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Striker prisoners of DFLP will refrain from drinking water next Sunday
May 4, 2017

The hunger striker prisoners of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, decided to begin refraining from drinking water on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

The media committee of the Strike for Freedom and Dignity, said that the prisoner Samer Al-Issawi, a representative of striker prisoners of DFLP, who was on the longest hunger strike ever in history, that lasted for 280 days, announced in a letter delivered today, that "in response to the escalation of Israeli prison administration procedures to break the strike and manipulate our fair demands, we as hunger striker prisoners of the DFLP have decided to refraining from drinking water from May 7, if the Israeli occupation prison administration does not take prisoners’ demands in consideration seriously".

Such refraining from drinking water, means that the time the hunger strikers are separated from death has shrunk to an horrifying extent.

Al-Issawi said in his letter that occupation authorities and the so-called prison service bear full responsibility for the life of striking prisoners who are in a real danger stage.

On Wednesday, the Israeli High Court will decide about the hunger striker prisoners request to receive visits. Al-Issawi added "Let them know that they will not stop us from continuing the strike and achieving victory. Our motto is victory or martyrdom. We confirm that we are perfectly prepared to confront all the twisted tactics used by the prison administration to finish this strike, and we will continue until victory".


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