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Abu Leila welcomes the dissolution of the administrative committee and calls for a national unity government immediately and general elections within six months
September 20, 2017

MP Qais Abdul Karim (Abu Leila), Deputy Secretary- General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, welcomed the decision taken by Hamas to dissolve its administrative committee that formed a de facto government in Gaza, and said that this decision is a right correction to a wrongful position that should not be done at all.

Abu Leila added that this decision will remove an important obstacle from the way of resuming the process of national reconciliation, which he called for accelerating the steps that will strengthen its effect, to end the division.

Abu Leila called the President Abu Mazen to immediately begin consultations with all Palestinian factions to form a national unity government and he called for general elections for the presidency and the legislative and national councils, on the basis of full proportional representation, within a period not exceeding six months.

He also called the President of the National Council, to immediately resume the work of the preparatory committee that held in Beirut last January, in order to accelerate the holding of a regular session for the Palestinian National Council, with all Palestinian parties to strengthen the national unity within the framework of the PLO and the renewal of its institutions.

Abu Leila also praised the blessed efforts made by the Arab Republic of Egypt, to remove the obstacles that hindered the reconciliation process, stressing that the dramatic breakthrough achieved by these efforts and Egypt's strong activation for its role in sponsoring the reconciliation process, are an affirmation that there is no alternative to the Egyptian role to achieve this task, and pave the way to end the division, and implement the Cairo agreements in this regard.

He, at the same time, called on the Egyptian leadership to strengthen this role by calling for a comprehensive Palestinian national dialogue, to be hold in Cairo, in order to agree on a binding timetable, to implement the reconciliation entitlements as defined by the agreements.


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