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Fahd Sulaiman: The final statement was governed by the circumstances and political contexts in which the dialogue was held
November 27, 2017

Comrade Fahd Sulaiman, Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and head of its delegation to the factions' dialogue in Cairo, described the final communiqué issued yesterday as saying that "it was governed by the context in which the round of dialogue took place, and that its importance lies in transferring the reconciliation agreement from bilateral between Fatah and Hamas to a national agreement".

"Thus, the decision to return to dialogue again in February, to review what has been achieved , is in itself a guarantee that things will go in the best interest of our people in Gaza and the overall Palestinian national interest", he added.

Comrade Fahd confirmed that: "The comprehensive dialogue between us today, is not confined to the framework of the 12/10 agreement between Fatah and Hamas, but it succeeded in opening the files of the Palestinian political system, including the call of the Committee for the Activation and Development of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in order to deepen the reconciliation agreement and rebuild the Palestinian national institutions , and hardening the Palestinian situation in the face of the political coming entitlements".

Sulaiman concluded by calling for considering "what has been achieved in Cairo, within the framework of the circumstances and the well-known Palestinian. Arab and international political contexts, as an important step that is supposed to form the basis for building on it in the coming days, by sticking to the statement and pressing for its development in coming dialogue rounds, and the application of what was stated in it, at the level of criminal and community issues in the Gaza Strip, or at the Palestinian national public political level".


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