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Abu Laila stressed to move forward in the implementation of the Central Council resolutions and not to bet on Netanyahu’s government
June 11, 2015

Qais Abdel Karim, "Abu Laila," the Deputy of the Secretary-General of DFLP expressed the adoption of the blocks that make up the Israeli government coalition that recognize the Knesset automatically on settlers and settlements in the West Bank, come in the context of attempts by the occupation and its government to legitimize and annexation of the settlements.

Abu Laila said in a press declaration that "the extremist Israeli government that stands on its head Benjamin Netanyahu and includes the extremist rightest parties seek to the annexation of all settlements and settlement blocs and maintain the Israeli control over the West Bank Mountain and preservation of the settlement blocs.

Abu Laila added that” the policies of Netanyahu’s government are clear and seek to legitimize the settlements, and the actions that perform land is the definitive evidence to its colonial expansionary intentions, and its attempts to pre-empt any future solutions through the imposition of facts on the ground, pointing out that these laws reveal that the real intentions to the policies of the extremist Netanyahu's government to devour the occupied territories completely.

Abu Laila pointed out that" This resolution and the earlier resolutions are continuation of the series of ongoing Israeli violations and attempts to consolidate the settlement as accompli fait on the land, and violation of the international legitimacy resolutions and the whole world, which requires international action to deter Israel and put an end to its violations.”

Abu Laila explained that the Israeli attempts and steps which are taken by the occupation government, aim to legitimize the outposts that built on our occupied land are clear and explicit expression of the public and mental policy, which controls the extremist rightest government and reveal the real intentions of this government which follows the colonial approach .

Abu Laila asserted that the Palestinian people adhere their legitimate rights and will not give up their right to establish their independent state on the June 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital, and will not accept in any way to impose accompli fait or detract from their legitimate rights or fragmentation …

Abu Laila stressed that we should not bet on the rightest and the extremist rightest government which led by Netanyahu and move forward in the implementation of the resolutions of the central council of PLO.


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