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New Settlements in the Jordan Valley and Judaization of the Occupied Jerusalem Continue
By: Madeeha Araj
December 29, 2017
Abu Laila: The deal of the Century died before it was born
December 22, 2017
Fahd Suleiman: In response to Washington's resolution to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Occupying State, we call on the Palestinian official leadership to break up the Oslo Accords and stop the policy of waiting
December 13, 2017
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
November 30, 2017
Fahd Sulaiman: The final statement was governed by the circumstances and political contexts in which the dialogue was held
November 27, 2017
Huge Financial Temptations to Encourage Settlers to Move to the Palestinian Valley settlements
By: Madeeha Araj
November 17, 2017
Fahd Suleiman: Arafat was a man of consultation and dialogue
November 16, 2017
DFLP: the Cairo meeting will be crucial in addressing the main files
October 23, 2017
Khaled: the Israeli conditions for Palestinian reconciliation reflect a colonial arrogant mentality
October 20, 2017
Hawatmeh welcomes the Cairo agreement and calls Fatah and Hamas to apologize to our people for the division
October 16, 2017
Hawatmeh discusses with Abd-Alelah Al-Nasrawi the Palestinian and Iraqi situation
October 5, 2017
Abu Leila welcomes the dissolution of the administrative committee and calls for a national unity government immediately and general elections within six months
September 20, 2017
Sabra and Shatila: 35 years of unpunished massacre
September 16, 2017
Hawatmeh calls on Fatah and Hamas to reverse their decisions that hinder the achievement of national reconciliation
September 15, 2017
Abu Zarifa: Hamas did not listen to the voice of all Palestinians and the Administrative Committee is required to be dissolved
September 14, 2017
Faisal: «Unity, uprising and resistance is the shortest way to liberate prisoners»
September 14, 2017
DFLP and Fatah during a meeting: ending the division and achieving national unity are the shortest way to maintain the national project
September 13, 2017
Taysir Khaled welcomes the efforts to achieve national reconciliation and calls for preparing for the national council before the end of the year
September 8, 2017
Abu Leila: The Israeli government continues its plans to isolate the city of Jerusalem from its surroundings
September 8, 2017
Taysir Khaled calls for rebuking António Guterres in the upcoming meeting with him
September 4, 2017
Taysir Khaled: American action at lost time has no purpose other than spreading illusion
August 28, 2017
Hawatmeh during his meeting with Moroccan leader Mohammed Bensaid: The project of Israeli right wing and extreme right wing which are headed by Netanyahu, are aiming to loot the Palestinian lands
August 25, 2017
Taysir Khaled: US administration vision for a settlement is completely consistent with the Israeli vision
August 25, 2017
Zidan in the 41st anniversary of Tel Al-Zaatar camp's disaster: calling to the convention of a unifying National Council that renews the program and organization
August 19, 2017
Khaled calls for an unconditional suspending for the electronic crimes law
August 16, 2017
Ali Faisal: Venezuela today is paying the price of its support to our Palestinian people and its struggle
August 12, 2017
Abu Zarifa: We must not intercalate the resistance in internal strife and Gaza is not a field for political experimentation
August 12, 2017
Israeli Government Creates New Facts to Guarantee Demographic Change in Jerusalem
By: Madeeha Araj
August 4, 2017
DFLP announces the fall of comrade hero Mohammad Kanaan
August 1, 2017
DFLP announces the fall of comrade hero Mohammad Lafi
July 21, 2017
Taysir Khaled: The United States is not qualified to sponsor Palestinian-Israeli negotiations
July 20, 2017
The occupation transferred the DFLP Central Committee member Joudeh to Gilboa jail
July 13, 2017
Faisal: Our consensus about importance of security reinforcement in camps is a protection to Palestinian existence
July 13, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: Calls on Palestinian Communities in the Entire World to Join Extensively the International Campaigns to Boycott Israel
July 12, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: Blocking the electronic media sites is not a wise policy
June 20, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: calls for fighting against terrorism by draining its sources and separating religion from the state
May 30, 2017
Taysir Khaled: Israel redefines itself as a state of racial discrimination
May 14, 2017
Striker prisoners of DFLP will refrain from drinking water next Sunday
May 4, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: The new settlement plan on Qalandia airport land is being prepared under the US administration cover
May 2, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: Deir Yassin crime raises legitimate questions about the origin of terrorism in the region
April 10, 2017
Hawatmeh meets with the head of the Russian Center "Jerusalem" in Moscow
April 4, 2017
Tayseer Khaled: Palestinian officials volunteer to modify the ugly face of US administration's policy
April 2, 2017
The DFLP Pays Tribute to Fidel
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
March 30, 2017
Hawatmeh meets with Salim Zaanoun, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council
March 17, 2017
Hawatmeh meets with Salim Al-Zanoun, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council
February 1, 2017
DFLP: Transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem is a hit to any political process
January 27, 2017
The Palestinian delegations in Moscow met with the Russian Foreign Minister
January 21, 2017
Journalist Bloc slams detention of journalist Mohamed Al-Qiq
January 19, 2017
Al-Quds Intifada: 275 martyrs
January 17, 2017
The US House of Representatives decision is intended to increase the US support to Israel
January 16, 2017
DFLP receives an invitation to Moscow for a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue
January 16, 2017
Tayseer khaled: Elor Azaria is not the only killer in the state of Israel
January 7, 2017
November: 527 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli forces
December 5, 2016
Ali Faisal: The Palestinians in Lebanon need justice not a wall
November 25, 2016
265 Palestinians killed since October 2015
November 24, 2016
An unpleasant surprise for the supporters of the French initiative and the Paris Conference
November 18, 2016
Two Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike, reach agreement with Israeli officials
November 8, 2016
Thousands call for overthrowing Abbas as they bid farewell to Dhiaa
October 3, 2016
DFLP commemorates the intifada and solidarizes with prisoners
October 3, 2016
Palestinian prisoners, including children, subjected to inhuman treatment and torture by Israel
September 8, 2016
Israeli Settler State Created in West Bank and East Jerusalem
July 18, 2016
The DFLP delegation meets the leaders of the Egyptian parties in Cairo
June 20, 2016
Palestinians in Gaza march for national unity on 9th year of Israel's siege
June 20, 2016
The DFLP a bulwark of the struggle of the Palestinian people
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
Mach 27, 2016
Lawyer Shireen Al-Issawy sentenced to 4 years, her brother Medhat to 8
March 9, 2016
DFLP ignites the torch of its 47th anniversary in Ein Al-Helwe Palestinian refugee camp
February 7, 2016
158 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops since October 1st
January 17, 2016
65 Palestinian children subjected to house arrest in 2015
January 15, 2016
Birzeit University Condemns Israelis Constant Violations of the Right of Education
January 14, 2016
Israel turned Hebron into a closed military zone
January 14, 2016
DFLP participated in reviving the anniversary (57) of the Cuban Revolution
January 11, 2016
478 Palestinian Facilities Destroyed by Israel during 2015
January 5, 2016
Israel arrested almost 7000 Palestinians during 2015
January 2, 2016
142 Palestinian martyrs and 15.710 injured since start of the Intifada
January 1, 2016
Violent Israeli interrogation of a Palestinian child confirms the practice of forced confessions
December 1, 2015
106 Palestinians martyrs and more than 12,000 injured since October 1st
November 30, 2015
PLO: 72 Palestinian murdered by Israel in October 2015
November 6, 2015
49 Palestinians killed, 1900 others injured
October 21, 2015
Israeli Police kills in cold blood Palestinian youth Fadi Allun
4 martyrs and 800 injured in 5 days
October 7, 2015
Israeli forces shoot and injure Palestinians in weekly protests
August 29, 2015
Israel renews 85 percent of administrative detention orders
August 29, 2015
Israel: Terrorist State
Steven Katsineris
August 14, 2015
Palestinian baby burn to death, family in critical condition after attack by Israeli settlers
Jul 31, 2015
UN: Israeli 2014 Gaza operation most 'deadly' since 1967
July 9, 2015
Hunger-striking prisoner Khader Adnan’s life in danger, says ICRC
June 25, 2015
Weekly settlement Report: from June 6 to June 13, 2015
By: Madeeha Al-Aaraj, National Bureau to Defend the Land and Resist Colonial Settlements
June 19, 2015
Since 1967, Israel has arrested a total of 850.000 Palestinians
June 4, 2015
Abu Laila: “Israel using absentee property law as a pretext for ethnic cleansing”
May 17, 2015
UN says 2014 devastating year for Palestinians
Annual Humanitarian Overview finds more Palestinian civilians were killed in 2014 than any year since the 1967 war
By: Dalia Hatuqa
29 Mar 2015
Palestine is the cause of every people
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
March 19, 2015
60% of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails Suffer Chronic Diseases
January 21, 2015
2014: Year of Israeli Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque
January 12, 2015
In 2014, 80% increase in Israeli detentions of Palestinians
January 10, 2015
6800 Palestinians Currently Imprisoned By Israel
By: Saed Bannoura
January 6, 2015
Ministry: Death toll from Gaza offensive topped 2,310
January 3, 2015

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