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Faisal: Our consensus about importance of security reinforcement in camps is a protection to Palestinian existence
July 13, 2017

Palestinian and Islamic parties held an extended meeting with the director general of Lebanese public security, the major general Abbas Ibrahim where Palestinian camps situations especially Ein Al-Hilwa camp, were discussed, and the efforts that have been made to strengthen the stability and security situations in the camp and its relation with the surrounding.

Comrade Ali Faisal, a member of political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Comrade Adnan Yousef, a Central Committee of DFLP member, and a political leadership member, participated in the meeting.

Faisal said through many TV interviews and media releases, that :"the meeting with the director general Abbas Ibrahim, was positive where we exchanged the discussion as parties about some headlines which are related to our Palestinian people's positions in the camps and the position of displaced Palestinians from Syria and there was a harmony between the both parties about the proposed headlines".

In the meeting they talked about the security positions in camps, especially Ein Al-Hilwa, and they agreed on the importance of strengthening the cooperation and coordination between the Palestinians and the Lebanese state, considering it as a basis to protect the Palestinian existence, to protect the right of return, and to restore the consideration to Palestinian cause as a central cause.

They also assured on the importance of facing any security disturbance in the camps and the neighborhood and fortifying its stability by declaring the human rights, especially working and ownership rights and the continuation of constructing Nahr Al-Bared camp and dealing with residency allowances for Palestinian refugees from Syria.

In their turn, the parties representatives assured on the united Palestinians position in facing any disturbance in the camps and neighborhood, considering that the camps security is connected with Lebanese security ,and they were thankful to the director general Abbas Ibrahim and all military and security forces for their keenness on stability and security in camps, and they expressed their appreciation to the director general supporting for the Palestinian people and its cause.Especially exempting the Palestinian refugees from Syria, from the cost of residency allowances like Syrians do.

The director general Ibrahim thanked all parties for their cooperation to guarantee the stability and security, especially the last delivery operation, and he assured that Lebanon will always support the Palestinian people and its fight for its national rights.


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