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Hawatmeh: The Jewish state is part of the liquidation project of the Palestinian cause
By Amman Jumaa
December 17, 2014

The Secretary General of Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine, Nayef Hawatmeh, stressed in an interview with reporters in Amman on December 4, that the Palestinian people is regarding today the historical role of Egypt towards the support of Jerusalem and solving the Palestinian cause in a mass and just way which guarantees the Palestinian rights furthermore supporting the Arab rights.

Hawatmeh added: “we hope that Egypt could put an end for chaos, violence, killing and explosions to be able to do its great role especially that the Egyptian security is a part of the Arab national security“.

Hawatmeh welcomed the declarations of the Egyptian president Sisi in Italy in which he asserted that Egypt is ready to send military forces to the independent Palestine state to provide security and serenity.

Israeli racism

Commenting on the Jewish State Bill, which was passed by the Israeli cabinet before two weeks, Hawatmeh said: “the insisting of the Israeli prime minister on this bill, indicates that he is pushing towards more of racism“.

Hawatmeh pointed that Netanyahu wants to besiege the existing Palestinian community inside Israel and to transform it from a national ethnic group to not national and rightless group of members.

Hawatmeh warned that the Jewish State Bill is a discrimination in favor of the Jewish Israelis at the expense of the Arab Palestinians who form 21% of the total population of Israel and this bill aims to direct pressure on the Palestinian people especially on the PA to force it to recognize the Jewish state.

Hawatmeh pointed that when Israel was established in 1948 Palestinians remained in 17% of land and their number was 170 thousand but now their number is 1.5 million.

He pointed also that the unjust resolution of partition gave Israel 55% from the mandatory land of Palestine versus 45% for Palestinians. However, Israel violated the UN resolution in less than a year (from Nov 47 to May 48) and it confiscated 77% from the historical land of Palestine with 23% only for the Palestinian people.

Hawatmeh added: “the Palestinian people in 48 lands has got only 4% from the land since 1976 till now and it hasn’t got any Arab city or village and the destruction still continuous”, pointing that Land Day became a full Palestinian day and an Arab day where Arab peoples celebrate it under the resolution of Arab League Council and it also became an International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Hawatmeh stressed the refusal of DFLP on the “Jewish State Bill “pointing at the same time that all the Arab states refuse this bill.

Arab States and Palestine

In the evaluation to the status quo of Arabs about supporting the Palestinian issue, Hawatmeh replied that the Arab states are very busy with the events which occurred in many regional states and also busy with other problems connected to extremist political Islam represented by ISIS and its partners. He clarified that many Arab states set ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and dozens of armed organizations in the terrorist list because the same extremist political Islam does not care for Israel nor the fate of Jerusalem nor the rights of Arab and Islamic people.

Hawatmeh pointed that: all these concerns made many efforts of the Arab states turned to interior problems instead of gathering the Arab potentials to solve the Palestinian Issue as it is a just cause for a brother people, and he said: “it is sad to say that the Arab and Islamic solidarities are almost completely absent in any role concerning to Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian lands”.

The road of the Palestinian state

When he asked about how the independent Palestinian state (on the borders before June 4th 1967) with its capital in East Jerusalem will be established under the continuation of settlement and judaization, Hawatmeh replied: ”the current expansion operations in East Jerusalem and West Bank aim to fully prevent the establishment of connected live Palestine state which completely contradicts with the international legitimacy resolutions , the Arab summit and the continental summit; with the UN general assembly resolution on November29, 2012 which recognized the Palestinian state (on borders before June 4th 1967) and its capital is the occupied East Jerusalem and the right of return for the refugees to their properties and homeland according to resolution 194”.

Hawatmeh conclude: ”the Israeli governments realize very well that there are more than 4 million Palestinians in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip and they should have their independent state according to the international legitimacy resolutions”.

He warned that Israel plans for a project to get rid of the Palestinian cause and to bar the establishment of an independent state through the expansion aggressive facto policy in Jerusalem and West Bank and to make the responsibility of Gaza rests with Egypt and the remained lands in West Bank to be added to Jordan if it approved. He insisted that the political settlement based on a comprehensive peace necessarily requires the withdrawal of the occupier from all occupied Palestinian lands in 1967, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Lebanese Shibaa farms.

Source: alhourriah.org

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