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Hawatmeh: The Israeli bloody escalative actions tell that the Israeli situation is trapped on the corner before the developing situation of our people and its unity with the land
December 22, 2014

Q: The solidarity day (Nov 29) with the Palestinian people comes accompanied with the continuous Israeli escalation which hasn’t stopped and which gives the settlers all what they need, what do you comment on this?

A: “All the Israeli bloody escalative actions tell that the Israeli situation is trapped on the corner before the developing situation of our people and its unity with the land against the Israeli aggression with all its racist laws.

“Even in the ranks of the international public opinion and the parliaments of Europe which continue to recognize the state of Palestine, under the occupation (on the borders of 1967, East Jerusalem is the capital and the right of return for refugees according to the resolution 194). All this make 2014 the year of solidarity with Palestinian people (international – regional – Middle East solidarity) and it is the year of developing of our people’s national role in its defense about its right of self – determination and the establishment of Palestinian state”.

Q: The Israeli cabinet endorsed on “Jewish State Bill “and Netanyahu went after the passage of a bill which allows to strip the IDs and the social rights from our people’s citizens who are accused by Israel with joining unrest, do you think that these decisions maybe exclude the Palestinians from their land and maybe exclude the residents of Jerusalem from their homeland and their town?

A: ”Our people in Jerusalem is in a popular uprising after it felt with depression by the Israeli operations and by the increasing Judaization by Netanyahu and its extremist rightist government .The “ Jewish State Bill “ is top of racial discrimination but Netanyahu’s new bill can’t exclude our Palestinian people from their land and their national identity . In addition our people in Jerusalem consider the Israeli operations against them (destruction of their homes, threating of excluding and displacement) as racist, expansionist, Jewish extremist’s methods and because of these methods they demand their rights by their own way.

“The Jewish State Bill “is cancelling the equality of citizenship and our people’s national rights inside Israel. This bill belongs to apartheid laws and it belongs to oppressive racist laws. Our people by its struggle and by its international, regional and Arab deepness, is able to defeat these Israeli bills“.

Q: There is a meeting for the Arab committee for following up peace initiative in Nov 29 to discuss the Arab supported Palestinian heading to UN Security Council. Do you think that this heading is enough if it is compared to the Israeli escalation? (The daily intrusions into Quds campus, and the assaults of settlers)

A: “All these expansionist actions will be not stopped by extreme right and right wing government of Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu is not a man of peace and he will not move toward any political compromise which approaches to the international legitimacy resolutions.

“He has inclusive and expansive tendencies toward what he calls “Greater Israel“, that means more of Judaization and Israelization in the occupied Arab Jerusalem and more of settlements.

“The purpose of all these actions is the dismemberment of the West Bank and staying in the depths of Jordan along 242Km and all the land passages.

“I say yes for the heading to Security Council but I say the results are known in advance because we need more than 9 votes and till now we haven’t got 9 and even if we got them the American Veto will ban the Security Council from taking any decisions.

“So I call Abbas and the executive committee of PLO to not link between the meeting of security council and its results and between the immediate heading to sign on Rome Statute and joining the international criminal court and 63 international institutions to impose legal and political isolation on Israel and to put Netanyahu government under the daily pressure of international courts for all its aggressive actions (judaization in Jerusalem, expansion of settlements in West Bank , arresting operations , daily killing and oppressing for our people in Jerusalem and blockade on Gaza strip) . All this imposes the need to change the world public opinion to raise the pressure on Netanyahu government and on Israeli public opinion to reach to political solutions depend on international legitimacy resolutions (Nov 29th 2012 resolution) which mentioned:

• The borders of Palestine state with 1967 borders

• The borders of occupied East Jerusalem 1967

• The rights of refugees according to resolution 194”.

Q: The Palestinian situation is complicated and there is no hope for any unity, is not a solid total unity what is needed? Isn’t more work of Palestinian factions and parties what is wanted?

A:”I’ll be honest, the leftist, democratic, liberal and national parties have tried all their best to get rid of divisions and to rebuild the national unity.

“We need a national unity government then the higher committee (PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad) will hold a meeting to agree on the schedules of making elections in executive and legislative institutions of PLO.

“We are people of small population which distributed in more than 50 countries and under a racist occupation so we need a strong unity and we should develop our field work by demonstrations and rallies with many thousands in Gaza and West Bank beside to Jerusalem.”

Notes:This interview with the secretary-general of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Nayef Hawatmeh was carried out on December 8, 2014 for Palestine TV.

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