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Taysir Khaled: US administration vision for a settlement is completely consistent with the Israeli vision
August 25, 2017

Taysir Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), said that the new US administration has a clear vision for a settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is based on a new political approach that has been made by The Jewish lobby in United States, in partnership with Benjamin Netanyahu's extreme-right government in Israel. It was detailed by a series of recommendations by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky, focusing on a regional settlement that would normalize Arab states- Israel relations, and at the very least Sunni Arab states-Israel relations, in the context of which the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) powers are being expanded in the B and C Areas, presenting economic facilities for Palestinians and improving the standards of living for Palestinian citizens under occupation.

He added that the new political approach excludes, from the research at this stage in the minimum, the so-called two-state solution as an option has proved its futility in all the political efforts, that were made by former US administrations to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which clearly explains the reluctance of new US administration to adopt the idea of a two-state solution, in addition to refrain from exerting pressure on the government of Israel to discontinue its settling practices and to discontinue its unilateral actions in the West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem. The US adoption for Israeli position was facilitated through what it calls confidence-building measures, starting with stopping the incitement and cutting salaries of the Palestinian families of martyrs, wounded and prisoners, who are, the victims of Israeli terrorism, and ending with strengthening the security coordination between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

In the light of this, Taysir Khaled called for a Palestinian political review, based on the internationalization of the Palestinian cause and the communication with the delegation of US administration, which is starting a new tour in the region in a different way that rejects the exclusive American sponsorship of the political settlement efforts and instead, he calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities through framework of an international peace conference, to be held on the basis of international legitimacy resolutions, which related to the Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflict ,and to put mechanisms for the implementation of these resolutions, in order to achieve a comprehensive and balanced settlement, that will provide security and stability to all countries in the region. It will lead to the end of Israel's occupation to the Palestinian and Arab occupied territories and the establishment of a Palestinian State in all the occupied Palestinian territories by the 1967 aggression, including occupied East Jerusalem, in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution N° 67/19 in 2012 and other relevant resolutions. In addition to a just solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees, ensuring their right to return to the homes, from where they have been expelled by military force, in accordance with Resolution N° 194.


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