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2014: Year of Israeli Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque
January 12, 2015

Al-Aqsa foundation for Waqf and Heritage Monday issued a report about the digging and judaization Israeli projects taking place in and around Al-Aqsa mosque during the year of 2014.

The foundation said that Israeli occupation proceeded its digging underneath and around Al-Aqsa mosque, where the foundation rocks of the mosque were damaged in some locations, in addition to approving more judaization projects to be implemented in 2015.

The report also said that the digging procedures took place in the southern area of the mosque along the Buraq Wall (proclaimed wailing wall).

The process demolished huge rocks that contributed to the construction of Al-Aqsa. However, Israeli occupation forces proceeded bulldozing deeper underneath these rocks.

The digging extended to the tunnel network in Silwan town south the mosque, where the tunnels penetrated the underground of the city towards Al-Khalil Gate. The digging was sharp in the area of Al Ain, center Silwan.

Israeli occupation also carried on with digging the road leading to Al Mughrabi Gate of the mosque. The digging in the gate though slow, was effective.

Local sources reported a huge collapse in the foundation of the square (2 meters deep). The sources confirmed the existence of a net of tunnels underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards where the Israeli occupation continues its excavations to demolish the mosque and rebuild their alleged Temple mount.

Israeli occupation also exploited the Islamic Waqf (property) of Hamam Al Ain near Bab Al-Mutahhara that refers to the Mameluke period, to turn it into seasonal Zionist-Jewish celebration halls. The official opening will take place in 2015, to turn other Islamic properties into Jewish celebration halls.

Al-Aqsa mosque has 11 gates, 7 of which are open, and all of them Israeli-controlled. Israeli police forces often block the worshipers from entering the mosque and detain their ID's.

The area that was damaged most by Israeli bulldozing was on the entrance of Wadi Hilweh, which occupation forces destroyed more than 20 meters deep, and 6 dunums wide, and destroyed hundreds of it historical archaeological assets of successive Arab and Islamic eras, including the destruction of an Islamic cemetery and neighbor that date back to the Abbasid period.

Israeli occupation minister of settlements, Uzi Ariel, put the plan to founding a big synagogue in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem, about 200 meters away from Al-Aqsa mosque, under the name of "Israel Jewel".

The synagogue will have 5 stories, two of which will be underground and will be 24 meters above the road level.

In addition to other similar projects round the corner of Al-Aqsa mosque ,which are Kidem center, the Talmudic mound on the rubble of Wadi Hilweh, and the biggest Judaization project in Jerusalem, Museum in East Jerusalem, which cost about $100 million.

Occupation as well officially opened the Tunnel of Al-Ain in center Silwan town, after bulldozing that took 15 years, while Israeli settlers took over 10 residential buildings in Silwan, East Jerusalem.


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