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Palestinian Voices of Solidarity with Cuba
By: Juan Dufflar Amel
November 20, 2019

Beatriz Esseddin (member of the delegation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine –DFLP— attending the Anti-Imperialist Gathering of Solidarity with Democracy and Against Neo-Liberalism, recently held in Havana), who resides in Argentina, expressed to Trabajadores her views about that spirited forum of peoples that counted the participation of over 1300 representatives of 789 parties and organizations from 86 countries.

“This gathering –she affirmed— has been an extraordinary experience, because it allowed us to hear the voices of leaders, activists and intellectuals who, from every corner of the American continent and other parts of the world struggle on a day-to-day basis for the defense of democracy and the rights of peoples, and to be acquainted with the particular details of those struggles, to Exchange ideas and positions and to confirm that all peoples face the same enemy: imperialism and colonialism”.

She reaffirmed that “every people develops its struggle with its own style and according to the peculiar historical circumstances of each of them, but in the same way that the powerful aim the same destructive plan against every people that they pretend to subject, peoples resist as one and the same body, united in their objectives of defending their sacred rights to self-determination, independence, sovereignty, equality vis-à-vis the law and a dignified life".

“As Palestinians –she underlined— we have come wholeheartedly to this encounter, in order to manifest our solidarity and our infinite gratitude to Cuba, its people, its government and its revolution, because they have always defended our cause and our rights in international fora; they have invested a great effort in disseminating the history of our struggle; they have also lodged our young people in their universities.”

“And from the very inception of the revolutionary process they have supported, with their militant solidarity, our struggle, and they have guided us in the organization of resistance against the Zionist occupying force.”

A vibrant Long Live Cuba! emphasized these last words of her.

Source: trabajadores.cu

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