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Tayseer Khaled The Cabinet reshuffle pushes Gaza into the unknown
By: Wajdi Al-Jaafari
July 15, 2015
Tayseer Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the DFLP, said: "that any incoming Cabinet reshuffle does not have the support of the Executive Committee could push Gaza into the unknown."

He explained in a special statement that "The Cabinet reshuffle did not put to the voting within the Executive Committee and it does not have the support of many factions such as DFLP, PFLP, and the People's Party, FIDA and the National Initiative, as well as some leaders of (Al-Fatah) that support the orientation for the formation of a national unity government”.

He said: "The governmental amendment is not an essential issue and it maybe complicate the political scene, and it may be a reason in the disengagement of the agreement between the various factions, which led to the formation of a national consensus government".

Khalid asked about the usefulness of the reshuffle at the moment? There will be an addition to a minister or five, what can be the consequent in the management of the governmental affairs? He continued "What is currently required , is the reviving of the efforts of consultations between the factions to form a national unity government that includes the factions and forces that want to participate that means a government continues the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, and do its responsibilities in unifying the governmental institutions and departments between West Bank and Gaza, and preparing for legislative and presidential elections again on the basis of full proportional representation. "

Interim Leading Framework

He stressed in the context the importance of the calling for the meeting of the Palestinian (Interim Leading Framework) to consolidate the national unity, denying that the {Interim Leading Framework} contradicts with the Executive Committee, according to the signed agreements especially those who were signed by all factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Cairo in May 2011. "

He also said that" It is a big mistake to put the {Interim Leading Framework} in the face with the Executive Committee as Hamas do. "

The exemption of Yasser Abed Rabbo

With regard to the exemption of Yasser Abed Rabbo from the secretary of the Executive Committee, Khaled denied "that the Executive Committee had taken a decision to exempt Abed Rabbo from his position as the secretary of the Executive Committee, explaining that a number of forces demanded to postpone this matter until the next meeting in the presence of Yasser Abed Rabbo, who was absent from the previous meeting."

He added that: “The things in the Executive Committee are managed by the democratic compatibility in such matters and not by decree, he continued: "the responsibility in the Executive Committee is not an issue of hereditary and is not restricted to one, the PLO is a wide national coalition and a national front which gathering various Palestinian factions as well as independent figures."

President Mahmoud Abbas has issued a decision last Saturday to commission Dr. Saeb Erekat as a caretaker of the secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO.

Vice president

On the choosing of a deputy to the Palestinian President, Khaled said: "Nothing in the statute of the PLO and the Basic Law of the Palestinian Authority such thing as a vice president, and this (heresy) outside the subject, and this was never discussed in the meetings of the Executive Committee."

He concluded that: "The choice of a vice-president needs an amendment in the laws, as well as we do not have a presidential system, but rather the rule of a mixed presidential and parliamentary system. Presidential system is not mentioned for the political work and the Palestinian political system."

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