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Faisal: «Unity, uprising and resistance is the shortest way to liberate prisoners»
September 14, 2017

At the invitation of the Embassy of State of Palestine in Lebanon, a solidarity meeting was held with the Palestinians prisoners and detainees inside the Israeli prisons in the presence of Issa Qaraqe, the chairman of Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Committee and a number of representatives of parties, factions and Lebanese and Palestinian national figures in the hall of martyr Yasser Arafat in the embassy building.

Comrade Ali Faisal, a member of Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, delivered a speech in which he saluted the prisoners in Israeli prisons and their uprising which has won the battle against the occupation because of their steadfastness and the support of all the Palestinian people around them. This uprising has become a pride for the liberties of the world and Palestinian people in challenging the oppression and tyranny, which made the prisoners an integral part of the history of Palestine and history of its captives' movement.

He said that the captives' national movement was and still a leader of struggle issue. Today, it is an example of the real unity among all factions of national action, stressing that the national unity, total uprising and resistance are the shortest way to the liberation of Palestine, and expelling the occupation from Palestine.

He also said that the Israeli occupation forces' wide-scale arrests are considered as war crimes which violate the four Geneva Conventions and Convention against Torture, pointing out that the accession of Palestine to these agreements and others, in addition to the organizations, should be invested in favor of using all tools of international law to provide protection for prisoners, calling for working hard to put Israel and its criminals before legal prosecution and also call on the United Nations and all human rights organizations to condemn the Israeli practices, stand by our prisoners and their demands, and work to force the occupation to release all Palestinian and Arabs prisoners from their persons, especially children, women and patients.

Faisal renewed the call on the Palestinian Authority and PLO to work to internationalize the issue of prisoners in the context of a new strategy of struggle, which would serve as a national roadmap that would completely abort the Oslo Accords.


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