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Huge Financial Temptations to Encourage Settlers to Move to the Palestinian Valley settlements
By: Madeeha Araj
November 17, 2017

As a continuation of the settlement plans being quickly implemented to judaizing the majority of the C areas through the absorption of more settlers in the occupied Palestinian side of the Jordan Valley by offering huge financial inducements to encourage Israelis for moving to the Jordan Valley settlements, transfer funds to settlement councils in order to expand the settlements and to start marketing settlement housing units there.

Israeli media have disclosed a plan supervised by the Housing Minister, Gellant, to support settlements in the Jordan Valley to ensure Israel's control over the Jordan Valley, which forms a quarter of the West Bank and the Palestinian food basket, coincides with the participation of senior Israeli officials including Netanyahu.

Under this plan, all settlements are incited to absorb new families through providing budgets, privileges and facilities with preference given to settlements that remove and reduce the conditions to accommodate new families.

The Israeli occupation authorities notified the Palestinian citizens of the closure of hundreds of donums in the areas of Ein-Hilweh and Um Jamal in Wadi Maleh in the Jordan Valley. They also confiscated 550 dunums and threatened to confiscate all their belongings if they did not leave the area, which leads to expelling about 320 citizens distributed to 40 families living in both areas.

Jerusalem plans to build 240 settlement units in East Jerusalem, including the construction of 150 settlement units in the Ramat Shlomo settlement, as well as 90 settlement units in the Gilo neighborhood, Jerusalem's occupation municipality deputy mayor said, Jerusalem Municipality also approved building permits for 292 settlement units outside the Green Line. In addition, the Israeli government reportedly transferred millions of shekels to promote a plan to build a new settlement in the industrial area of Atarot in Jerusalem. According to the plan, a new Jewish settlement will be built, including 10,000 settlement units outside the Green Line in Jerusalem, near Qalandiya checkpoint.

In addition, a new settlement plan has been uncovered, which was initiated along the settlement of Karnei Shomron, built on the land of the citizens of Qalqilya. The outline of the settlement plan, which covers an area of more than 70 donums, is the construction of more than 1,200 new settlement units.

Israeli Interior Minister, Gilad Arad has prepared a security plan to prevent what he called "Palestinian attacks" in the Old City of Jerusalem. This plan aims to tighten the security belt in the area of Bab Aal-Amoud and the old town through the establishment of centers and checkpoints large military-like points will be deployed in the area and its surroundings to control the security situation. The deployment of the forces of the so-called border guards at those points, including the deployment of 40 intelligent security cameras to enable police to monitor what is happening in the area.

The Haru'eh Haafri-Shepherd Society of Israel is working to settle and build the settlement outposts, as it works to reestablish a settlement outpost on a hill adjacent to the settlement of Kfar Adumim near the Abu-Dis area. The road has been paved to establish the focus on private Palestinian land classified by the Israeli occupation as "State land, "without any building permits issued by the Israeli government. The association claims that it works to treat the youth who drop out of the education system. The society's activists, who work with the Ministry of Education and in its service, recruit young settlers from other settlement outposts to this outpost, and works to let the establishment of this outpost with an annual budget of NIS 700,000.

On the other hand, the leadership of the occupation army in the occupied West Bank fortified the bus stations located on the roads near the settlements in the West. This comes under the pretext of protecting the settlers from the run-ins while standing near the waiting stations. The settlers' website 7 quoted an officer in the Israeli army asking the settlers to stand in the fortified stations not outside them, not to ride private cars, and to make sure that the driver is an Israeli in the case of riding private cars.

Israel plans to launch the security fence project along the border with Jordan, where it will officially announce the end of the wall at the beginning of next year. A route of the wall will be located in the occupied West Bank. It will be 30 kilometers between the resorts of Eilat in the far south and Wadi Araba. The Israeli Security Ministry said that the wall will be 30 meters high and 30 kilometers long, and that it will include the advantages of the development of the checkpoint, which will be built in the southern region, especially to protect the airport.

A list of the Assaults Documented by the National Bureau Perpetrated by Israeli Occupation and Settlers over the last week:


Bulldozing Brixa for raising sheep in the town of Silwan south of Al Aqsa Mosque, under the pretext of non-licensing.

Breaking into a car exhibition belonging to the family of Harhash in the French Hill near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the center of occupied Jerusalem.

Demolishing orders for martyr, Nimer Jamal in the Beit Surik village northwest of Jerusalem.

Confiscating 5 donums in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to establish a complex.


Detaining the teachers of Al-Mousafer Secondary School, east of Yatta, south of Hebron, and took over their vehicles, which belonging to Suleiman Abu Sabha.

Chasing vehicles along the road of Abu al-Batim, Muhafir and the Hadda area, Yatta and prevented the movement of citizens, claiming it is a military area.

Chanting Talmudic rites in Al-Mawarq Palace, west of the Dura town, south of Hebron, under the protection by the occupation army. They spent several hours at the site. It is mentioned that Al-Mawarq Palace is a Roman archaeological site. Scrutinizing its archaeological tunnels and basements.

Closing soil roads east of Yatta, where the roads between Butm area Masafir Sharqiya were blocked, preventing movement of Palestinians and their vehicles.

Erecting tents at the Ibrahimi Square adjacent to the Haram Sharif, to celebrate the so-called "Ms. Sarah."

Tightening arbitrary measures in the vicinity of the Haram Ibrahimi to protect settlers in the place.

Breaking into archaeological sites and water springs in different parts of Hebron, where dozens of settlers stormed the ancient palace in the Samo' town, an archaeological site in the Bani Naim town, performed Talmudic prayers.

Closing the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city from Friday - Sunday, under the pretext of opening its doors to the settlers to celebrate the Jewish holiday.


Bulldozing a land to expand the factories of the Ariel industrial settlement and the settlement of Brukhin that built on Palestinian private lands west of Salfit.


Invading the land of Ezbet Tabib and Azzoun east of Qalqiliya, Israeli military units searched the lands of the citizens and the olive fields, causing panic and fear among the farmers who collect their olive fruits.

Disclosing a plan to confiscate 70 donums to build 1,200 new settlement units in the first phase. The occupation authorities have begun to clear the mines in the Qalqiliya area.

Jordan Valley:

Seizing a water line used by Palestinians in the Sakut area in the northern Jordan Valley, with a length of 400 meters. The total length of the line was 7,500 meters. The second line, which was destroyed by the settlers and stole it.

Demolishing 2 residential buildings in the village of Jiftlik in the central valleys. And another building belonging to Khalil Jahalin, under the pretext of having no license. Demolishing a residential room, agricultural pool and feeding plastic greenhouses in the village of Froush Beit Dajan, belonging to citizens, Qassem and Basim Abu Jaish.

Distributing notification to evacuating facilities in the Ain-Hilweh and Um-Jamal in Al-Maleh areas within 8 days. 60 families in the area have received notification to evacuate their facilities soon. The notifications were signed by the so-called commander of the occupation forces in the West Bank.

Source:National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements

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