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Ali Faisal: Venezuela today is paying the price of its support to our Palestinian people and its struggle
August 12, 2017

Ali Faisal, a member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, assured that Venezuela with its leadership and people stands in the forefront in supporting the oppressed nations that suffer from occupation and colonization, especially the American colonization and Israeli occupation with its different ways.

Faisal said in a solidarity interview with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its facing to the US threats that :"Our standing with Venezuela, is a standing with a people and nation that supported the legal and just issues in this world”.

Faisal also stressed that solidarity with Venezuela is with the self, the Palestinian and Lebanese struggle and with all free nations which refuse and are still refusing the American instructions and the policy of financial colonial organizations.

Faisal considered that Venezuela today is paying the price of its brave positions in supporting our Palestinian people and its struggle in facing the Israeli occupation and its supporting to the resistance in Lebanon, especially during the aggression of July 2006, and cutting its relations with Israel, as a response to the Israeli war on Gaza strip, Faisal continue, “Venezuela is paying the cost of the rebellion against the American dominance policy”.


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