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Palestinian Prisoners Day
6500 Palestinians suffer in captivity in Israeli occupation jails

April 17, 2018

Today is the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day which was approved by the Palestinian National Council in 1974, as an acknowledgement and appreciation to the captive national movement that represents the body of the continuation of the struggle and resisting the occupation.

In a report issued by the Prisoner’s Association , a million case was documented for arresting Palestinians since 1948 . The first prisoner in the history of the Palestinian Revolution was Baker Hijazi who was arrested in 1965, while Fatima Birnawi who was arrested in 1967 was the first female Palestinian prisoner in the history of the Palestinian revolution.

Nowadays, the occupation authorities arrests around (6500) prisoner, including (350) child, (62) women to include (21) mother,(8) minor girls in addition to (6) representatives in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

It is mentioned that since 2018, the occupation authorities arrested (1928) Palestinian until the end of March 2018, including (369) child and (36) women.

The occupation authorities continues to implement the policy of administrative detention against Palestinians , as there are approximately (500) prisoners under administrative detention, including three female prisoners, two minors in addition to four representatives from the Legislative Council who are still under administrative detention.

It is pointed out that (700) prisoners suffer chronicle diseases and need an intensive treatment, medical care and follow up. (26) of them suffer cancer.

During 2018, the number of martyrs among prisoners raised up to (215) martyrs, (75) of those were martyred after an assassination decision that was taken after they were arrested, (72) of them were martyred under torturing, (61) as a result of medical negligence and (7) prisoners were martyred after they were directly shot by the occupation inside the prison.

Source:Palestinian Prisoners Club

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