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PLO: 72 Palestinian murdered by Israel in October 2015
November 6, 2015

The PLO’s Expatriate Affairs Department documented in its monthly report on Israeli violations against Palestinians during October 2015 that Israeli soldiers murdered 72 Palestinians, among them 15 children, injured 2270, including 40 women and children, and arrested 1520 youths Palestinians.

Israeli soldiers have executed Palestinians on his way to school or work, most of them minors, and they used internationally prohibited weapons.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health documented the distribution of the Palestinians murdered by Israeli soldiers: 54 martyrs were from West Bank, 17 from Gaza Strip, and 1 from Al-Naqab (Negev), in occupied Palestine in 1948. The report said that one of the women killed by Israel in Gaza was 5 months pregnant.

It said also that Israeli soldiers have used against Palestinian civilians coated bullets and live ammunition and another weapons such as riffles and batons with which they brutally beaten Palestinian civilians causing traumatisms and fractures to about 220 of them, and they shot large amounts of tear gas which affected more than 5000 Palestinians.

Among the martyrs there were eldest people whom the soldiers provoked their death as they prevented the ambulances to transfer them to the medical centers for treatment, and others who died of suffocation from tear gas inhalation shoot by soldiers.


During October, Israeli soldiers arrested 1520 Palestinians. More than a half of them were children. Occupation forces issued about 500 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, and arrested 10 others after injured them in clashes.

The number of Palestinian children who are still in Israeli jails raised to 350; 5 Palestinian Legislative Council members were also incarcerated; and the number of women jailed raised to 40.

Israeli colonial settlements and settlers attacks against Palestinians:

In October Israeli government decided to continue building of 800 new house units in several illegal settlements in West Bank.

A group of settlers seized 20 acres of land pertaining to Jabarin family, in Bethlehem, and start to prepare the land to build new streets to link each other several settlements in the area.

Israeli colonial settlers, protected by soldiers, also attacked Palestinian houses in several villages of Ramallah and Nablus district; they prevented Palestinian farmers to harvest olives; and tried to kidnap 4 Palestinian children from Hebron and Bethlehem districts.

In addition, the settlers continued invading Al-Aqsa Mosque (holy site for Muslims) walking in provocative manner along their courtyards.

House demolitions:

In Jerusalem, Israeli forces demolished the house of Jabess family, exploded the house of Al-Jamal family, and demolished other two houses and a sheep stable, the latter in the Jabal Al-Mukaber neighborhood.

Finally, the report documented Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists while they were covering clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians, during which about 30 journalists were injured with bullets in several West Bank areas.


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