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Palestine is the cause of every people
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
March 19, 2015

This was upheld in a gathering to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in which solidarity with the brotherly people of Venezuela vis-a-vis the threats of the United States was reiterated...

The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupying force, for its inalienable rights, and for the constitution of their independent state, as well as the solidarity of Cuba and Venezuela avec such a just cause, were all at the center of the celebration of the 46th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) that took place at the headquarters of the Arab Union of Cuba.

Walid Ahmad, DFLP representative in our country, underlined that this political organization has occupied, ever since its inception, a special place in all the fronts of struggle of the Palestinian Revolution, and that the celebration of this date by its people is a way of reminding the world the right to return, to self-determination and to an independent State with total sovereignty, and Jerusalem as its capital, within the borders prior to June 4, 1967.

“We renew” –he affirmed— “our commitment, before all the sons of the Palestinian people, its political forces, the detachments of the Arab national movements and the international democratic sectors, to continue the struggle and our fidelity with respect to the goals of our inalienable rights, until the enemy abandons the Palestinian land and the sun of the return of refugees to their homes and properties rises in the sky.”

In the light of the challenges that occupation and colonialism impose on us to confront, Ahmad expressed that the DFLP calls for the recovery of internal unity, for a new initiative and strategy, to strengthen the Palestinian political system, its potential and its capacity to struggle and to uphold a united front of national resistance.

“Our people, our Front, express their thanks to Latin America and particularly to Cuba, the Bolivarian Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and Nicaragua for their support. The expressions of solidarity with the struggle of our people will never be erased from our memories, especially during the latest criminal and savage aggression of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip,” emphasized the DFLP representative.

Julio Chirino, General Consul of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, ratified the full support of his country to the heroic struggle of the Palestinians, something consistent with the solidarity that the invincible President Hugo Chávez Frías always extended to them. He also thanked the solidarity received by his fatherland from that brotherly people in the light of threats of aggression of the North American imperialism, which –he affirmed— will receive the toughest reply.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Cuba, Akram Samhan, on behalf of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine and on his own behalf, extended the most sincere and warmest congratulations to all the militants of the DFLP, its Central Committee, its Political Bureau and its Secretary-General, comrade Nayef Hawatmeh.

“From this platform”, he added, “I convey to you the determination of the Palestinian leadership, and people in general, of not surrendering, and to continue the struggle, the objective of which is self-determination, the implementation of an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and a solution to the issue of refugees, in accordance with United Nations resolutions, in particular resolution number 194”.

Closing the activity, Clara Pulido, coordinator of North Africa and Middle East in the Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, expressed that we are convened not to stop the struggle that has the necessary historic, moral, legal and political basis and not be mere spectators vis-a-vis the cruelties committed every day by the State of Israel against our Palestinian brothers.

“We cannot allow the Zionist enemy –protected by the governments of the US and the West— to continue to disregard, with flagrant violations, the resolutions passed by the UN,” she added.

In her speech, she reiterated the solidarity of the Cuban people with their Palestinian brothers for their inalienable rights to an independent State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, the surrender of the territories occupied by Israel, the return of refugees, the liberation of political prisoners and the exercise of their self-determination.

Pulido also warned that on our American lands peace is again being threatened by United States aggressions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to which Cuba and the ALBA countries have expressed their unconditional support for their heroic people, their Revolution and the government of their legitimate President, Nicolás Maduro.

At the beginning of the political-cultural soirée, a documentary was shown about the heroic armed resistance of Palestinian warriors against the Zionist aggressor on the Gaza Strip.

The celebration was presided over by the Division General, Antonio Enrique Lusson, Heroe of the Republic of Cuba and Vice-President of the Council of Ministers. Speakers were also Professor Rodrigo Álvarez Cambras, Chairman of the Cuban-Arab Friendship Association, Alicia Corredera, ICAP Vice-President, and Alfredo Deriche Gutiérrez, Chairman of the Arab Union of Cuba, among other personalities who were present.


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