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Monthly report on the situation of Palestinian Refugees, June 2019
By: Group 194
July 9, 2019

Group 194 issued its monthly report on the situation of Palestinian refugees between 1 to 30 June 2019. The report was prepared by colleague Roaa Abdo Hussein and translated and edited by Al-Hourriah English Staff. The report reads as follows:


On June 1rt: The people of the Nayrab camp in Aleppo organized a march through the alleys of the camp on the occasion of International Quds Day, where the residents emphasized the national and Islamic principles, in particular the option of resistance until the liberation of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital and the right to return to their homes, regardless of time no matter how the sacrifices are.

On June 23: Palestinian factions and figures from the Neirab camp in Aleppo organized a dialogue workshop denouncing the so-called "deal of the century" and the Bahrain Economic Conference on the Palestinian issue. The speakers stressed the Palestinian people's rejection of the deal and the Manama conference, and the need to find practical mechanisms to drop this liquidating deal, stressing that the first of these steps must be the cancellation of the Oslo Accords.

On June 25: Food parcels were distributed to the residents of Daraa camp by the Syrian Red Crescent Society, benefiting about 450 families registered in the organization's records.

On June 27: The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), in cooperation with the Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief (CAPR), signed an agreement to rehabilitate a sewing training center in the city of Qodsia to train and rehabilitate Palestinian refugees in the area. In south Damascus, the PRCS opened a first aid course at the Palestine Medical Center in Yilda, south of Yarmouk camp, a number of Palestinian refugees, displaced from the Yarmouk refugee camp, including a number of women are participating in the course.


On June 6: The Palestine Red Crescent Society in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, announced the arrival of a special dental surgery mission for people with special needs to perform free surgeries for Palestinian refugees, whether from the camps in Lebanon or displaced from Syria (from 2 to 16 years old).

On June 6: The people of a number of Palestinian camps in Lebanon and Palestinian organizations held sit-inns in protest against the alleged UNRWA decision to merge schools and reduce the number of classrooms and schools in the camps.

On June 8: The family of Palestinian refugee Ra'ef Saqr in Al-Bass camp survived the death, after a part of a cement block collapsed from the roof of its house. Material losses were only announced, without causing injuries to family members.

On June 17: Lebanon renewed its rejection of any move to settle the Palestinians, in light of the American attempts to implement what is known as the "deal of the century" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Lebanese president stressed the right of return and the need to find a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, according to a statement to the Lebanese Presidency.

On June 25: Dozens of Palestinian children from the Burj al-Barajneh camp participated in the "Marathon of the Return" in commemoration of the International Day of Refugees. The marathon was organized by the Palestinian Authority Ambassador in Lebanon Ashraf Dabour, the Mayor of Burj Al Barajneh Atef Mansour and the "Beirut Marathon" Association in coordination with the Child Protection Network".

On June 25: The Lebanese and Palestinian working groups on the Palestinian refugee issues in Lebanon, composed of the Lebanese parties participating in the parliament and the government, and the Palestinian factions in the framework of the PLO and the "Palestinian National Forces Alliance", held a joint meeting at the invitation of Chairman of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Hassan Mneimneh, at the Committee's headquarters in the Grand Serail government building.

On June 26: The United Nations Special Coordinator, Mr. Jan Kubic, emphasized the importance of the living and social rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, as well as their right to return to Palestine during a tour with the Director General of UNRWA, Claudio Cordone, in the Mieh w Mieh camp, south of Lebanon.

On June 26: Hundreds of Palestinian refugees from all the camps and gatherings of Lebanon participated in a sit-in outside the headquarters of "ESCWA" in Beirut, in rejection of the Bahrain workshop and the "deal of the century". The participants raised Palestinian and Lebanese flags, in addition to slogans demanding the abortion of the Bahrain workshop and the "century deal", and denouncing the participants in the Manama workshop.

On June 26: Under the slogan "No to conferences of betrayal and compromising the cause of Palestine," the Palestinian factions organized a march in the Rashidieh camp in the presence of representatives of all Palestinian factions, committees and institutions. The march passed through the streets of the camp, raising Palestinian flags, and signs condemning the Bahrain workshop.

Gaza and the West Bank:

On June 9: Sources said that Haj Musa Abu Mayala from Shu'fat refugee camp was martyred of his wounds after being attacked by Israeli special forces at his home.

On June 1rt: Israeli occupation forces arrested a number of young men in the Shu'fat refugee camp and a special force of the Israeli occupation army (under-cover units) kidnapped a citizen from Shu'fat camp, whom his identity is still unknown, and they took him in a private car.

On June 9: The Israeli authorities renewed the administrative detention order against a prisoner in Israeli jails from Dheisheh camp and extended the detention of another from the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

On June 11: Israeli occupying forces raided several houses in Shu'fat refugee camp, east of Jerusalem. According to Palestinian sources, Israeli occupation forces stormed the camp and raided a number of houses and no arrests were reported.

On June 16: A number of Palestinian civilians were injured during the Israeli incursion into Jalazun refugee camp. Dozens of youths stopped the military patrols, blocked the roads of the camp and threw stones at them.

On June 17: A member of the Committee for the Follow-up of Refugee Affairs from Syria to Gaza revealed about: "The decrease in the number of Palestinian refugees returning from Syria to Gaza due to the outbreak of war, from 360 families (1000) refugees to about 150 families (400). He also pointed out that the decrease in the number of Palestinian families returning from Syria to Gaza is due to the reunification of families within the files of asylum to Europe.

On June 18: Israeli occupying forces raided Shu'fat refugee camp. Sources said that Israeli occupation forces stormed the Shu'fat refugee camp in preparation for the demolition of Palestinian commercial facilities, under the pretext of building without a permit.

On June 19: According to the Prisoners' Information Office, the Israeli occupation military court issued a 40-month prison term for the prisoner Amir al-Tirawi of the Jalazoun refugee camp, in addition to a fine of 4000 shekels.

On June 20: At the Aida Refugee Camp, young woman Ryan Abu Sorour succeeded in obtaining the title of Ambassador of the University of Handug in Korea. This was part of a reciprocal project with the University of Bethlehem, where Ryan was selected from 3000 students to participate in the student exchange program between Bethlehem University and the Korean University of Handung.

On June 23: Israeli military court in Salem sentenced Sultan Mu'ayyad Al-Amer (17 yrs), from Jenin refugee camp, to one and a half years in prison and a fine of 4,000 shekels for resisting the occupation.

On June 23rd: The national, official and popular forces and institutions in Dheisheh camp and in the Bethlehem governorate during a mass stand, organized by the factional coordination committee as part of its program of events, denounced the workshop of disgrace in Bahrain and the conspiracy of the century deal. During the stand, Palestinian flags and slogans condemning the positions of US President Donald Trump, Netanyahu and King of Bahrain, were raised.

On June 23rd: The occupation forces stormed al-'Arroub refugee camp and began detaining and searching vehicles in the area. Local sources pointed out that the incursion was by a force of the so-called "border guards" of the Israeli occupation army; noting that the camp witnessed violent clashes between the youths and the occupation forces.

On June 25: Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men from Shu'fat refugee camp and turned them into a center to investigate. The arrest came during the Israeli army's massive campaign in the camp after its storming from the military checkpoint and raiding several of its main and secondary streets.

On June 27: Amari refugee camp witnessed violent confrontations at its entrances, during an attempt by the Israeli occupation forces, reinforced with vehicles, to storm the camp. Video footage of activists showed that Palestinian youths attacked the raiding force with stones and forced them to withdraw. While Israeli soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets. No casualties were reported.


On 2/6: The Palestinian refugee from Syria in Canada, Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sharqawi, who was born in 2009, was granted "Award for the best behavior towards others", which is awarded at the Canadian school level, after assessing students' behavior towards their surroundings and colleagues.

On 13/6: The Palestinian communities in South America held a Palestinian conference in El Salvador, with the participation of various Palestinian communities. The conference aims to unite the communities in order to serve the interest of the Palestinian cause and the sons of the communities in Latin America, where delegations from more than ten countries participate.

On 15/6: Some Palestinian organizations and institutions in support for Palestine called for a workshop in the Netherlands on the ways to face the deal of the century and the role of the Palestinians of Europe in thwarting the "plans to end the Palestinian cause". The workshop will include working papers on the dangers of the deal of the century on the Palestinian issue and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and its political, legal and humanitarian dimensions, as well as the mechanisms to address with the deal and thwart the plans targeting the Palestinian cause.

On 16/6: The Palestine Mission to Finland and the Baltic States celebrated the 71st anniversary of the Nakba in Helsinki, in a meeting held by the Finnish-Arab Society and the Association of Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility. The meeting included a series of important speeches and discussions, as well as the challenges that our people live under the continuous Israeli occupation.

On 16/6: At the invitation of the Palestinian community and the friendly German organizations, the member of the Joint Arab List on behalf of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality in Hamburg and its environs, held several political meetings with the members of parliament, in the state of Hamburg and the German Parliament for the Left Party, also he participated in the ceremony called for by the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Germany in honor of Norman Beach, who is a permanent supporter of the cause of our people.

On 16/6: An Arab coordinating meeting was held in Amman, attended by all countries hosting refugees, the Arab League and Egypt. The Director of the Refugee Affairs Department in Jordan said that a unified position from all host countries with UNRWA will be crystalized during the UNRWA Advisory Committee meeting which will be held at dead sea.

On 17/6: Some of 100 Palestinian researchers and activists in Europe launched the Declaration of the "the Palestinians of Europe against the deal of the century", in which they affirmed their "total rejection of all projects targeting any of the rights of the Palestinian people, at forefront ‘’the deal of the century’’, and what accompanied it of steps and procedures to pave the way for it, through the Bahrain workshop and the previous American actions and decisions on occupied Jerusalem and the targeting of UNRWA.

On 17/6: A group of institutions and personalities in Latin America and the Caribbean announced the establishment of the so-called Palestinian Federation in Latin America (APAL) after a conference in San Salvador. And that the conference in El Salvador is organized by a group of institutions, most of which are fictitious and have no actual presence on the ground in Latin American countries.

On 19/6: The state of Eskişehir witnessed a protest against the Bahrain conference, which was held to discuss the economic aspect of the American administration's plan, the "deal of the century", with the participation of Arab and foreign solidarity activists. The demonstrators denounced the participation of Arab countries in the conference, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

On 19/6: The Sorliden School in the Swedish city of Ornskoldvisk honored the Palestinian student displaced from Syria, Shahad Anas al-Dessouki for her academic excellence and finishing the subjects in a short period of three years. She won the first rank at the level of what equivalent to the third preparatory stage she is from Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

On 20/6: The investigations into the identities of the victims of the sinking of migrants boat, off the coast of Greece, revealed about the presence of the Palestinian refugee from Syria, Ahmed Abu Hamida, among the 12 victims who died in the incident, due to the sinking of the boat which was carrying them illegally.

On 20/6: The Higher Committee for the Defense of the Right of Return said that American and Zionist actions are increasing against the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland, beginning with the siege of UNRWA, cutting off the international financial commitments to it, preluding to cancel it, and the clear American declarations to the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the diaspora.

On 23/6: Dozens of Palestinian refugees from Syria gathered at a protest in the center of the Turkish city of Kelles, in rejection to the deal of the century and the Manama workshop. The protestors in the sit-in called for by the Palestinian national parties condemned the deal of the century and the Manama workshop, stressing on not neglecting any of the political rights of the Palestinian people and its right to return to the entire territory of Palestine, ending the occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state.

On 23/6: A delegation of Palestinian refugees in Egypt met with representatives of the Sand Andrew Refugee Services Organization under the supervision of UNRWA in the liaison office at its headquarters in Garden City, Cairo. The meeting focused on discussing a number of community and development programs related to the situation of Palestinians from Syria in Egypt in terms of health and education, through the provision of assistance to the establishment of simple community schools in the areas of the presence of Palestinians from Syria in Egypt.

On 23/6: Turkish authorities detained more than 20 refugees, among them Palestinian refugee Zakaria Abu Hamida from the Neirab refugee camp in Aleppo, after they survived the boat sinking off the Greek island of Chios, that led to the death of 12 refugees.

On 25/6: The family of the Palestinian refugee Fadi Taha al-Samna, born in 1989, appealed the Turkish authorities and international and local organizations and institutions to assist in reaching for its son and to know his fate and whereabouts. The family said in that its son had been missing for about 6 months while he have been in Izmir.

On 26/6: Turkish authorities released Alaa Mohammed Taha, a Palestinian refugee from Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, who was arrested by Istanbul police following a security crackdown by the Turkish security forces in the Istanbul area of Esenyurt.

On 26/6: Palestinian student Khairuddin Abulhasan qualified for the final round of the Arab Reading Challenge 2019, organized by the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

On 24/6: German authorities decided not to renew the residence of the Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat, to leave the country, in response to pressure exerted by the Zionist lobby and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs of Israel. German police arrested him during his heading to participate in a symposium entitled "The crisis of the Palestinian liberation project and Arab prospects " organized by the Arab Forum for Thought and Dialogue, the Baghdad Cultural Forum and the Sudanese Literary Society.

On 25/6: The family of Palestinian refugee Zaki Samir al-Beshtli, 28, from Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp, appealed to the ambassadors of the Palestinian Authority in Turkey and Greece, and all those concerned with human rights and humanitarian institutions, and anyone who can help to find out the fate of its son, who has been lost while crossing to Greece.

On 28/6: The Palestinian associations, institutions and events, with the participation of a crowd of Palestinian community in Copenhagen, held a protest in front of the US Embassy, in which more than 200 personalities and members of the community participated, in protest against the economic workshop in the Bahraini capital aimed at selling the Palestinian national struggle in the Arab-American auction. The demonstrators raised the flags of Palestine and banners condemned the conference in an Arab capital, stressing their condemnation of the attempt of free normalization that some Arab regimes are trying to promote.

On 29/6: The Palestinian Federation in Latin America held a press conference regarding the Trump deal and the Bahrain Economic Workshop to be held in Manama. The Federation said: "We in the Palestinian Federation in Latin America, which represents many institutions of the Palestinian community in Latin America, reject Trump's deal and the Bahrain Workshop and consider the Trump project as a liquidation of the Palestinian cause, an end for the dream of a Palestinian state and a waiver of the right of return for more than six million Palestinians".

On 29/6: At the invitation of the Coalition for Palestinian Rights and against Racism, with the active participation and contribution of the Palestinian Diaspora Gathering in Europe, and in order for the Gathering to be present in events that contribute to face the challenges imposed on our people, manifested in the ‘’deal of the century’’ and the Manama Workshop, a protest was held in Berlin, and in front of the German Bundestag, against the decision of the German Parliament against BDS.

On 27/6: Britain announced that it would increase its material support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which will provide the Agency with $ 85.5 million for this year (2019-2020), and that it will continue to provide assistance to refugees and will work to provide financial support expeditiously to help alleviating some of the financial pressures currently facing the Agency.


On 8/6: UNRWA Director-General in Syria, Amania Michael toured the Hama refugee camp for the purpose of inspecting the situation in the camp, during which he spoke about the support of the refugees and efforts to fill the fiscal deficit of the Agency.

On 15/6: The UNRWA spokesman said that the work of 154 staff members of the emergency program was affected by the absence of financial support and the reduction of the program budget, pointing out that the difficult financial situation of the Agency is threatening the life of (5.4) Million refugees from Palestine.

On 14/6: The "El-Hayya 302 to Defend Refugees' Rights" announced its preparations for an international conference to support UNRWA in the Lebanese capital. El-Hayya said in a press statement that the conference that will be held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of UNRWA and the passage of 3 years of launching the work of "El-Hayya 302" will be under the title of: "UNRWA, a guarantee for the humanitarian and political rights of refugees and stability in the region."

On 15/6: Dozens participated in a sit-in outside the office of the UNRWA director of Beddawi camp in protest against the intention of UNRWA to close the school of Batuf and merge its students with the school of installation. The parents of students threatened to escalate their protests if UNRWA carries out this step, warning of the effect of this decision on the educational and health future of their children.

On 16/6: The Palestinian Association for Human Rights (witness) called on the UNRWA administration to adapt with the Lebanese state law regarding the rights of the Agency's employees in the ranks and salaries chain. The Association also demanded the International Agency, in a report entitled "Who is responsible for the rights of UNRWA employees in the ranks and salaries chain in Lebanon?" that the increase for staff to be equivalent to the level of ranks and salaries chain, approved by the Lebanese state and reject to give a lump-sum increase of workers, calling for an increase in the salaries chain.

On 17/6: The Ministry of Education and UNRWA confirmed the continuous partnership and efforts to enhance cooperation in education programs and to maintain the continuity of the educational process in UNRWA schools, especially in Jerusalem, in the context of the great challenges it faces as a result of the occupation actions.

On 18/6: The Advisory Committee of the UNRWA in Jordan held a meeting to discuss the support provided to UNRWA while it continues to address the needs of millions of Palestine refugees facing hardship and suffering from the denial of rights in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (including Eastern Jerusalem), Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

On 19/6: UNRWA disbursed financial aid to the Palestinian refugees displaced from Syria in Lebanon through ATM card for aid and with the support of the European Credit Fund.

On 20/6: The ambassador Mohammed Al Emadi, Chairman of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, received the Director of UNRWA Operations at his office in Gaza. The two sides discussed the latest developments regarding the crisis in the Gaza Strip, and how to disburse the grant of Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, for the Palestinian people worth 480 million dollars, and the humanitarian relief and urgent aspects it will cover.

On 27/6: Jordanian Minister of Education Waleed Al-Maani announced that his government and the Ministry of Education will pay the cost of textbooks in the schools of UNRWA in Jordan worth 1.3 million dinars for the academic year 2019/2020.

On 27/6: UNRWA Commissioner Pierre Krähenbühl announced that the Member States have pledged in the donors conference to provide $ 110 million for the UNRWA activities. The conference of donor countries for UNRWA was launched at the headquarters of the United Nations General Assembly in New York .

On 28/6: "UNRWA" denied rumors about Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and some of the alleged plans and suspicious projects, as it said in a statement, that some social networking sites published false information, including: "according to the spokesman of the Agency, where he told the Palestinian factions that the United Nations decided to displace or distribute Palestine refugees from Lebanon to a number of countries”.

On 28/6: UNRWA and the General Association for Arab Palestine Refugees held a luncheon for Palestinian preparatory and secondary school students, coming from Lebanon and residing at the Basel Al Assad Institute and the Damascus Training Institute. The lunch was attended by dozens of displaced students from their residential areas, especially Yarmouk camp, deputy Director and members of UNRWA's Department of Education and staff of the General Association for Arab Palestine Refugees.


On 7/6: A senior delegation of the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union "PDYU" visited the Ein el-Hilweh camp, the main headquarters of UNRWA in Sidon, and held a meeting with the director of UNRWA. The delegation asked UNRWA to back down any plan to merge the schools in Sidon, because any integration or closure of any school would have disastrous consequences on the future of students.

On 25/6: The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) participated in the meeting of Palestinian, Syrian and Arab forces, factions, associations and institutions at the entrance to Yarmouk camp. The meeting began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs and then the Syrian and Palestinians anthems were played, and some of Palestinian, Syrian and Arab words were delivered. The participants in a clear declaration concluded that any initiative or workshop or conference infringes the Palestinian national rights and national constants in the restoration of all the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, at the forefront Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan, will be thwarted.


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