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Ali Faisal: The Palestinians in Lebanon need justice not a wall
November 25, 2016

Ali Faisal the official of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon ensured that some contacts are going on with the Lebanese to deal with wall issue, and all its effects and damages on our people in Ein El Helweh camp, taking in his consideration that the development of the relationship between Lebanese and Palestinians needs positive procedures to remove the past defects and continue to a better future with more understanding from the Lebanese to the particularity of the Palestinian case from all sides which prevents any more misunderstandings caused by provocateurs.

All that was announced in different media releases with more explanation about the damages that could be caused by the wall and the negative results of it on the relationship between Lebanese and Palestinians, as all the Palestinian camps were always a good environment for the common struggle for the right of return which unites both, the Palestinians and Lebanese.

Faisal said that our Palestinian people in Lebanon needs justice neither walls which prevent it from having its human rights, nor procedures which not allow it to enter the construction materials to the camp, this issue will complicate the current problems and not help to build a good and healthy future relations between the both brotherly peoples. Seriously we are in a need to have a positive dialogue to organize the relations between Lebanese and Palestinians on the political economical legal and safety bases, in order to reach a mutual plan to support the struggle of the refugees in defending their right of return and to defeat all the Jewish settlement projects.

Ali added: we are sending a human request from a brotherly people to the political and military leadership in Lebanon to take our people and its political forces' comments in the consideration and rethink about this wall. This is a call from every Palestinian who works on the stability of Lebanon in the independent day.


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