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Hawatmeh in a dialogue with Palestine satellite channel: “Netanyahu's government is a colonization and expansion government and will not be a government of peace”
June 11, 2015

Palestinian leader Comrade Secretary-General with us in the " Today ‘s file" program and the hot issues, Welcome Mr. Nayef Hawatmeh, Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine ..

How do you look for this stage in which we are living all in light of the Israeli escalation, and with the coming of the fourth government of Netanyahu in which he is heading a government where the head of it is the extreme right?

The current government is the most extreme of the previous governments, made up of aggressive and expansive coalition of right-wing and extreme right-wing, , working for more Judaization and Israelization of occupied Jerusalem 67, that mean working on settlement expansion, to more than a million settlers during the next two years in the West Bank and thus transform Jerusalem and the West Bank to a set of separate islands from each other, in order to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 67 and Arab Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to return to their homes according to UN Resolution 194.

The Netanyahu government will not be a government of peace and the coalition of PLO is representing all Palestinian ,so we expect more of the invasion and colonial settlement operations ... So we have to set our mind and get back to the International Criminal Court.

As for the Israeli escalation, the Israeli well-defined programmed plans, what is required from your point of view?

First, what is required at this stage:

*Is to be united, to accelerate the pace to bring down the division by a series of practical steps in accordance with 4 May 2011 agreement signed all factions, so dropping the division to be secured first to face the aggressive unified right and extreme right.

*The current ploys and maneuvers which keep the division and the media heavy bickering between the two sides must be stopped and to go to a national dialogue to put all the executive mechanisms to bring down the division.

Second: Going back to the United Nations and to sign more than 30 agreements we have not signed yet, especially institutions of the United Nations.

Third: To set our mind and to go to the International Criminal Court and with us the file of settlements ,Judaization and Israelization in Jerusalem and the Palestinian West Bank, and the file of the bloody and brutal war and the blockade on the Gaza Strip, and the file of prisoners .., arrests and assassinations that do not stop.

With the invitation to President Abbas to the Davos conference to determine the period of time for an agreement with Israel ends the occupation, do you think that the international community will take a serious clear position about the occupation that prolonged days after days unsanctioned?

This call requires going back to the United Nations, and to work by the decisions of the Central Council of the PLO that we have taken unanimously, and calling of the five permanent members of the Security Council to supervise on the political process and the negotiating process on the basis of the reference of the resolutions of international legitimacy, and in the framework of the international peace conference ,and the American solo bias for the Israeli policies-which does not take balanced positions between us and "Israel"- oblige us that the US unilateralism should be finished and replaced by the supervision of the five permanent members of the Security Council, and at the same time :

*The International Criminal Court does its work to stop the Judaization and Israelization and settlements.

*Halting the security coordination with the occupation and its state

*Disengagement of the Palestinian economy from the wheel of the Israeli economy.

At the internal local level and despite that Israel is responsible for the resulted conditions in the inside and outside Palestine, but there are significant tasks dumped on us as Palestinians, reconstruction operations have not been done despite all the explicit and clear promises, but on the ground Gaza is destructed and the Government of national reconciliation did not take its role , what do you think is required to rescue our people , our women and daughters in the Gaza Strip, despite all this period against the recent aggression?

In a report for the representative of the United Nations, mentions that the unemployment rate in Gaza exceeding 60% and the unemployment rate among young people 22-24 years exceeding 40%, and the case of huge destruction and the full blockade , all this means that we must provide this in the file to the International Criminal Court, and the International Court of Justice, and to move to the United Nations to take new decisions, which provides an international framework based on the internationalization of the Palestinian rights in practice.

Now this step must be completed in two lines:

The first: the United Nations as we mentioned.

The second line: the completion of our membership in all United Nations organizations, including going to the International Criminal Court immediately to put these files.

This proposal is very important and we all support it, but the interior main problem now is the failure of the national unity government to do its duties, how can we talk with the international organizations ,and we ourselves are divided ,and this unfortunately defective?

My brother, the consensus government since the moment it was formed, and as that formed them, I have announced at that moment that this government will not be able to do anything because it is not a comprehensive national consensus government, so I said this formula cannot move forward, we appreciate its presence as it ended the existence of two formats, a formula for the authority government in the West Bank, and the formula of Hamas government in Gaza, and single government was formed but on a bilateral base and not on a comprehensive national base, so I call the government immediately to go to a meeting of the Supreme Steering Committee to put a practical programming and scheduling for each of the five pending issues since the division till now, so the government to be able to amend the building a wide coalition for it or the formation of a comprehensive government to give its confidence and its weight fully to the government of the national consensus to implement all what is required and bring down the division and the restoration national unification, and after this we go back to the people with legislative and presidential elections for all each Authority institutions and the PLO on the basis of national partnerships and not bi- partnerships.

Are there any efforts that have been made internationally, specifically with the European Union for the negotiations with Israel, do you expect the success of these negotiations, or is there a number of Palestinian conditions that cannot be bypassed in any way in any settlement or negotiating formula?

EU is an advanced state for its positions, but not united about it, and it has a willingness to actively contribute to convene an international conference to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under international supervision, but at the same time; the French ideas to submit a new project did not reach the level of considering the international legitimacy resolutions.

The European Union cannot submit a draft without the consent of the US administration, so what is needed for Palestinians:

* Is the implementation of the Central Council resolutions

* going back to the United Nations

* Ending the division

* building a unified government, able to work.

In conclusion: Comrade Nayef Hawatmeh, thank you for being with us on our screen.


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