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Taysir Khaled: The United States is not qualified to sponsor Palestinian-Israeli negotiations
July 20, 2017

Taysir Khaled commented on what is being discussed by some political and media circles about a political initiative for US President Donald Trump, to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is based on launching of negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides for two years, by five separate committees, each committee is responsible for examining one of the final status issues, without a detailed initiative from the US president, where the two sides will be allowed to negotiate and reach possible agreements, so that the progress that will be made by each of the five committees, will be announced. He stressed that the US administration is not qualified to sponsor Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, because of its blind bias toward the aggressive colonial policy to the anti-peace Israeli government.

He added that the American administration, which refuses to talk about any political settlement leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state (the so-called two-state solution), and it complies with the government of Israel and provides it with the green light to continue its settlement activity throughout the West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem. The worst forms of extortion and pressure are being exerted by it on the Palestinian side, in order to deny its history and struggle for its just national rights by stopping its commitments towards the Palestinian families of martyrs, wounded, and prisoners in full conformity with the Israeli position.

The US administration is also seeking to deceive the Palestinians through an illusion of returning to the negotiating table without preconditions (i.e. Israeli conditions) for two years, without specifying the objective of these negotiations or their political and legal reference, and through the five paths of permanent issues, there is no place for the Palestinian refugees' issue, such as borders, Jerusalem, security, settlements and water, and it only will declare the progress made by each of the five committees, and market it as the best and most effective approach to move the political settlement forward. It also knows that this type of approach has no function other than to find partial and transitional solutions, that Israel seeks to impose on the Palestinian side, solutions that are well known and constitute the most prominent features of Israeli policy.

Taysir Khalid, in the light of American public position on the Palestinian issue and the rights of Palestinian people and the displeased attitude towards Israel's closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, called on the official leadership to stop betting on American sponsorship of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations and called for not depending in United States sponsorship of such negotiations and demanding an international sponsorship for such negotiation, in a frame of an international conference to be held on the basis of the resolutions of international legitimacy, in order to put appropriate mechanisms to implement them to ensure the withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Palestinian territories in June 1967 aggression, and reach a comprehensive and balanced settlement away from partial and transitional solutions, that ensures the right of Palestinian people to rule itself and the right of all peoples and states in the region to live in security and stability, and at the forefront, is the State of Palestine and at the heart is East Jerusalem, as the political, administrative and spiritual capital of the people and State of Palestine. It also guarantees the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes that they have been forced to leave.

Notes: Taysir Khaled is a member of the PLO Executive Committee and of the DFLP Political Bureau

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