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Khaled calls for an unconditional suspending for the electronic crimes law
August 16, 2017

Taysir Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called in his blog on social media to suspend the electronic crimes law unconditionally.

He added: "Many friends asked me about my position toward the electronic crimes' law, which was issued last June with the approval of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. The question was repeated in the light of arresting a number of journalists in Gaza, on charges of communicating with Ramallah and other arrests in Ramallah, on charges of publishing news which would endanger the public system or the internal or external security of the State, according to article 20 of that law”.

He continued: "My position on all this is so clear by rejecting that law, which demonizes the journalistic work, violates the rights which have been guaranteed by the Basic Law of PA and law of press and publications, and ignores all the commitments that Palestine has guaranteed to apply since its acceptance as an observer member in the United Nations in 2014. These commitments are about 40 international agreements, including the basic agreements of human rights, which includes the two international covenants ‘the convention on economic and social rights’ and ‘the convention on civil and political rights’, also all these commitments require modifying the local legislation, in accordance with these international conventions”.

Taysir Khaled concluded his blog by saying: "In addition, I consider the charges against the detained journalists in Gaza or in Palestinian Bank, are absolutely unacceptable, as they can be used in an arbitrary and illegal manner through doubting the national political affiliations of journalists (demonizing press work) as well as they can be used in the field of division as a manner of unfair conflict and a manner of a mutual pressure and bargains, which could end by an exchange deal that provokes anger, as what has happened sadly recently.


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