hatred accumulated among the peoples of the world, and of the Third World in particular, against the USA, witnessing the desperate use of an excess of force to submit them and to impose its hegemony and to deprive them of their will. The USA have been consecrated to protect and provide a haven for totalitarian governments and to conspire against patriotic governments, which are against their exploitation and their policies. People still have fresh in their memories the US interventionism throughout a period in Latin America, that they sarcastically call their “back yard,” boasting either with its interventions, either direct interventions or by proxy, such as the one that took place in Chile to remove Allende’s democratic government in Santiago de Chile.

All these wars took place under the motto “Pax Americana,” or the untrue slogans such as “democracy” and “human rights;” catastrophic war beyond international law, that left behind inconceivable destruction for people as well as for nature, millions of deaths, devastation of entire nations and their division. All these wars took place in the framework of the term genocide and the Geneva Conventions, as well as International Law, are applicable to them.

For instance, in its war against the Philippines, over one million and a half civilians were exterminated (1899-1902). In the course of the Korean War, North American troops killed hundreds of thousands Koreans, North Koreans as well as South Koreans. The balance of fatal casualties in the war in Vietnam goes from four to five million, without counting the dozens massacres and the cities and entire villages and extensive areas of woodland erased from the face of the earth with defoliating pesticides. We might also mention the two atomic bombs dropped in the course of World War 2 over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to make Japan surrender. Those actions cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese, and the malformations before birth due to radioactivity continue to appear to this very day.

Whoever would undertake a deeper research would undoubtedly discover many secret wars or wars by proxy, until 1999, with the war against Yugoslavia and its division, and then the war against Afghanistan, where –after 13 years— the North American and Atlantic troops withdrew (2014). The invasion of Iraq in 2003, to withdraw ten years later. These were all wars waged beyond the international legal frameworks and they were justified with gross and false pretexts, such as “the struggle against terrorism,” that they created themselves. These were wars that aimed at “the elimination of weapons of mass destruction” and “the dissemination of democracy and freedom,” but after their withdrawal, they only left –in Afghanistan and Iraq— terrorism and plunder, sowing discord and fratricidal wars, wars of a confessional nature that opened the way for the disarticulation of those countries. They withdrew without having achieved victory in the correct military and strategic sense that they pretended. Those wars cost thousands of deaths among their ranks, and material losses of astronomical figures that are counted in trillions of dollars. Those were wars of an extraordinary cost in every sense and which had enormous domestic repercussions that led to the monetary crisis (2008), without calculating the enormous destruction and devastation of those countries.

The USA and their NATO allies have done the same in Libya, leaving the country in ruins and victim of the militia and of inter-tribal struggles, thus becoming a failed state and a fertile terrain for Takfiri (religious exclusion) terrorism in every savage dimension.

Experts and ideologists of “The Wars of Civilizations” proclaim a principle: “Wherever the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda is to be found, later on North American troops will be present”. We see this today in the Great Sahara, in Niger, where the USA competes with France for the control of uranium and the incorporation of “the followers of the Sharia and the Sunna in the Maghreb” to “Boko Haram” South of the Sahara, but we must never forget that “Al-Qaeda” is the prodigal son engendered by the USA intelligence services for decades, and carrying their genes, they are always the prologue of North American wars against peoples, the results of which are visible, and all in the name of “liberty, democracy and human rights,” going down the slippery North American ramp…

Daesh (Islamic State) and the mandate of Bush Jr.

The most horrible images related to the promotion of wars within Arab societies are displayed nowadays for the world to see, the dissemination of the terrorist plague, Takfiri; the plans to partition societies with the pretext of changing the regimes, in hotspots that affected everything that was linked to human civilization and to the universal heritage. In the climax of pre-elaborated plans, they are destroying the reasons for living. In our dissertation we will not go far, since in all of these organizations, irrespective of the names, members graduated from the same school, the community of “militarizing the US foreign policy,” in other words, to prepare and heat up the political terrain of the war offensive abroad, an offensive that knows no boundaries, and within the framework of “justifying” the right to intervene by every possible way.

The leader of the hawks and their major inspiration in the North American Administration, Michael Ledeen (outstanding and acknowledged personality of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and one of the major ideologists of the “national security strategy” during the mandate of Bush Jr.) and his followers are concentrated in the Pentagon, and gained a greater weight with the arrival of Bush to power and his moving into the White House. He has followers and pupils in the Washington Institute, and some of his adepts still hold positions in the Administration of Barack Obama, who, in relation to terrorism, adopted some of their ideas and some of the practices of his predecessor, above all in things related to terrorist groups, and continued “the signing of agreements with the International Muslim Brotherhood”.

Ledeen was described by his colleagues as a very biased person in favor of the ideology of world Zionism. And, as the saying goes: “Tell me who you go around with, and I will tell you who you are.” Among those he goes around with we know, for instance, Richard Perle, nicknamed the Lord of the Shadows… by anyone who recalls his role in Iraq. Douglas Fieth and Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, and Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Condoleezza Rice, John Bolton, former US representative to the UN during the mandate of Bush, Jr., when, speaking for his own behalf, he requested the elimination of the UN, because Washington substitutes it … and many others. They all have a finger in the same pie that unites them: Israel; and another finger, equally as far, in the so-called “Just Wars.” They are the mouthpieces for militarizing foreign policy. Their ideas are summarized in a text written by Ledeen about what he calls “Creative Destruction,” a term applied to the destruction of Arab societies from within, and he finished by stating: “This, we do in an automatic way.” They insist on the idea that “it is high time to export the democratic revolution.” With this, you can see that the goal to achieve is to destroy and divide societies and to re-establish them on new bases and within new borders. “The essence of human history is violence,” they say, and the USA should proceed accordingly with respect to this principle: “The dissemination of –the North American brand of— democracy through the use of violence.” They call for the implementation of this policy in the Middle East, starting out from the idea that the Total War in the region will promote the subjective as well as objective changes that are not limited to political and economic shifts, but rather encompass the idiosyncrasy, the traditions and the cultural identity of those Arab societies.

From this, we understand why the USA committed crimes and killings against the heritage and history in Mesopotamia, the planned plunder of libraries, the anticipated destruction of museums, the arson inflicted on Dar Al-Hikma (The House of Wisdom), historic archives. Chaos is the “proper” means for the reproduction of the amebiasis of terrorism and its sequels in Iraq. The person who used the term “Creative Chaos” was Condoleezza Rice –Secretary of State under the presidency of Bush, Jr. — and this term was publicized, most of all, in the midst of the failed Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006, requested and given a green light by the USA, and at the very moment when tanks and fighter-bombers were starting their engines, Rice said: “These are the pains of the delivery of the new Middle East.” Nevertheless, North American experts argue that the USA had their plans for the destruction of Iraq, but nothing covering the later stage, not even a strategy for reconstruction and the re-establishment of a democratic state …

However, is this not precisely what the spokesperson of Daesh is repeating, on behalf of the “Caliphate and the Caliph,” when declaring: “Firstly, we destroy, and later on we rebuild”?

Every terrorist organization engendered from the same uterus acts in the same way, even if the way of classifying and the names differ. They are fabricated by the same incubator. If Washington did not include them in the list of “terrorist” organizations or “moderate” organizations, it is because they comply with the norms of its terrorism and what has been traced for them, because they know that they cannot confront the whole world, and for preventing that the sources of support could suffer any type of atrophy or be lost, nor that they might earn the unfriendliness of their own founder.

The intransigence displayed by Daesh is the closest thing to the “Zionist brainwash,” and “the clash and terrorizing,” thus providing us daily with evidence for its condemnation, when they cut throats and dismember people before the eyes of the whole world, or even when they burn alive the Jordanian pilot Muaz Kasasaba as an unforgivable crime against humanity, and to display the execution in Hollywood style is nothing less than a proof of savagery and of belittling every human value as well as the norms that they pretend to implement. Such a type of organization has moved to the margin of history and of its course. The world is immersing in a constant and accelerated change. No one can survive when trying to be isolated from the international community. The isolation of a state, in our times, is a factor that is more than enough for its demise and failure, instead of making progress and surviving. These organizations are a passing phenomenon, as a summer cloud, because the role for which they were created is a passing and provisional role. The role that they are playing looks rather like the scene of “the wedding of the donkey” in the novel of Al-Taher Wattar.

Q10- The so-called Islamic State and terrorism that remains open in this area? The North American strategy… “Daesh and its brothers”… “The war against terrorism ... the role of Turkey … and “Israel”... religion and politics ….!

How can the North American strategy of fighting against terrorism (!!) be justified and “understood,” when it is a selective policy? “Terrorism is terrorism” by definition, in concept, in function and in practice. Terrorism cannot be fought without going to the roots, without drying out its sources and its financing, when a “comprehensive alliance” is employed, limited to bombings that might last three years, according to Obama. The North American decisions are selective, since “Daesh” is one organization among dozens others, and, together with its brothers, is engendered from the same origin, is born in the same way, they follow the same methodology and one same ideology and organization. They only stand out from each other by the fact that they are called by different names, according to the branches. Therefore, why should terrorism be limited to Daesh, when the other organizations do as they please in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, as well as in Egypt and in the Arab Maghreb? Its provisions are facilitated by the countries that border Syria, in order to direct them towards Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Somalia and the South of the Great Sahara in Africa, and in Libya, which is a hostage of terrorism...

“The International Alliance” has neither a clear program nor a clear strategy, and its attitude vis-à-vis Daesh is no more than an “attempt to reduce it and to file down its claws,” instead of elaborating a strategy of clear enough objectives, starting out by forcing their NATO ally –and I am referring to Turkey— to close down its borders with Syria in the light of “the caravans” of terrorists and the flux of mercenaries coming from all over the world, since “the beast” broke out of the corral (in other words, they lost control of it) in spite of the umbrella that Resolution 2170 of the Security Council provides for Washington’s military maneuvers, with a view to confront Daesh and its followers, twin brothers and colleagues from terrorist organizations. This Security Council Resolution, passed under the auspices of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, requires the existence of serious mechanisms of consultation and coordination between the states that decide to confront terrorism, and which decide to participate through the Security Council.

The Daeshist style of extermination and eviction, such as occurred in Raqqa, and the massacres against Armenians in Kassab, in Syria, in the plains of Nineveh and Mosul in Iraq, totally coincides with the one exhibited by the Zionist invasion of Palestine, in the course of which killings are committed in order to terrorize the population, to evict them and to occupy the lands thus emptied of their native population. Those are the methods of terrorist Zionist organizations such as Stern and Haganah, put in practice in the villages of Palestine in order to force their population into exile. In this context, we cannot overlook the terror films that Daesh manufactures, the dissemination of which is not forbidden by the North American strategy through the satellite channels, and which the very own media of the US are the first in broadcasting … scenes that the laws of information dissemination ban for humanitarian reasons … blood, that occupied a leading role in the media and in its videogames, and the “Server of Daesh” that airs those movies is registered in the USA.

The Turkey of Erdogan ... and Daesh

The defeat of Daesh in the city of “Ein Al-Arab / Kobani” is considered as a defeat for Erdogan himself, who –when this small Syrian urban concentration very close to the Turkish border was under siege— was unable to hide what was crossing his mind. “We do not wish a repetition of the situation in the North of Iraq … this entity will be a big source of problems in the future.” The killings inflicted on the Armenians in Kassab, Syria, are also messages of Erdogan directed at terrorism, executed by the hands of terrorism, and the continuation of the Turkish killings against Armenians that were committed in 1914.

In the case of Kurds in Syria, there never where claims –coming from the Kurds of Syria— to form a Kurdish state in the north of that Arab country or a political entity. There never were any statements or expressions in this sense. Turkish fears are, therefore, no more than aspirations to a new Ottoman role of the Turkey of Anatolia, of the Muslim Brothers. This allows us to understand why it was that Erdogan did not permit the Kurds of Turkey to defend their brothers in Ein Al-Arab – Kobani, as well as why he rejected the North American and Western calls to provide support for that city. His hope was that Daesh would commit a great massacre, and thus to break the backbone of Kurds, while the beasts of Daesh completed the siege around the city and their troops were on the verge of taking the entire city with an attack coming from the North.

The victory of “Ein Al-Arab / Kobani” meant a hard blow against Erdogan and his dreams, because the resistance and firmness of the city during four months, the heroism of young Kurdish women, the decision of the young Kurds teach us that, with modest resources, Daesh can be overthrown, and its attempts at creating a myth, its savagery and barbarity can be ridiculed. This symbolism is quite the contrary of the Hollywood-style scenes that are destined to place Daesh in a position of invincibility with the “brainwashing” through bloody videogames. We do not forget Erdogan, when he called “terrorists” the defenders of the city (¡!) ... as if “Daesh was not terrorist”.

Such ideas became manifest after the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Mosul, and the mass media of the USA repeated them. It does not have a future, and today we witness his impotence, when the society has become aware of the danger that it entails, due to the massacres committed in the Valley of Nineveh, against Christians, Yazidies and followers of other Muslim religious sects, with all that it proclaims as Islamist. They spared no one among those that did not follow them or their “Caliph.”

In short, the plan of proceeding to a regional partition is condemned to fail, in spite of the coincidence in goals among the successive North American administrations, and its Zionist instrument, and of the way that they take advantage of all the weak spots of Arab societies in order to achieve it. This region is characterized by the multi-cultural national presence, and this way they try to forget that this the region of the world that has the greatest cultural concord and diversity, and that this ethno-cultural mosaic can be a phenomenon of beauty because of its diversity, and a source of strength in the state of the citizenship and equality before the law and the Constitution..

What they pretend to achieve is the division of the Arab Crescent, on these bases, so that the Zionist pocket can grow. In 1981, in a conference in Israel that was similar to today’s Conference of Herzliya, this theory was put forth. The first speaker who explained his ideas in this sense was Ariel Sharon, and the “Theory of Fragmentation” was approved unanimously. Previously, it was discussed by Brzezinski in his book published in 1977, Between Two Eras, when he claimed for the building of a “New Middle East” made up of ethnic, racial, confessional and community cantons.

The terrorist organizations caused confusion, so that no borderlines can be traced between those who really seek a democratic reform, national dignity, modernization of the fatherland, citizens’ equality and social justice; and, on the other hand, the Arab tragedy that spills blood and disseminates destruction. It was with this aim that the mercenary nature of the terrorist organizations –that act in the circle of fire, death and destruction, precisely in the vicious circle of “creative destruction”— first saw the light.

“The Muslim Brotherhood … and the United States of America”

Complete truths are awaiting to be revealed, in spite of the fact that the scenario is not yet completely formed. Every passing day new and varied questions emerge. The Egyptian popular masses disarticulated the links between “the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood” and the calculations of the North American empire. It is fair to ask how it is that they have seen the light after the Revolution of January 25, when the terrain had been prepared since years before for its arrival to power … and how Washington helped to unleash the reins of Islamic fundamentalism. Robert Dreyfuss, a man of the North American intelligence answers this question for us in his book The Play of the Devil, when recounting how the White House hosted, in the course of the 1950s, several delegations of the MB, and in the first place, the son-in-law of Hassan Al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). Ever since, Islam and its disciplines have been manipulated, after Washington discovered in them a comfortable partner for all the stages of the Cold War; from the construction of the North American empire and its rise in the Middle East, together with the beginning of its entry into the region and its expansion there, and the replacement of British bases for its own bases.

Since the 1950s and its sequels in the 1960s, the return to Egypt in the 1970s, including the assassination of Sadat –which returned them back from exile in October 1981—, the appearance of the waves of terrorism in the 1990s, until the signature of an official agreement with Washington in 2002. This accord in the tripartite relationship in 2012 was evident in the answers provided by Morsi, when the Egyptian army demanded his resignation, that he relinquishes power, etc: … “The USA will not allow you!” In the 2002 Agreement, Martin Endick is one of the parties, and the agreement is essentially not North American, but Israeli by proxy, in other words, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt respects the Camp David Agreements when it comes to power. This is precisely what facilitated the fact that the MB in Iraq integrated the government constituted by the North American Governor, Bremer, after the invasion of 2003. An agreement of programmatic collaboration in every sphere was also signed. This way, the early agreement with the MB of Egypt simplified things for its Iraqi sister vis-à-vis the North American Governor.

There are more and more evidences all the time about developments after Camp David and the interest in preserving the status of Egyptian-Israeli relations, as well as the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and the USA, details that require many written texts.

Summing up, the intention is to mix religion with politics and to fuse them by methods that might be called “regionalization of politics … and politization of religion,” in order to transform this into a political project. Thus, religion moves away from the role that corresponds to it, and turns into an instrument at the service of interests of given persons and groups, in a total contradiction with respect to the spirit of religion as the cultural glue of societies that profess and practice their beliefs in a freeway and in accordance with the divine teachings. The most serious aspect of this case is when religion is treated as the political project of a confession or community, and then the others are reduced and pushed to the margins and excluded from religion (using the method of Takfir, that is, accusing them of being atheists). That is the way in which the Nation experiences a rupture of its unity, and it is pushed to the abyss from logic of exclusion, causing social divisions that are obnoxious for the common national factor. It was in 1928 when religion began to be introduced, forcibly, into politics, at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and it began to be transformed into a means of terror, coupling with intrusive ideas that are alien to religion and have no link whatsoever with it, due to its political pragmatism, and to empty it from the values that it represents.

The second decade of the 20th Century registers the initiation of the struggle between two currents: the first, the national democratic current, and the second: the so-called “Political Islam,” when religion began to be burdened with party and organizational contents, on the basis of the slogan “Islam is the Solution,” and on the idea that religion should be the touchstone of the state.

Nevertheless, nationalism is the common unifying factor capable of overlooking the fictitious division imposed by British-French colonialism, and if its programs are accepted, it might constitute a civilized common denominator of the people and of the Nation and perform, owing to its capacities, the role of a great and important force in the international arena and at the level of humanity, thus being capable of continuing as a united and unique entity starting out from the human possibilities, the cultural diversity and the wealth. With the fictitious division, on the other hand, the nation dismembers, because the projects of division and of a greater fragmentation have been implemented and have crystalized (dividing what has already been divided), instead of the unifying, fortifying and unionist factor. Is this not the reason why terrorism is practiced against the Egypt of the people, the Egypt of the Revolution of January 25, 2011, and the Revolution of June 30, 2013...? It is not for being the Arab locomotive! The objective is rather to disarticulate Egypt, beginning by dividing the Arabs according to beliefs, confessions, ethnic groups … and this is what we clearly see in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen …

Consequently with respect to the Arab panorama, characterized by weakness and the minimum regional participation, we return to the starting point; international confrontation for taking a position in the Arab area in the Middle East, which we characterized in our introduction as an important part of the transition process from a unipolar world to another, bipolar and democratic world, by the totalitarian and corrupt regimes of the Arab countries and the Middle East to the uprising and revolutions of the Arab peoples and the programs: the people want “bread, freedom democracy, social justice, the civic-democratic state,” and that they take place in a peaceful and spontaneous way. Developments of the Middle East point in the direction of those changes, by the way of convulsions and struggles, and –in this same context— there emerges the phenomenon of terrorism on levels never seen before. In spite of the deterioration of its position and capabilities, the USA does not renounce its positions, and clings to its already decadent power, rejecting to yield any terrain to the participation of others. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Russia and China, and other regional and international groupings that support them, see the future in a multi-polar, democratic world, based on International Law, Humanitarian and International Law.

From there, we observe the forcefulness of the confrontation on the extreme ends, putting world peace in serious dangers, when a force out of control takes part in the clash, or a direct confrontation takes place between the big powers, as a consequence of the strong and uncontrolled political competition –together with the attempts of isolation and economic pressures that can be detected in more than one corner of the world—, pushes world peace into a very unstable situation that would be susceptible to any error.

We ask ourselves about the position that would be taken by the various poles of Western Europe, if they would want to liberate themselves from the North American domination … towards a multi-polar world…!!

Summing up, the struggle in the Arab countries and the Middle East is the point where the opposite poles converge; between Zionist expansionism on the one hand and, on the other, the national liberation movement and the Palestinian and Arab progress; between the tyrannical and corrupt regimes on the one hand and, on the other, the uprisings and the revolutions for “bread, freedom, representative democracy, the democratic civic state, social justice, citizens’ equality and gender equality,” while the third dimension involves the struggle between the regional-international alliances versus “the politization of religion and the regionalization of politics” in its bloody, savage and destructive form.


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