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Lawyer Shireen Al-Issawy sentenced to 4 years, her brother Medhat to 8
March 9, 2016

The Israeli Central Court in occupied Jerusalem, sentenced on Monday 8 March lawyer Shireen Al-Issawi, to four years imprisonment, and her brother Medhat to eight.

Amjad Abu Assab, head of the Jerusalem Detainees Parents Committee, said the lawyer and her brother Medhat, were convicted of "communicating with the detainees," and providing funds to them."

Shireen was kidnapped on March 7, 2014, as part of an Israeli kidnapping campaign targeting many Palestinian lawyers in occupied Jerusalem. Her brother Medhat Al-Issawi was kidnapped in March 13, 2014.

Shireen was repeatedly kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel and was previously held under house arrests for several months.

Her brother Medhat was also repeatedly imprisoned, spending more than 20 years in detention, in addition to being frequently placed under house arrest.

Shirin is also sister of Samer Al-Issawi, who was kidnapped also repeatedly, sentenced to 30 years in prison, and released as part of prisoner swap deal known as 'Shalit agreement' when he had already spent 10 years in prison. After that, he was abducted again in July 2012, released on December 23, 2013, after his 9-months hunger strike, and again abducted in June 2014, just two years after 'Shalit agreement’.

In May 2015, an Israeli court reinstated Samer to his original 30-years sentence, under the false pretext of "violating the terms of his release."

The grandmother of the Issawi brothers was killed by the Israeli army during the first Intifada of 1987. Parents of Issawi brothers were repeatedly jailed by Israel in the 1970s. In 1994, the occupation army killed another Issawi brother: Fadi, during a demonstration to protest the Al-Ibrahimi mosque massacre in Hebron. And his brothers Shadi and Rafat were also kidnapped and imprisoned by the occupation forces more than once.

All the Issawi family members were kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel, many of them repeatedly.


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