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Hawatmeh calls on Fatah and Hamas to reverse their decisions that hinder the achievement of national reconciliation
September 15, 2017

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Nayef Hawatmeh, said that the Palestinian national reconciliation is possible, referring to the retraction of Fatah and Hamas through their final decisions from these decisions.

Hawatmeh told Sputnik (news agency): "The reconciliation is possible, if Fatah and Hamas commit to the decisions of Preparatory Committee of National Council on January 10-11, 2017 in Beirut, and Moscow on January 14-16, where there were 13 factions and independent personalities, and commit to form a national unity government to end the division, in parallel with the resumption of Preparatory Committee's efforts to prepare mechanisms for presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Secretary-General confirmed that Hamas and Fatah have retracted from the Beirut-Moscow agreement by saying: "Hamas has retreated from the Beirut-Moscow agreement and formed the Hamas Administrative Committee for Gaza Strip. Fatah has retreated from the factions' agreement in Beirut and Moscow and called for the convening of the old Palestinian National Council, which has been inactive for 20 years, since 1996”.

Comrade Hawatmeh stressed that the DFLP and factions of Beirut and Moscow Committees "condemned the retreat of Fatah and Hamas from the decisions of forming a national unity government and the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections in Palestinian Bank, Gaza Strip and Diaspora".

Hawatmeh also stressed that Fatah's call for the holding of the old and inactive National Council, is "a retreat from the agreement and decisions of the Preparatory Committee of National Council" , confirming that "ending the division and rebuilding the national unity requires adherence to the decisions of national consensus in Beirut which were agreed upon in Moscow".

The Secretary-General stated that, at the meeting of Executive Committee and political and spiritual leaderships of Jerusalem on July 21, 2017,"the resumption of work of Preparatory Committee of National Council and the call of Central Council of PLO to convene a new session immediately, were confirmed".

At the end, the Secretary General of DFLP called on Fatah and Hamas to retract from the decisions that hinder the achievement of national reconciliation, by saying: "we call on Hamas to dissolve the Administrative Committee in Gaza, we call on Fatah to return to the decisions of Beirut and Moscow and to stop putting pressure to hold the old and inactive National Council, and we call on Mahmoud Abbas to retreat from the collective financial sanctions which he has taken against Gaza and which affect the people in Gaza Strip not Hamas".


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