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Hawatmeh meets with the representatives of Arab League in Moscow and sends a message to the secretary general of League of Arab States
March 29, 2017

Nayef Hawatmeh, the secretary general of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, met with representative of League of Arab of States in Moscow, and sent a message to the secretary general of Arab League on occasion of holding the Arab Summit in Jordan on 29/03/2017.

The representative of League compromised: Mr. Malik Masli the chargé d’affairs, Mostafa Al-Jaburi the deputy of the chargé d’affairs, Raed Jabr in charge of media and Nabeal Ghanim.

The delegation of DFLP included Nemer Bakir, Dr. Mubarak Musa, Raed AL-Aghbar and Ali Asaad the members of international relation committee.

Hawatmeh discussed the Palestinian situation, internal Arab wars and crisis, the policy of U.S. Administration and Israel towards the rights of Palestinian people, the expansionist, settling and colonial thoughts of Israel and the American thoughts and conditions that are related to the (Palestinian – Israeli) conflict exclusive, the holding of a regional conference under the sponsorship of U.S. Administration for direct negotiations between Israel and Palestinian Authority with the participation of many Arab countries and the refusing to hold an international inclusive conference with the reference of resolutions of international legitimacy and under the patronage of five permanents states in Security Council. Jason Alainblat pointed that there is no discontinuation for settlement, besides another conditions.

Hawatmeh warned of these Israeli thoughts and the overstepping of the international legitimacy resolutions and the internal patronage, in additional to the continuations Israeli settling and expansions and putting the obstacles in the way of Palestinian side by the pre-conditions of America and Israel.

Hawatmeh sent a message to the secretary general of League of Arab States Dr. Ahmad Abu Al-ghait in which he calls on the Arab Summit to refuse the (Arab – Israeli) regional conference and the American thoughts that have been brought by Jason Alainblat to Middle East, and to activate the Arab and Palestine call to United Nation to hold an international conference for peace in Middle East with the reference of legal and political resolutions of UN to solve the (Palestinian – Israeli) conflict and to call for stopping the settlement completely before the direct negotiations in accordance with resolution of Security Council No. 2334 which was adopted unanimously.


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