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DFLP: Transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem is a hit to any political process
January 27, 2017

Qais Abdul Karim, a deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the ruling coalition in Israel has received an encouragement from the new American president Donald Trump, and his populist rhetoric which was practiced throughout his electoral campaign, pointing out that the team which was formed to manage his new cabinet is filled with Zionists and extremists who adopt the theory of the Greater land of Israel.

Abdul Karim also added, during a meeting, that the announcement of the Israeli municipality to build 566 settlement units in Jerusalem after the inauguration of Trump, and the Israeli Ministerial Committee to annex the settlement of Maale Adumim, point to the steps that will be done by the Israeli government in the reign of the new American president.

Abdul Karim explained that the time now is very proper for implementing the new national strategy which was approved by the Palestinian Central Council more than a year ago, stressing that the Palestinians need to support their movement at the international level, with concrete steps in order to push the international community to assume its responsibilities to punish Israel and to put it accountable about the repeated violations of the international law.

Abdul Karim confirmed that it is time to reconsider the unfair obligations which were imposed on the Palestinian side, starting from the security coordination and the Paris economic agreement, pointing out that the statements about the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem by the coming of Trump is an encouragement for the Israeli government for expansion and settlement, stressing that this provocative decision will serve as a decisive blow to any political process that the United States could be part of it, and generally a decisive blow to all efforts aiming to reach to a political solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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