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Abu Laila: the response to Lieberman's decision is by implementing the Central Council's decision
December 29, 2016

The MP Qais Abdel Karim, "Abu Laila," a deputy of the Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the decision of the minister of the occupation to halt the contacts with the Palestinian side, except the security coordination, comes in the context of the hysterical situation, that is gripping the Netanyahu government after the resolution of the international consensus of the Security Council to condemn and criminalize the Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.

Abu Laila added that, "This government is acting arrogantly and hysterically, to make itself not only above the law, but over the whole world, and it is preparing to take sanctions against the United Nations and all the world, and thus, it opens the way for the next phase in which the international community should impose sanctions on it, to undermine the racial discrimination system, which it has built in our occupied territories.

Abu Laila explained that the first step, which is required now from our part as Palestinians, is to exploit this development, is the respond to the extremist decision of the minister of the occupation, Avigdor Lieberman, by implementing the decision of the Central Council of the Palestinian Organization, about halting the security coordination in all its forms immediately and without delay.


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