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Nayef Hawatmeh answers the questions from Novesti - Croatia News Agency
April 16, 2013

Question 1: What is the impact of UN recognition of Palestine as an observer state to the Palestinian people? How will the situation change towards a Palestinian state and a lasting peace?

Israel's prime minister said: The (recognition) will not change reality, and the Palestinian journalist Ali Abu Taima official owner of the Electronic Intifada page said: it is like the cheap who won an international football game, but without results...

We have begun a new phase where the time has come for Palestine to speak its pain itself to the world and to the nations of the world, while it is kicking the shackles of the worst kind of occupation apartheid. This decision has been delayed for decades and we do not want to list the historical events and turns that our cause have witnessed until the attempts to liquidate it .The decision ignites the embers of the popular resistance and the struggle to achieve independence that will not be extinguished until it achieves its objectives ... Meaning towards a third intifada for a nation under occupation, to accomplish the Inalienable Rights, according to the legitimate international resolutions which constitute a large folder on the roots of this issue.

This means that the Palestinian history is now moving forward, the General Assembly Resolution 491 "to recognize the state of Palestine on the borders of June 4, 1967 where its capital is Jerusalem," is a political victory and an international , a legal and a historical reality and without amplification. The latter is considered a part of the grand victories as it has been even confirmed by Israeli analysts and by data from reactions from Israeli officials, especially since the American – Zionist pressure was at a global level. This was accompanied by Arab "advice" and Washington has practiced its political pressure and threats, as it was also practiced by" Israel "on the field, through different means. The Palestinian will deserves respect as it is resolving the issue of the Palestinian land and the Palestinian rights, in the context of the "Palestine State" and Israel the " Isolated Occupation ", from a Palestinian entity into a State, and from an occupied land to an occupied state, A "State" under occupation; where a country occupies another one according to the references of legitimate international resolutions. Therefore, reaching a transition from bilateral negotiations "under the auspices of a biased America which has double standards" to a State that is recognized by the world and holds a number in a series that fall under the banner of the United Nations, besieging and isolating politically the occupying country to legally recognize the land of Palestine on the borders of June 4, 1967 under occupation and not "a disputed land "by the results of the UN vote.

History and figures were destined to be legible as Resolution No. (491) from left to right, and from right to left to raise the Palestinian memory with Resolution No. (194), so the uprooting, displacement, and asylum is the responsibility of this world, as well as of the "occupation without costs" for "disputed territories", to a brutal occupation. What is required is to put an end to it , and furthermore , the think tanks and futuristic institutes; including "The Washington Institute", where "Satloff" had already noticed in advance the Palestinian division, He said that Gaza was taken from Egypt, and that the Egyptian border was identified at Camp David, between Egypt and "Israel". And if the Gaza Strip was to be returned, then it would be considered that "Israel" had not taken it from the Palestinians, and that Egypt had regained its territories, according to the latter reference; be returned to Egypt, similar to this equation pretentions are taking place about the West Bank of Palestine, to make similar agreement between Jordan and "Israel", in reference to the case before 1967.

The world acknowledged through Resolution 491; stressing that this land pre-1967 is for the Palestinian State, and between the lines, Egypt does not have to worry after this decision of appending the Gaza Strip and charged with its management and responsibilities, and this is the logic of the equation that was established by Satloff which has turned everything into chaos.

"Israel" hastened a few hours after this decision of being isolated internationally, and the annexation of Palestine to the international community, to expected punitive measures. It announced the beginning of construction of three thousand housing units between Ramallah and Jerusalem (Area E1), and announced construction of further settlements. The appeals were limited from some " influential states " for the need for Palestine to join the agencies of the United Nations, and "Amnesty International" demanded the State of Palestine to accelerate its affiliate to the International Criminal Court, and to the "International Court of Justice", since the "International Justice" is more specialized in Israeli expansionist behaviors over its history, concerning what is being perpetrated by the occupation of the violation of international law. Joining it can support the Palestinian State which is under occupation to raise its complaints about the ongoing settlement process and its roots, for the settlements threaten the State of Palestine, as well as political assassinations and organized crimes.

The strength of the Palestinian will is embodied in the face of the "neo-conservatives" crews, and theorists behind the notion of "negotiations for negotiations sake ". The U.S. administration, itself has threatened revengeful actions, and has taken preventive measures, and requested not to rush to join the international organizations affiliated to the United Nations Organization. It also tried to curb the new equation that was brought about by this decision, since it is the heart of the American negotiating table and under the absolute auspice of America; considering that the decision can be invested as an anti American-Israeli view which reached a dead end, and took out the political horizon from the " negotiating rotation game " that would only lead to more settlements.

This political victory should be enhanced by Palestinian strength, and should go towards creating a reality on the ground: the reconstruction of the Palestinian politics and ending the division. To be built on this victory, and the face the process of containment and abortion, it should start by establishing a comprehensive Palestinian democracy according to proportional representation; promote the facts of steadfastness and the field facts for a homeland and people under occupation. This would pave the pattern of a state that is to be built and a system starting from the Parliament and the executive apparatus (government) and the Judiciary. These demands are no longer a luxury in front of the reality of raising the Palestinian representation to a State. The Palestinian Authority, Then the state of division does not longer fit this description. The Palestinian elites and media have begun using the term "state under occupation," and the Palestinian people are no longer satisfied with the Authority's condemnation of the Israeli settlement. The elites and the people are waiting eagerly the Palestinian leadership to arrange its entire administration and new agenda after decision No.491.

Q 2: Can the Palestinians go to the International Criminal Court and accuse Israel?! ... President Abbas has ruled out such an option, especially after Israel attacked Gaza?

As I have previously explained in the first question, and I add that the state of Palestine will enter all of the United Nations organizations, and you can extract from the Palestinian cause, and in view of the conclusions of historical experience since the roots of the Palestinian cause; that the General Assembly resolution, a decision the State of Palestine November 29, 2012 is a realistic political victory included in the Great victorious battles and is certified by "Israeli", analysts and reactions from "Israeli" official, especially since the Israeli and the US pressure was at the global level , not to mention the Arab "advices" and the threats and political pressure that Washington practiced , as well as the pressures and threats that Israel applied on the field through various means.

The world has acknowledged through Resolution 491; stressing that this land pre-1967 is the territory of the Palestinian state.

"Israel" has immediately after this decision and within a few hours of isolating it internationally and annexing Palestine to the international community, to take expected punitive measures when it announced the immediate construction of three thousand housing units between Ramallah and Jerusalem and declared to construct further settlements which reached ten thousand housing units. The whole world won politically, legally and morally against occupational expansion.

Then came the "Israeli" retaliation directly against the General Assembly resolution of the United Nations; by granting Palestine a description as a "non-member observer state" by its decision to build (3000) housing units in the area, which they call (E 1), in order to cut the West Bank in Palestine between north and south. This is a revival to its old plan which was developed in 1999, and was previously frozen pending favorable conditions, which is a part of the schemes to "Israelanize" which aims to capture all of Arab Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

This has raised a worldwide storm condemning the decision, ranging from the head of the International Organization Ban Ki-moon, who said that "settlement activity is illegal," from the standpoint of international legitimacy. He also said that "The implementation of the project would be a knockdown and a blow to the opportunities for the remaining two-state solution," adding" this plan must be cancel to protect the chance to achieve peace ", so are the positions of some magnate countries in the West of Europe, which are keen to protect" Israel " from itself, including warnings that its place is deteriorating towards a " serious international isolation, ". In the same context were the resentment and the angry tone of the Secretary of State Clinton expressing angry and fears of the consequences of the settlement behavior, which is insisted by the Zionists extremists.

We are able to read the global conditions which are changing and evolving, where the U.S. is not alone able to determine destinies of nations. No longer is "Israel" able to count on the philosophy of deterrence and aggressive bloody firepower and to grip out of the impasse, to escape from a balanced settlement of the conflict at this stage. For the current global situation, the European nations as a whole, no longer allow foolish aggressive expansionism of Israeli occupation in the occupied territory of the State of Palestine.

Q 3: Israel said that the construction of housing units in Jerusalem will cut the communication of East Jerusalem with the West Bank and divide (the latter) into two, what can the Palestinians do about that, and are a peaceful solution and the two states through the follow-up of negotiations still possible if Israel is committed not to stop building settlements? So far negotiations have not lead to results, what is the alternative?

On Palestinian level; I can tell you that schemes of settlements and the Judaization of Jerusalem, are very dangerous, and for us the entire territory by fourth of June 1967 is a red line, and the orientation of the Liberation Organization to the Security Council, is an essential procedure. We are fully aware that the Security Council is locked by the U.S. veto. Any American talk such as "unilateral actions do not serve the peace process", does not mean anything but a smokescreen. For it does not stop the colonial settlement project and the Judaization, especially that which separates northern West Bank from the south, and isolates the Eastern Jerusalem from its geographical Palestinian depth, and encircles it with settlements from all sides, then gnaws it from within. How would we translate the next phase? I would say first by self-reliance and we have with us the international legitimacy and the nations of the world.

For this , dues begin by restoring national unity and ending the division immediately on the basis of true democracy and the law of proportional representation; and move the entire Palestinian situation to a status of preparation for a third peaceful popular uprising . Second, to access the membership of the International Criminal Court and the 4th Geneva Convention to deter and stop the colonial settlement construction. Third, to encourage the sate of defense of the occupied land in various forms, and to facilitate the transition to a withstand economy for the popular situation by reforming and correcting the socio-economic policy in the West Bank and Gaza. , And fourthly, we orient ourselves towards the Arabs; by engaging them towards an Arab plan; and use political and economic pressure to bear any country putting the interests of "Israel" first; by abandoning it, for the interests of the West with the Arabs are the largest and the broadest, and that there are Arab and Palestinian rights that should be taken into account first...

Q 4: Where did the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas reach? Here a say that Hamas would join the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), will Hamas accept the principle of two-state solution, and according to the current polls if Hamas runs for election in the West Bank, it will win it, how do you comment on that?

In the beginning, I would like to emphasize first: the need to begin preparations for the construction of the Law on Elections of full proportional representation in the society the Legislative Council and the National Council of the PLO.

Second: End the division and build a national unity and a national consensus government which is a Palestinian necessity.

A meeting of all the Palestinian factions has been done, headed by chairman of PNC Salim Zanoun, had crystallized an election law for the unity of the people one by 100% full proportional representation both for the Legislative Council of the Palestinian Authority and the National Council of the PLO, pursuant to the senior leadership Commission resolution to reform and develop the power of the institutions of the PLO, and pursuant to the Agreement 4 May 2011 in Cairo, which was signed by the consensus of the Palestinian factions.

This step comes in the framework of preparations for the meeting of this senior leadership of all Palestinian factions, without exception, to the adoption of a single electoral law for the unity of people, with full proportional representation.

It is time to end the division, and return to the people for a comprehensive election of the Legislative Council of the authority, and the National Council for the Liberation Organization with the participation of all factions and forces, trade unions and independent national figures.

The Netanyahu-Lieberman government turns its back on international legitimacy resolutions and the peace balanced implementation of international resolutions concerning the Palestinian people to self-determination and the State; on the borders of June 4 / June 1967 where Jerusalem would be its capital, and the right of return of refugees in accordance with UN resolution 194.

Q 5: Is it true that no change will take place without U.S. pressure on Israel? Do you think that Obama's policy in the second term would be different than that in his first term?

We rely first on ourselves and on our people, we rely on ourselves for the implementation of our rights; with us we have our friends and the seekers of freedom and rights of the people. As you know, politics is the art of the possibilities, so we tend towards the breach of the actual balance of power. Regarding the U.S. administrations, they are pragmatic in politics; Washington has huge and strategic interests in the Arab region, which requires from the Arabs a stance to have Washington descend from its ivory tower towards balanced solutions at this stage. This also requires the Palestinian to regain order in its house and end the Arab division, towards a unified position binding an end for the imbalanced official situation, to the benefit of the Arabs themselves, and therefore solve their grand issues, first and foremost, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at this stage.

Q 6: The region within the "Arab Spring" Where to?! ...

I will answer first with what is tangible ; there is no fear on Egypt or Tunisia for what they represent , because they are based on profound Liberalism for decades and on a "liberal" Spring , including those which constitute a difference for those who caught change from the forces of ideology based on monopoly. And despite the tendentious media campaigns depicting the second popular uprising as deep natural "remnants of the former regime", for the presence of progressive elites as profound as the depth of the Nile; distinguishing between “metaphysical human rights" and realistic, natural, and historical human rights. From it prevails a global and an evolving format based on "religious tolerance and freedom associated with efficient productivity", away from any cloudy perception of the concept of freedom. The former goes to the abolition of concrete and realistic freedom of person, and unfortunately in the name of the people. This is not true because liberal values ​​are centered on asserting the rights of the individual and reduce the influence of authority. The first defuses the kinetic principle of freedom and the equality of origin, where he sees substance that cannot be devote in the structure of the institution or a political or social system.

As we see today, despotism and tyranny will lead to tragic atrocities, rather than " modern liberal freedoms ", where there is no democracy without "profound culture of democracy, in Egypt and some Arab countries conflict is to forbid imposing "Metaphysical Democracy" on the ground, which is a substitute of the people who is are the source of the legislative and presidential, and judicial power. For “Democracy" is by the people and for the people.

And others highlight "democratic" tyranny when we see the results between the first and second in the referendum on the draft of the constitution by a few and limited numbers. Therefore, institutions are being built in the country on the values ​​and goals of the party and the mainstream who won outmoding half of the society. As long as the dominant trend is the beneficiary of an organized dynamism partisan, you can move through a divisive sectarian, religious, and a populist speech , rather than: equal citizenship, and call for the drafting of a constitution and national consensus for total community and under the roof of the rule of law and a new, democratic constitution.

The other half, the founder of the mobility and the revolution, targeted to a liberal revolutionary but is formed dispersed not powers based on independent organizations in the case of wide range of flexibility, while the other religious sectarian retain a system founded on disciplined partisan, on electoral acts and payoff seasons with the flood of electoral money ... Etc..

What is required is to defend democratic values ​​and comprehensive individual freedoms, in the face of heavy dictatorship and dominant mass electoral body, as they seek disengagement from references, tools and means of political legitimacy.

The danger now requires restoring normative values ​​of democracy, where civil individual freedoms have to be consolidated in the political system, not to push it to the margin, under the pretext and the slogan of "the principle of the sovereignty of the nation" while being reduced in the electoral process. The principle mentioned has no role in the democratic practice only making it an edged knife to resolve the conflict with the political forces, and only for the goals and stages devastating to the society and the state by politicizing religion and religionizing politics.

In contemporary time, we can extract that democratic practice cannot be achieved without the horizon of wide open liberal democracy, we mean here the exact legal translation to an actual and realistic legal system of liberties that has been set forth and not just ideological liberalism and its basic tenets.

This difference between" Metaphysical Human Rights" and "Natural, Historical, and Realistic Human Rights" is that the latter solves the problem of the struggle for power and dismantle of the current political impasse and assess the regularity of the group. Spinoza has already coined his historical question: "Why do humans desperately defend their slavery as if they were defending their freedom?".

These are explicit warnings for what has been called the "Arab Spring" undesirable consequences, its spring breezes have changed to toxing winds and sahara whirlwinds. In order for the region not to enter hot infertile prolonged summer, the Arab Spring will lose control if transferred to an extension of the "American Creative Chaos" which would lead to havoc in communities and societies.

Those who rode on horseback of the "Spring" after they were mere spectators, are controlling the fate of the Spring, after they have captured the fruit before it ripened and started destroying the national tissues of the Arab society, through bloody and brutal civil wars which they ignited . We have scenes of wars coming between doctrines and sects, tribes and ethnicities, to service the neo-colonial imperialistic projects.

The so-called sincere supporters for "Democracy and Human Rights" have not changed their double standards, it requires reflection and analysis, starting from the question of Palestine, which constitutes the conscience of the world and their actual negative position from the "State of Palestine" where they chanted for it for a lifetime, in accordance to the current American structure of new political systems oppose to achieve the desired democratic change unless in line with its agencies and agents, and what fits their projects.

The distinction between major and minor contradictions "main contradiction and the secondary," "Salafi political" harvest of these revolutions, is today strongly clear and evident in Tunisia, on the hand, who spent extended decades in the West, opposes achievements "of the General Federation of Labor". Others "shamelessly” are subservice and have split Egypt entirely between the two sides: "The democracy trend against a sectarian destination dictatorship", the dictatorship which "politicizes religion and religioses politics,". This could not have reached this stage unless it was aware that the "external factor" and its public environment support its immoral dictatorship and no one has ever had if before even those who depended on Washington. For example Libya would never enjoy security and stability since the direct intervention of the Atlantic was for the sake of oil and energy.

The Conflict going on in the fields of revolutions, uprisings, will stop only through national democratic constitutions and electoral laws to respond to the consensus in the revolutions squares bread, dignity, freedoms, pluralist democracy, and social justice."

Q 7: The Democratic Front has had historically an excellent relationship with Syria, can you comment on the ongoing civil war now between Assad and the Representatives backed from abroad, which has cost until now (40, 000) victims ? How do you see the future of the conflict in Syria?

We have already repeatedly emphasized our keenness to our sister Syria, but today we see that the current Syrian case can not be terminated except with new mechanisms and democracy. The first step is to stop military and security solutions and all forms of violence, secondly: to be a Syrian solution in Syria with an international sponsorship and by the United Nations the same way it took place in Yemen. One has to ask what the popular Arab movement has achieved after it transformed into a military one. The situation is detoriating from bad to worse, where destruction, death and bloodshed have not offered any effective political, economical and social solutions.

What is needed today is an immediate cessation of military security solutions and all forms of deadly violence first, and secondly dialogue, in accordance with mechanisms of the Geneva Conference, especially since the goal is to bring the existing situation of the bottleneck, the military solution will not lead to a solution, and the militarization of popular movement added to outside interference will not be able to resolve the battle but only more bloodshed. To this extent fractions should go to the dialogue to address all the files, out of concern for Syria and its national and regional independence and unity through a transition and a coalition government and a comprehensive national partnership under the roof of a national comprehensive consensus, democratic elections, a new democratic constitution, equality of citizenship without distinction of race, sex, religion, caste, creed, and between men and women.

Notes:*Published in March 18, 2013

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