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DFLP and Fatah during a meeting: ending the division and achieving national unity are the shortest way to maintain the national project
September 13, 2017

The two leaderships of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Fatah movement held a joint meeting on Monday morning, which was attended by Ahmed Hallas, ''Abu Maher'', a member of the Central Committee of Fatah and some members of Fatah's leading committee, Hisham Abdel Razek, Fayez Abu Eita, and Dr. Imad Al-Agha, in addition to Talal Abu Zarifa and Saleh Nasser, members of the Political Bureau of DFLP, and Comrade Mahmoud Khalaf, member of the DFLP Central Committee.

The general political situation has been discussed during the meeting in light of the stalemate of process of settlement and the full bias of US administration in adopting the Israeli demands that violate the right of Palestinian people in the independent and sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital, return and self-determination. The two parties stressed on the need to strengthen the internal Palestinian situation, through ending the division as soon as possible and restoring the national unity, which requires the cancelation of the Administrative Committee in Gaza Strip and making the Government of National Consensus able to carry out its tasks without impediments and cancelling the measures which have been taken against Gaza Strip.

The two parties also stressed on the necessity of convening the Palestinian National Council, with the need for good preparation, which ensures the participation of all, conducting a genuine political review and electing the PLO bodies (Central Council, Executive Committee and agreement on the administrative body of National Fund).


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