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DFLP commemorates the intifada and solidarizes with prisoners
October 3, 2016

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine marked the anniversary of the second intifada and the uprising of youth with two crowded sit-ins in Al-Buss and Ein Al-Hilweh camps in solidarity with prisoners and detainees and denouncing the Zionist crime that caused the losing of captive Yasser Diab Hamdoni’s life, who is one of the cadres of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and to greet the triumph of the captives , Al-Balboul brothers and Malik Al-Qadi.

Comrade Ibrahim Shuraim in Ein Al-Hilweh camp, delivered a speech on behalf of youth organizations denouncing the Zionist fascism against the prisoners by depriving them of basic human rights which are stipulated by all the international laws and he stressed on the need for suing the Zionist Israeli political and security leadership on its crimes against our prisoners, stressing the need to raise these abuses in front of all the human rights organizations, especially the ICC to put an end to these violations.

The speech of DFLP, delivered by a member of its leadership in Lebanon, Comrade Samir Al-Sharif, who stressed on the need to move by all forms to sue the occupation crimes against prisoners through the International Criminal Court to halt the oppressive measures against the prisoners.

Sharif said on the anniversary of the second intifada and the uprising of youth that the Palestinian people is more determined to continue the same path until the demise of the occupation and settlement and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 67 and Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees.

The speech of the Lebanese parties in Al-Buss camp delivered by Comrade Abu Khaled Aldumareyah, member of the Lebanese Communist Party leadership in Soor, affirming that the Lebanese parties, resistance and people are standing with the Palestinian people until getting its full rights on the Palestinian territories, and he stressed on the need for punishing the occupation for its crimes committed against the Palestinian people and its prisoners.

Comrade Mahmoud Awad, a member of the DFLP leadership of Lebanon province, stressed on the inevitability of the internationalization of the issue of prisoners and talking about their suffering at all the international forums, particularly the International Criminal Court in order to unmask the Israeli systematic racist policies against the Palestinian people.

Awad also stressed that the intifada, the resistance and the national unity are the shortest way to the freedom of prisoners and the people and the establishment of the independent state with its capital Jerusalem and the return of refugees.

The speech of right of return committees delivered by Adnan Al-Qadi who condemned the brutality inflicted on prisoners inside their cells and he stressed that the issue of prisoners must be one of the most important issues for the Palestinian political leadership and demanding the international community and the international institutions to judge the Israeli occupation for its fascist crimes.


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