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DFLP participated in reviving the anniversary (57) of the Cuban Revolution
January 11, 2016
On the occasion of the fifty-seventh anniversary of the Cuban revolution, and at the invitation of the Palestinian graduates from Cuba Universities Association, held an open meeting in support of Cuba in the Technical Professional Center in Shatila camp in the presence of a number of leaders and representatives of the Palestinian factions, popular institutions and committees and a number of the residents of the camp as well as some of the graduates from the Cuban universities.

In the meeting, several words were delivered assuring the importance of the role played by Cuba on various political and economic levels and still playing so far through the great support of the Palestinian people, a support should all the free countries in the world which believing in the justice of the Palestinian cause to go according to what has been done by Cuba.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Ali Faisal, who greeted the people of Cuba and its leadership, headed by the leader of the international revolutionary movement and the leader of Cuba Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro, and he appreciated highly the continuous support provided by Cuba to the Palestinian people, considering that the victory of Cuba at any international forum is a victory for Palestine and all liberals of the world.

Faisal considered that the steadfastness of Cuba in the face of the US unjust blockade shaped a model for all free people and which are under the occupation and that believing in rights and its justice , the will and the unity of position between the solid political leadership and the people with its various political forces must achieve the inevitable victory, stressing that the US blockade will fall down ring after ring after the failure of the US policy on Cuba steadfastness during the 56 years ago.

Ali Al-Khatib also spoke on behalf of the Palestinians graduates of Cuba's universities who on behalf of the graduates and the Palestinian people in general, expressed about his gratefulness to Cuba's leadership and people for their support of the Palestinian people, which contributed significantly to solve a lot of economic and social dilemmas and Cuba was clear and truthful when it presented all support to the Palestinian people at various political levels and in various platforms, international forums and at the direct economic level.

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