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Nayef Hawatmeh* said "There's not a single Palestinian who would regret Sharon's death" -speaking with a journalist from the United Arab Emirates' newspaper "Al-Khaleej" regarding Sharon's death-
January 16, 2006

Because of the bloody history of Ariel Sharon, there is not a single Palestinian who would mourn the death of that war criminal who committed horrendous massacres against the Palestinian people and Arabs general. Sharon was the butcher at the massacre of Quibia (Palestine) in 1953, the murderer of Egyptian prisoners in 1967, the ringleader behind the massacres in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila (Lebanon) in 1982, and the one who gave the orders to murder children in Gaza and the West Bank.

Sharon is the spiritual father of the extremist colonial movements and the person who created and put into practice the plans to usurp the Palestinian territories. He was a man who rejected peace and loved war and murder.

We hope his disappearance opens a path to true change in the Israeli political map and strengthens the forces of peace within Israel so that we can see an end to violence, the seas of blood and the existing conflict that has drawn out for more than a century. We hope that this will allow us to play a part in the reconstruction of the political process on the basis of international law, contribute to global peace and stability, serve to grant Palestinians their right to an independent state in the territories occupied in 1967 and ensure the return of the refugees by virtue of the Resolution 194.

The reorganization of the political process and negotiation call for new transformations in the internal structure of the Hebrew state. These must lead to Israel’s recognition of the United Nations resolutions and the creation of mechanisms for their execution. Without this, the violence, blood, tears and conflict will continue.

Israelis will be faced with a test in the upcoming March 28 elections. They can opt for the path to peace while recognizing the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people, or they can opt for the continuation of the policies of occupation and colonialism and assume the consequences of that violence and conflict – because our people will continue to resist until obtaining their full rights.

We are working so that the forthcoming Palestinian legislative elections to take place on January 25 are the beginning of the reconstruction of the Palestinian political régime and the creation of a united strategy to present to our people, Arabs, the world and Israeli society. We foresee this being a united Palestinian position in the face of plans that run counter to our legitimate and inalienable rights to independence, return to our homeland and self-determination with Jerusalem as our capital.

Notes:* General Secretary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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