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Abu Laila: We look forward to a Russian and international compressing position on Israel to end its occupation and to stop the settlement
January 21, 2017

Comrade Qais Abdul Karim (Abu Laila), a deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Legislative Council's member, and the head of the DFLP delegation to Moscow dialogues, delivered a speech, in which he thanked Vitaly Naomkin, the head of the Institute of Orientalism in Russia, the President Putin and the Foreign Minister Lavrov on their care and support to end the division and to build the Palestinian unity and cause and to ensure the national rights of our people.

Also he said that, we look forward to a compressing Russian and international position on Israel to end its occupation and aggression and the implementation of the international legitimacy resolutions in the framework of a comprehensive international conference sponsored by the five major powers at the United Nations, rather than the US bias to Israel, and the most recently the positions of Trump.

He also added that, we are here to stand in front of serious challenges to continue the dialogue to produce an unified vision, after the failure of Oslo, to draw together a strategy that combines the resistance in all its forms and the international legitimacy as our Palestinian people will not accept the Israeli policy at all, but it will resist by all means to achieve its independence, by the establishment of the Palestinian independent state with its capital Jerusalem, on the borders before June 4th, 1967 and the return of refugees.

Qais Abdul Karim concluded by saying: that needs a clarity of vision that lies in the achievement of the national unity by implementing all the agreements, and the most recent is the meeting in Beirut to reach a true struggle unity that fulfill our Palestinian people's ambition.

The DFLP delegation presented its shield and the martyrs of the DFLP volume, and the book of the Comrade Nayef Hawatmeh, "The Arab revolutions", to Mr. Vitaly Naomkin in his honor and in recognition to his efforts.

The delegation included of comrades Abu Laila, Ali Faisal, and members of the Foreign Relations Committee, comrades Nimr Shaaban, Mohamed Abdul Hadi and Raef Aghbar.


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