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Hawatmeh meets with the head of the Russian Center "Jerusalem" in Moscow
April 4, 2017

Nayef Hawatmeh, the secretary-general of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), met with the head of the Russian Center "Jerusalem", Baburin Sergey Nabkolovinć, and his deputy, Martynshev Petrovic and chargé d'affaires for Omsk region, Kozi Sergey Ivanovic, in Moscow.

The DFLP's delegation members who participated in the meeting are Nimr Bakr, Mubarak Musa, Raed Agbar and Ali Asaad, who are the members of Foreign Relations Committee.

Hawatmeh discussed the Palestinian situation, the civil and regional "crises and wars" in the Middle East, the occupation and the Israeli-Zionist expansionist colonial settlement, on the expense of the land and people of the occupied State of Palestine since 1967 until now, fifty years of aggression and wars on Arab Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Hawatmeh called on the Federal Federation of Russia in all its components, parties and leaders to play a greater role in supporting the rights of the people of Palestine in self-determination, and establishing the State of Palestine on borders before June 4th, 1967 with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and the right of refugees to return to their homes in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

He stressed that the Palestinian national resistance, will not discontinue its defense for the national rights of our people, until the salvation of the occupation and colonization of settlements.

He also called for an international peace conference to resolve the issues of Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the reference of United Nations resolutions and the sponsorship of the five permanent members of UN Security Council instead of Trump's calls for "a regional conference sponsored by the US Administration exclusivity and based on American-Israeli ideas and conditions" without international patronage, without complete discontinuation for the settling colonization in Jerusalem and West Bank, and without lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Hawatmeh condemned the Netanyahu government's plan to build a new settlement in the West Bank, presenting tenders for construction of 2,000 new colonial units in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and overstepping the Security Council Resolution N° 2334 that called for complete halting of settlement in January 2017.

The head of International Center "Jerusalem" affirmed the rejection of the people of Russia to the Israeli occupation (occupation of the lands of the State of Palestine, on the borders of June 4th, 1967, with East Jerusalem, its capital), and he affirmed the position of the Jerusalem Society (Russian Center) to hold a comprehensive international conference for peace with the resolutions of international legitimacy reference and under the patronage of five permanent members in Security Council.

He finally warned of the dangerous and suspicious role which is played by the "Jewish- Russian Zionist lobby" in supporting the occupation and colonial expansion of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank.


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