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Abu Laila: On the World Children Day Israel continues its violation of the Palestinian children rights
November 25, 2016

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Qais Abdel-Karim (Abu Laila), said that the occupation authorities continue to ignore the international community and humanitarian laws relating to children's rights, and practice the worst kinds of persecution and torture on the Palestinian children through following a programmed policy, demanding the accountability of the occupation state for its abuses practiced against the Palestinian children.

Abu Laila added in a press release on the occasion of the World Children's Day, "The Israeli occupation deliberately arrest and subject the Palestinian children to inhuman investigation, as well as depriving them of education through impeding their access to schools and closing them, in addition to the terrorism practiced against them during raids of homes by the Israeli occupation forces in different regions and other repressive Israeli policies.

He continued "on the day the World greets children, the occupation authorities continue the arresting of 350 Palestinian children under the age of 18, including 12 underage girls in prisons, with about 2,000 registered cases of arrests for the children since the end of the last year.

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces killed in cold blood 75 boys and girls their age not exceeding eighteen years old since the beginning of the current Intifada, the youngest baby was Ramadan Mohammed Thawabteh (3 months) who was martyred after suffocation gas.

He called the international institutions to expose the Israeli violations against the Palestinian children and pressing on them for the implementation of all laws relating to the children's rights, and putting them into accountability for its continued violation of the international law, specifically the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other conventions relating to children and protecting them.

He called the international community to provide an immediate protection for the Palestinian children, the victims of the Israeli terrorism, stressing on the need to the intervention of the human and child rights organizations to put an end to the violations of the occupation against childhood and that the leaders of the occupation should be submitted before justice courts for committing crimes against our children and our people.


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