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Khaled: the Israeli conditions for Palestinian reconciliation reflect a colonial arrogant mentality
October 20, 2017

Taysir Khaled, a member of the Palestinian liberation organization, member of the political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the Palestinian leadership is totally rejecting the conditions announced by the Israeli security and political council, to not negotiate with a Palestinian government that depends at its job on Hamas.

Khaled added that the Israeli government demands for Hamas (to admit Israel's existence, stop what it calls terrorism according to the conditions of the international Quartet committee, as well as disarming its weapon, returning the bodies of Israel's soldiers and releasing Israeli civilians, detained in Gaza, in addition to cutting its ties with Iran) reflect the arrogant colonial mentality of Netanyahu-Bennett's extreme right government, which is building its policy on ignoring the international law, the resolutions of international legitimacy and the international Quartet's roadmap plan, which the government of Israel uses some of its points only on some occasions, as pretext to evade from its obligations as being the occupying power in the occupied Palestinian territories in the June 1967 aggression.

He ridiculed the Israeli government's use of the negotiations, as an element of pressure and blackmail, although it knows very well that the negotiations have been stopped for more than three years and that one of the requirements for returning to them, is a clear Israeli commitment to international Quartet's roadmap plan, which called Israel to halt all its settlement activities, including those allocated to the so-called "the natural growth" and its dismantlement of all outposts in the West Bank , on the tops of mountains and hills and in the Jordan Valley areas, which by time have been turned into incubators of Jewish terrorist organizations, operating in the Palestinian Bank under the watchful eye of the Israeli occupation.

Taysir Khaled called for responding to the well-known Israeli conditions, which raise the anger of every Palestinian, by moving ahead with the implementation of what has been agreed in Cairo recently, between Fatah and Hamas under the sponsorship of the Arab Republic of Egypt, through enabling the National Reconciliation Government to assume its responsibilities and exercise its full authority in the Gaza Strip, so that the transition to the next step, would be possible, which is the formation of a national unity government, that includes all Palestinian political and community forces, and prepares for general presidential and legislative elections for the PA, concurrently with the elections of the Palestinian National Council, on the basis of democratic and modern election laws that adopt the full proportional representation system, to renew the legitimacy of the PLO and the PA and the rebuilding of Palestinian national relations, on the basis of national partnership, through standing united in the face of the aggressive settlement expansionist policy of the government of Israel and in the face of what the US administration is planning, with the collusion of the government of Israel of regional and interim arrangements to end the Palestinian cause.


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