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Fahd Suleiman: In response to Washington's resolution to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Occupying State, we call on the Palestinian official leadership to break up the Oslo Accords and stop the policy of waiting
December 13, 2017

Fahd Suleiman, the Deputy Secretary-General of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called for disrupting the Oslo Accords and facing the entitlements of new political phase with a cohesive Palestinian unity, which calls the Committee for Activating and Developing Palestine Liberation Organization, for an immediate meeting, to rehabilitate the Palestinian National Program, intifada, resistance and struggle in the Field, in addition to the struggle at the level of international institutions, and creating a mechanisms for this program under a unified national leadership.

Fahd Suleiman was speaking at the mass festival organized by DFLP on the 50th anniversary of its launch in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

Fahd said: Jerusalem, after Trump's resolution to recognize it as the capital of Israel, is now the target of our national struggle, the battle of liberation, the expulsion of occupation, the dismantling of settlements, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty over its capital, East Jerusalem, on borders before June 4, 1967, and ensure the right of refugees to return.

Fahd Suleiman called on the Palestinian official leadership to abandon the policy of waiting and procrastination that are still being followed, after the aggressive Trump's resolution, and to immediately implement of what has been provided by the Central Council of PLO on 5/3/2015, including; stopping the security coordination, launching the boycott of Israeli economy, overstepping the negotiations, adopting the intifada and resistance, and internationalizing the issue and national rights.

He called for a new leadership formula that responds to the seriousness of this stage, unites the Palestinian political powers, inside and outside the PLO, which requires the calling on the Committee for Activating the PLO, to an immediate meeting to agree upon the program of the next phase and its struggle mechanisms.

In the context of his speech, Fahd Suleiman stressed that the issue of Jerusalem and the fate of cause and the Palestinian national rights, are the main issues, so we call for the removal of all other issues away from the road of the reconstruction of internal unity, deepening the unity of our people and strengthening its ability to withstand and work without hesitation to implement what has been agreed upon in Cairo on November 22, 2017, including; achieving full reconciliation, giving the Palestinian Authority government the right of full responsibility for the issues of our great people in Gaza Strip, foremost of which is the lifting of measures, sanctions and siege on the Gaza Strip, and addressing urgent issues of life.

Fahd Suleiman paid tribute to the masses of our Palestinian people throughout the country, in the areas of 1948, Jerusalem, Palestinian territories, Gaza Strip, refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and the country of diaspora, calling for unity of efforts and actual resistance in the battle of freedom, dignity and defending national rights and Jerusalem as the capital of our Palestinian state. He also called for the widest official Arab mass movement and transforming the positions of support and solidarity into practical steps to put the pressure on US administration through appropriate manner to make it retreating from its aggressive resolution and implement the international legitimacy resolutions.

Fahd concluded his speech by paying tribute to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, its martyrs, its prisoners and the martyrs of all Palestinian people and their families. He stressed the necessity of walking side by side in the battles of struggle inside and outside the homeland, stressing on the experience of struggle that has been fought by the two fronts in the common frameworks between them.

He also paid tribute to all those who resist the Israeli occupation and to the Syrian Arab Army in defending the unity of Syria in the battle to build and consolidate the national, secular, civil and pluralistic state. He also called for stopping the war in Yemen, lifting the siege on it and protecting civilians, after the entering of war in very complex stages, in favor of a political solution based on an internal agreement to build a free and independent Yemen, on the basis of democracy that preserves the interests of various social groups.

A speech was delivered on behalf of Hezbollah, the Arab Socialist Baath Party and the United Syrian Communist Party, in addition to the comprehensive speech made by Comrade Abu Ahmed Fuad, the Deputy Secretary-General of DFLP.


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