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DFLP: the Cairo meeting will be crucial in addressing the main files
October 23, 2017

The member of Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ramzi Rabah, said that it’s necessary that standards and mechanisms should be provided to allow the process of reconciliation to progress, stressing at the same time that the basic files that have been postponed are the essence of the reconciliation process.

Rabah said in a statement to Quds News Agency, about the files to be discussed by the factions' meeting in Cairo, in the mid of next month, that the national "consensus" government's assumption of its tasks in the Gaza Strip, is an initial step on the way to end the division, but the meeting of national forces (13 factions) in Cairo, will be decisive in this regard.

He stressed that the Cairo meeting will discuss the five files, which were stipulated in the Cairo agreement 2011, specifically the file of the PLO, the formation of a comprehensive national unity government, the conduction of legislative and presidential elections, the file of community reconciliation, in addition to the file of public freedoms.

He pointed out that the five files mentioned above, are the essential files that build strong and solid foundations to face any obstacles that might impede ending the division and the restoration of Palestinian national unity with the existence of personal and factional interests that want to fail them.

On the suspicions about the possibility of failure of reconciliation due to the delay of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas to lift the punitive measures against the Gaza Strip, Rabah said that "the failure to lift the punitive procedures, will not fail reconciliation, but there is no justification for their existence, especially as they affect the lives of citizens in the Strip."

He also stressed that the removal of sanctions will contribute to accelerate the reconstruction process, and work on building what has been destroyed by the occupation in the Gaza Strip during the last war in 2014, which will reduce the high unemployment rates in the Strip.

He noted that a comprehensive national dialogue, on the basis of common denominators, would pave the way for the building of unified and democratic elected national institutions, in accordance with the law of full proportional representation.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian intelligence service invited the Palestinian factions to hold a meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on 21/11/2017 to discuss issues, related to the Palestinian reconciliation, particularly the factions that participated in the agreement of 4/5/2011.


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