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Abu Zarifa: Hamas did not listen to the voice of all Palestinians and the Administrative Committee is required to be dissolved
September 14, 2017

The member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Talal Abu Zarifa, said that Hamas did not listen very much to the voice of Palestinian people, which calls on it to dissolve the Administrative Committee, he points out that the DFLP presented its vision, which represents a compromise solution, and it is a synchronous solution between the two parties to end the division.

Abu Zarifa added that the factions called on Hamas to dissolve the Administrative Committee, to make the Government of Consensus able to return to work in Gaza, carry out its tasks and complete the Palestinian negotiations to form a national unity government.

He also stressed on the need to end the Palestinian division and achieve reconciliation, especially that there is a regional, Arab and international situation which attempts to impose a solution that violates Palestinian rights. We have no choice but unity, within a framework of a national strategy and program, one government and the PLO.

He added: "Without this, all the Palestinians will lose, and Hamas insists on sticking to the Administrative Committee, which means staying in the same situation", he notes that the need for a wider pressure from factions to eliminate the sectarian division, pointing out to the existence of negotiations among the forces to put a pressure mechanism on both sides of division for the implementation of Cairo Agreement 2011.


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